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Metal / "Are Vikings the new Vampires?"
« on: July 30, 2010, 04:19:40 PM »
■ Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area 5, a vampire district in Louisiana, and owner of the Fangtasia bar, is a star of the HBO hit “True Blood.’’ The son of a Viking king, the fictional Eric not only has vampire crossover cred, but he recently learned that werewolves murdered his family a thousand years ago. Vamps, Vikes, and werewolves: the pop-cult trifecta. All hail the HBO script scribblers!

■ Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan is working on a Viking script for Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Departed’’ producer Graham King, and, um, Mel Gibson, according to the Los Angeles Times. “There’s never been a good Viking film, not that I’ve seen,’’ Gibson told the Times this spring. “The real problem is making those guys sympathetic. They were monsters.’’ Watch who you’re calling a monster, Mr. Gibson!

■This week Brian Wood publishes the latest installment in his successful series of Northlanders graphic novels, which “explore the life and times of history’s most infamous civilization.’’ Here is the plot summary of the latest release: “Erik, a blacksmith living in Viking-era Norway, meets Ingrid, a poor girl fallen in with corrupt Christian missionaries. When the unlikely lovers find themselves duly banished from their respective societies, they launch a crusade of violent retribution!’’

■New York Review Books has just republished “The Long Ships,’’ Frans Bengtsson’s engaging 1954 epic that Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon claims to have read four times. “It is really good,’’ he enthuses in a new introduction.

■ Chatham’s Bernard Cornwell says he plans to start writing the fifth volume of his best-selling “Saxon Tales’’ shortly. (Volume four, “The Burning Land,’’ appeared last year.) “The Saxon books are all about the Vikings, whatever we mean by that,’’ he wrote in an e-mail, “or specifically the big Danish invasion of Britain in the 9th and 10th centuries which provoked the formation of England. They sell very well (thank god), and I’ll be starting a new one very soon.’’

What’s the allure? The Vikings don’t take guff from anyone, that’s for sure. I’ve been reading “The Long Ships,’’ and the Norsemen seem refreshingly unburdened by any bothersome moral codes, other than revenge, which is a recurring theme. If you lived near the coast — any coast — between 850 and 1000 AD, watch out for the guys in the goatskins and the funny helmets. If they decided to enslave you, that was a good thing. More often they axed first and posed questions later.

“The Vikings knew what gave life meaning, behaving well under duress,’’ says Farmington, Maine-based bookseller Kenny Brechner, an unabashed Nordophile. “Their emphasis on integrity of character, stark and unflinching, still calls out to us with the allure of an enchanted mirror.’’


Oy Caramba!

Metal / "Buy your way into metal"
« on: July 30, 2010, 04:06:01 PM »

A $20 metal t-shirt, black jeans (also $20), and the $300 fully-configured scene camouflage jacket at the right will make anyone think you're a diehard. You can literally buy your way into metal, and not ever "get it": understand the spirit, the lifestyle, the music itself. To you, it's just sonic wallpaper or another amusement while you stumble through life.

Buy your way into metal

Metal / OLD HEAD to release debut
« on: July 30, 2010, 03:30:40 PM »
Maximum Rock and Thrash band Old Head has finished mixing their debut studio
album at Mark-It-Zero Music Studios with producer Dan O'Hare.

Old Head is totally psyched to unleash 10 songs of heavy rock and old school
thrash on the world, including new original material and classic covers by
Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Two songs from the album, "Libertine" and "Ungodly", are currently being
previewed at Old Head's myspace and facebook sites:

Old Head is Maximum Rock and Thrash and features MegaDan Tumolo on lead
vocals, guitarist Ryan Moll (Rumpelstiltskin Grinder), producer/bass
guitarist Dan O'Hare (Mark-It-Zero Music Studios) and drummer Richard Hoak
(Brutal Truth/TFD).

Old Head news, shows, contact:

Thrash + speed metal + classic rock?

Metal / TRYPTIKON (CELTIC FROST) tours North America
« on: July 30, 2010, 03:28:11 PM »
Aug 14 2010     8:00P
   Jalometalli Festival    Oulu, FI    
Aug 19 2010    8:00P
   Summer Breeze Open Air    Dinkelsbühl, GERMANY    
Aug 28 2010    8:00P
   Hole In The Sky Festival    Bergen, NO    
Sep 17 2010    8:00P
   The Romandie    Lausanne, SWITZERLAND    
Oct 3 2010    8:00P
   Kyttaro Live    Athens, ., GREECE    
Oct 6 2010    8:00P
   Gramercy Theatre    New York, NY    
Oct 7 2010    8:00P
   The Middle East Downstairs    Boston, MA    
Oct 8 2010    8:00P
   Otto Bar    Baltimore, MD    
Oct 9 2010    8:00P
   Polaris    Philadelphia, PA    
Oct 10 2010    8:00P
   Les Foufunes Électriques    Montreal, QC, CANADA    
Oct 11 2010    8:00P
   Opera House    Toronto, ON, CANADA    
Oct 13 2010    8:00P
   Grog Shop    Clevenland, OH    
Oct 14 2010    8:00P
   Mr. Smalls Theatre    Pittsburgh, PA    
Oct 15 2010    8:00P
   Majestic Theatre    Detroit, MI    
Oct 16 2010    8:00P
   Bottom Lounge    Chicago, IL    
Oct 17 2010    8:00P
   Station 4    St. Paul, MN    
Oct 19 2010    8:00P
   The Marquis Theatre    Denver, CO    
Oct 21 2010    8:00P
   El Corazon    Seattle, WA    
Oct 22 2010    8:00P
   Hawthorne Theatre    Portland, OR    
Oct 23 2010    8:00P
   Slims    San Francisco, CA    
Oct 24 2010    8:00P
   El Rey Theatre    Los Angeles, CA    
Oct 25 2010    8:00P
   The Rock    Tucson, AZ    
Oct 27 2010    8:00P
   The Marquee    Tulsa, OK    
Oct 28 2010    8:00P
   Ridglea Theatre    Fort Worth, TX    
Oct 29 2010    8:00P
   Emo's Outside    Dallas, TX    
Oct 30 2010    8:00P
   The Warsaw    Houston, TX


TRYPTIKON is Tom G. Warrior's new project after leaving the reformed CELTIC FROST because his fellow bandmates were drama llamas.

Interzone / Re: The supernatural: real or crap
« on: July 30, 2010, 03:27:00 PM »
In his proposal, time and space can be converted into one another, with a varying speed of light as the conversion factor. Mass and length are also interchangeable, with the conversion factor depending on both a varying gravitational “constant” and a varying speed of light (G/c2). Basically, as the universe expands, time is converted into space, and mass is converted into length. As the universe contracts, the opposite occurs.

“We view the speed of light as simply a conversion factor between time and space in spacetime,” Shu writes. “It is simply one of the properties of the spacetime geometry. Since the universe is expanding, we speculate that the conversion factor somehow varies in accordance with the evolution of the universe, hence the speed of light varies with cosmic time.”

As Shu writes in his paper, the newly proposed models have four distinguishing features:

• The speed of light and the gravitational “constant” are not constant, but vary with the evolution of the universe.
• Time has no beginning and no end; i.e., there is neither a big bang nor a big crunch singularity.
• The spatial section of the universe is a 3-sphere [a higher-dimensional analogue of a sphere], ruling out the possibility of a flat or hyperboloid geometry.
• The universe experiences phases of both acceleration and deceleration.


Science, or religion, or science, or religion?

Metal / Re: UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US black metal movie
« on: July 30, 2010, 04:00:59 AM »
Audrey Ewell's most recent mailing:

We want to say thanks, so we're sending, (just to you guys) a short video clip that is not on the DVD or on any special features, but is just fun. No fancy editing, color, correcting, audio or anything done, this is fairly raw, so don't expect anything epic here! We just wanted to send you guys something extra to thank you for all your help.

Write us within a week at untilfilm@gmail.com with your name, city and an email address that can get larger files. Don't assume I already have it! I remember everyone I've talked to, but don't necessarily have your email on the list! (If you are on the mailing list and already wrote us, you don't need to write again.)

This goes for anyone who has flyered their town, made an effort to spread the word online on forums/facebook/myspace, and anyone who has MADE a facebook page for the film. Also anyone who is flyering for the DVD, and if there is anyone new who wants to help flyer the DVD in America, Canada or Mexico and Central/South America, please write me today and I can email you flyers to print. We appreciate it!

We also of course appreciate our fans who didn't have the time/money whatever to promote, but this is a special thanks to those who did.

Remember - don't write me here- write me at untilfilm@gmail.com.

Thanks guys! The clip will go out in about a week!


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