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Metal / Saison de Rouille / "Caduta dei Gravi" LP (coprod)
« on: September 29, 2012, 02:37:53 AM »

The "Season of Rust" was born in the summer of 2011, originally formed by Karl S. (Danishmendt) and Sébastyén D. (Opium Dream Estate).
"Caduta dei gravi" (The falling bodies) takes place at the crossroads of  dark and noisy musics, which invite brutal industrial orgies oscillating between slow and sickly jumble of sound.
The temptation to sing the sufferings of our flesh is sinking there...

The LP in vinyl format is sold at € 10. It can be heard entirely here:

The release date of this first cycle is scheduled for September 24, thanks to the co-production of six labels:

COLD VOID EMANATIONS : http://coldvoidemanations.net/
LE CREPUSCULE D’UN SOIR : http://lecrepusculedusoir.yolasite.com/
HEART & CROSSBONE Records : http://hcbrecords.com/
OPN Records : http://www.opn.fr/
KAOSTHETIK KONSPIRATION : http://www.kaosthetik.com/
OCINATAS INDUSTRIES : http://ocinatasindustries.blogspot.fr/

By nature, SdR is a collaborative, multi-faceted project. In its first pregnancy, it has been nourished by the participation of Flo L. (Danishmendt), Benoit C. (Xnoybis), PH (piaytche.com) and Christian K (Valborg).

SdR is looking for musicians from all backgrounds to participate in  future cycles.

Information concerning SdR: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saison-de-Rouille/106896656110807

Contacts (concerts, distributors or musicians): karl [at] gmail [dot] com

Crushing Doom/Noisecore/Black Metal/[insert personal interpretation here] from France.

New album Un Passé Aride coming soon on Cold Void Emanations and Odio Sonoro.

8 tracks for 62 minutes of suffocating and unforgiving soundscapes. Recorded in July MMIX at "L'Empreinte" by Jérôme Paté, and mastered in May MMX by Benoît Courribet (http://www.cylens.net).

The album's opening track - titled "La Source" - can be heard on the myspace (myspace quality) or the webpage (optimal quality):

Cover artwork:

Digipack / 10 pages booklet
All artwork based on Yves marocchi's work: http://www.residues.net/

The album will be made available in high quality free download circa two weeks before its release (early September).

Check the newly updated webpage: http://www.danishmendt.com