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Metal / Two Genres of Metal
« on: November 10, 2007, 12:32:39 PM »
Regarding something I just posted in another thread, I was thinking about what it would take for new metal artists to revive the genre.  

Looking at the brief history of metal, mostly concerning the snowballing of extreme metal begining in the early 80s, it would seem that expecting the savior of metal to be of the black metal or death metal genres would be very problematic.

Before I go any further, let's just look at what we know.  For the last 12 years metal fans have been looking at new black and death metal releases wondering when the genres would be revived to the power they once had, and it does seem like there is room left to explore.  Unfortunately every year there seems to be less and less reason to look at new releases, as fewer are worth the time.  We have resorted to praising mediocre albums, as stated in the previous thread by someone else, for tiny improvements.

But metal is not a genre made for tiny improvements.  It's a genre that is defined by gigantic and extreme leaps forward made by bands like Slayer, Bathory and Burzum.  The extremity of the difference is part of the art.  If one were to keep going onward with metal, they would need to make an album as different from Deicide's Legion as Legion is from Black Sabbath's Paranoid album.  The spirit of metal is in these strong steps forward.

So because of that I think the new genre of metal would need to be so different that is would suddenly appear that there were only two genres of extreme metal.  One being the old style which is all the metal from before; black, death, grindcore etc. etc., and then the new genre which is so new and powerful that it groups all the old genres as one.

I will state that in my opinion, and many others, metal has been at a stand since Transylvanian Hungar, and all the other decent releases since then are more like art-rock albums that are just done in the form of metal.  Shouldn't metal be more than the form?  Metal has always been just as much about the time it was created as well as the instrumentation.  

Forgive the obviousness of this post.

Metal / The Final Bathory albums
« on: October 03, 2007, 10:21:54 AM »
The Nordland duo, I have never listened to.  I was wondering what I should be expecting.  Should I be expecting the return to Blood Fire Death and Hammerheart, that I have been told about, or should I expect Monotheist?  

All I know of it is that is was part of a planned 4 album series that was never completed.  I never bothered with it because, in honesty, I didn't want to get my hopes up and there were other albums that I needed at the time.

Interzone / Before we go much further
« on: October 03, 2007, 10:02:45 AM »
What does the Chasm mean to you?

I think it's suppose to be a free area to talk about other things that interest us.

What it is turning into is a room people go to make all matters of life a matter of elite judgement.  "here's some things you aren't allowed to do" or "here are things you can do that we won't say is stupid" or even more lame, "this is something I like to do.  is it ok?"

It's no one's fault in particular.  I just think it's the way things are going to be for a while.

Interzone / Life cycle of stars
« on: October 02, 2007, 08:54:29 AM »
Newborn stars are expanding with something like joy.

I agree with your point, but your metaphor almost died here.

Metal / Considering the Doors inclusion in Dark Legion...
« on: December 16, 2006, 09:31:56 AM »
Many complain about including the Doors in the review section, but that's not what this is about.  I was wondering if anyone here thinks any other non-metal band should be included in the review section or perhaps other bands from before the 80s.  Also, do you feel as if metal pioneers like Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath should have nore reviews?  

I felt this should be seperate from the other "bands missing from reviews" thread for obvious reasons.

Metal / Burzum influence?
« on: November 18, 2006, 12:00:21 PM »
This might not mean anything to anyone, but click on this link and download the mp3 from the list of the track called "Battle of Tyr" (it's only a little more than a minute long) and listen to the whole track and see if anything sounds familiar to you.


Keep in mind that the theme of this album is largely based on the Christian's conquering of Norway and that it came out in 1990.  Maybe just a giant coincidense.

Metal / Improvised versus planned music
« on: November 05, 2006, 10:42:13 AM »
It seems as if improvisation or jazz influenced music is the exact opposite of classical music.  A lot of typical rock makes use of improvisation and to a point, so does some metal.  

Pre-written music can be used to put forth a meaning or message, but can improvisational music ever have true meaning?  

Metal / The Final Burzum Albums
« on: November 02, 2006, 05:20:17 PM »
What do you think of the two electronic albums Varg Vikernes released from prison, after you take away the context and the fact that they were made in prison?

A lot of people complain about Dauši Baldrs, but the first track is, in my opinion, one of the strongest things he has ever recorded.   Meanwhile Hlišskjįlf is pretty strong for the first half, but then the final 4 tracks feel very unfinished and uninteresting.

I do like that it came with the paintings and stories, showing that he was doing all he could to get the message out, but does the music stand up without them?

Metal / Why is everyone excited about Averse Sefira?
« on: October 25, 2006, 10:22:16 AM »
I don't get it, other than that it's one of the first American Black Metal bands.  I bought their newest album and it isn't very far removed from Darkthrone to be honest.  Not interesting or new at all.  Why should I listen to this when music like this already exists, almost identically?