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Interzone / Re: A few Thoughts on Kraftwerk's "Man Machine"
« on: September 24, 2009, 05:30:19 PM »
"Man Machine" is by far the best Kraftwerk album and in my opinion their most conceptually well-rounded work. I consider the songs "Metropolis" and "Man-Machine" to be break-throughs for ambient music.

Metal / Re: Metal Videos
« on: September 24, 2009, 11:18:28 AM »
How about some good DVD recommendations? The Under Seige section of Sepultura's "Chaos DVD" is pretty damn good, as is Entombed's Monkey Puss. Slayer's Live at the Warfield is also a good DVD, although most of the fan interviews are pretty damn embarressing to the institution of Slayer. I don't know why those guys let those moronic people get on tape. It's obvious that the guy who filmed the section - btw, also the guy who filmed a rather funny video outisde of a Metallica concert in a similar fashion - wasn't taking their music all that seriously when he poked for some of those questions.

Metal / Re: Metal FAIL Captured in a Single Image
« on: September 24, 2009, 11:13:19 AM »
I too thought it was Caesar at first.

I think it was Kontinual that discovered the "untermensch" comment on Covenant. The reason I suspect that it is used in a racial sense is that Giant left it out of the lyrics booklet. I might be wrong.

You are correct that Giant left that word out of the liner notes of Covenant, and I imagine that you're on the money w/ your suspicion.

Metal / Re: We are Hessians, not metalheads
« on: September 24, 2009, 11:01:11 AM »
Metalhead: "Out of all the choices of popular music to spend my time on, I've picked metal cause I think it's kind of neat"

Hessian: "Metal music speaks to my values, spirit and philosophy. I may have had the philosophy first, but the two are complementary, therefore this is the music and lifestyle and values system I pursue: a culture."

Or an even shorter variant:

Metalhead: "This is what I do for fun"

Hessian: "This is where I live"

You stole my my second thought, which is that Hessian actively live Metal and honour its ideals, while Metalheads simply listen to the music. Another distinction is that Hessians listen to the music very actively and carefully, whereas Metalheads tend to gloss over concept and simply bang their skulls.

Interzone / Re: Quality Metal Captured in a Single Image
« on: September 19, 2009, 06:59:50 PM »
Great photo as well as commentary. Is Trey's inverted cross tattoo incorporated into some kind of Kabbalistic scheme?

Metal / Re: Is Black Metal Superior to Death Metal?
« on: September 19, 2009, 06:58:54 PM »
I think that it's a matter of philosophical orientation. In the grand scheme of Metal history, Death Metal stands out as the point in which Judeo-Christian morality is fully denied, whereas Black Metal represents the point at which a new belief system, namely one rooted in a Neo-Pagan mythos, begins to emerge from this rejection. Death Metal is generally charachterized by a lack of belief, wheras Black Metal is charachterized by a resurgance in Pagan belief.

Metal / We are Hessians, not metalheads
« on: September 17, 2009, 06:12:40 PM »
Amidst the recent trend of Metal and Metalcore in popular culture, I think it is very important to make a distinction - I'm tempted to say 'draw a line in the sand' - between Metalheads and Hessians. The relationship between Metalheads and Hessians is analagous to that which exists between passive and active nihilists: whereas Metalheads have a tendency towards over-indulgence in crappy beer, tv and similar activities, Hessians live more active, productive lives. I do not mean to disparage Metalheads, as there are some good ones, but I would certainly say that Hessians represent the elite caste of  Metal culture.

Metal / Metal as a war-march
« on: September 17, 2009, 06:07:03 PM »
Wheras modern popular culture makes light of the depressive tedium of modernity, Heavy Metal directs the tension of this experience into a positive, transcendent burst of life. Metal is simulatenously war-like, spiritual, and positive: it reflects the cyclical order of nature and reminds us of the remnants of human culture that are intelligent and spirited. People foreign to Metal culture may not understand how Metal could be both war-like and positive, but we as Nihilists understand and recognize death and war as neccessary elements of the world-order, and draw strength from an outlook that transcends an earth-bound one.

Metal / Re: Need this posted -- National Day of Slayer
« on: April 27, 2009, 02:17:37 PM »
A Hessian high-holy day.

Interzone / Re: I go to church
« on: April 27, 2009, 02:13:40 PM »
My parents are so happy to see me and it makes my family stronger.
2) itself a blockade to cultural development, given the cultural and spiritual disconnects that afflict the West at this time. Doing away with spirituality will not lead to greater consensus or social stability, but rather will serve to further wedge the West spiritually.

Since when is Religion and culture/spirit mutually exclusive. I think people need to understand the difference between the religious and the transcendent. One can be amazed by nature and have a very deep emotional experience from it, WITHOUT RELIGION. Why would I look into the nightsky, only to then wonder about some dumbass martyr who died on a cross?

I am not saying that they are mutually exclusive, but rather am approaching the institution of the church as a political one first, and a spiritual one secondly (we can argue about the sequence in which the insitution developed, but it is pretty clear in my mind that the modern church is primarily a political body or a body for political consensus, and secondly a spritiual body - the emphasis of the political aspects of christianity can be observed in the abunandance of people that go to church for non-spiritual reasons).

As far as the matter of spirituality as it exists more broadly, i tend to think that the spiritual channels in the church are better suited for some people, and that  for nihilists and related types (active or positive atheism/agnosticism. some pantheists), non -theistic methods of spiritual pursuit work better. Religion and transcendence can exist cooperatively in the same culture, but there has to be some basic understanding of cooperation in the culture as a whole.

Interzone / Re: I go to church
« on: April 21, 2009, 02:47:05 PM »
My parents are so happy to see me and it makes my family stronger.

Sounds good to me.

I think instead of attacking the church, and the moral/community/family structure that goes with it, we should infiltrate the church and remove the bad philosophy from it.

Imagine Christianity without:

1. Dualism. The idea of another weird world up there where values are better than this one. Instead, we study values in this world.
2. Pity/equality. Instead of worrying about those who are not adapted to our world, we celebrate the glory of the world.

Great points. I think that by now, most intelligent members or this site will have realized that abolishing Christianity is:
 1) near impossible
2) itself a blockade to cultural development, given the cultural and spiritual disconnects that afflict the West at this time. Doing away with spirituality will not lead to greater consensus or social stability, but rather will serve to further wedge the West spiritually.

A few problems that will present themselves in most efforts to reform Christianity.
1) Literalism: Even if the church respects the ideals of non-Christian members of its greater community, it is obliged by its own allegiances to perpetuate Christianity in a literalistic manner, such that its basic myths (creation, the doctrine of Jesus as the son of god and saviour of man) will be preserved in the church-goers minds as literal beliefs and not stories that reflect the greater truth of our world.
2) Huge disagreements over hedonism, ethics, the nature of culture

Trey Azagthoth in my mind represents one of the more sensible opinions about this matter in the Metal community, which is that Christianity could be bettered by removing the literal belief in Christ as the pathway to spiritual development and evolution. While it's near impossible to see Christianity existing without some form of the saviour story, one could imagine a school of Christianity in which the story of Christ is approached more as a symbolic matter (something like a modern version of the various non-literalistic schools of Christianity that have existed).

Metal / Re: Metalcore, definition
« on: April 20, 2009, 12:47:49 PM »
Metalcore in my mind is charachterized by a very conscious attempt to play metal sylistically, accompanied by an absence of real knowledge of Metal composition or Metal themes. Most of the Metalcore I hear sounds like it's been made by people who are capable of learning or writing metal riffs, but who are really incappable of writing quality Metal music as we understand its tradition. Many of these bands show very little true understanding of the occult or mythology, and seem to only touch on these themes as they feel is neccessary to writing 'metal music'. What you get at the end of the day is a whole lot of bands that can play decent riffs, or maybe a few decently focused songs, but really very little genuine metal.

Interzone / Re: Science Fiction
« on: April 06, 2009, 03:38:08 PM »
Bladerunner, Metropolis is  also great, in addition to having a fitting accompaniment of primitive techno-noise.

Movies about aliens can be quite good as well. Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Fire in the Sky ( i believe that Hypocrisy named a song after this film) are good starting points.

Interzone / Re: Atheism
« on: January 12, 2009, 02:09:51 PM »
The most troublesome part about modern atheists is that they so closely resemble the sort of slave revolt that intellectual atheism is supposed to rise against. It's one thing to criticize a childish conception of god;  trying to get rid of religion is a compltely different matter. Just as with christians, i have know some very noble atheists in my time, as well as some very stupid and weak ones. I so often find myself wishing that the weak and stupid atheists would just go back to christianity, as it would probably be best for all parties involved. And it's not so much a matter of intelligence as it is of personal integrity, as there are many above-average or high-iq atheists who are still in need of some rulebook to follow. Atheism is a big responsibility, and many people simply arent cut-out for it.

For good examples of atheism at its sillier moments, consult youtube.

Interzone / Re: Temperments of the Composers
« on: December 02, 2008, 07:06:06 PM »
Interesting prospective. I often think of Metal music as being associated with three modes of thought: the journeying or exploratory one (Summoning, some Burzum), the warring or militant one (Deicide, Antaeus, Slayer, death metal in general), and the mystical or meditative one (Atheist, "Electric Doom.."-era Beherit).

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