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Metal / OUT NOW: Isolfur - Pfad des Canis Lupus - DIGI-CD
« on: December 18, 2010, 11:33:10 AM »
OUT NOW: Isolfur - Pfad des Canis Lupus - DIGI-CD

01. Wiederkehr der Eiswolfes
02. Entbrannte Wut
03. Krieger des Göttervaters
04. Tod des Sonnengottes
05. Inferno des Hasses
06. Der Baum er lebt
07. Grabgesang
08. Fatum der Schicksalsfrauen
09. Bragis Met
10. Der Pfad des Canis Lupus
Spielzeit 35:08

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq0dW1qASJA&feature=player_embedded


Material: 190gr. 100% Cotton
Print: white
Front: Motiv with Logo
Back: Motiv
Size: M / L / X L / XXL

ORDER NOW: www.platten-firma.de

« on: December 18, 2010, 11:31:41 AM »

VSPOLOKH - Sorrow of the Past CD

Ural-Siberian Black Metal with a depressive touch. Digipak lim. to 50 handnumbered copies!

01. Grief
02. Deadly frost of oblivion
03. Eternity
04. Long forest paths of Rus'
05. Extrinsic obscurantism
06. The Call
Spielzeit: 48:56

Recorded in 2009-2010.
Artwork & Design: Kogaion Art & Vel.

FANGORN - Mysterious Land CD

Folk-Speed Metal from St. Petersburg/Russia
A must for fans of Ensiferum. Digipak lim. to 50 handnumbered copies!

01.Mysterious Land
02.Under The Banner Of Berserk
03.Forgotten Hero
04.Beatiful Spring
05.Shield And Sword
06.Kpenkoe nuBo Tponneù
07.The Long Way


ORDER NOW: www.purity-through-fire.com

Metal / Monarque Shirt
« on: November 20, 2010, 04:44:16 AM »
Monarque - T-Shirt

Limited to 100 units

Material: 190gr. 100% Cotton
Print: white
Size: M / L / XL / XXL

Order now: www.platten-firma.de

Metal / Kroda - 5 Jahre Kulturkampf - DIGI CD + DVD
« on: November 03, 2010, 02:35:59 PM »
Kroda - 5 Jahre Kulturkampf - DIGI CD + DVD

Disc 1 (Audio CD) Tracklist:

“Falcon Among The Cliffs”
1. Autumn… Twilight… Fog… (Intro)
2. Falcon Among The Cliffs
3. Seid Runar Flammer
4. Ghosts Of Birds

5. Native Land (Instrumental Intro) /Kampf version 2008/
6. Cry To Me, River… /Kampf version 2008/
7. Wind From The Mountains (Spring is Comming) /Kampf version 2008/
8. Where Brave Warriors Shalt Meet Again… /Kampf version 2008/
9. …Funeral Pyres (Instrumental)
10. By The Hammer Of Spirit And Identity Of Blood… /Kampf version 2008/
11. Oj, Na Gori… (Ukrainian traditional song cover)
12. Poppyflowers Are Blossoming (Part II) /Kampf version 2008/
13. …By The Last Autumnal Breath (Instrumental Outro) /Kampf version 2008/
14. Der Scharlachrote Tod

Bonus Material:
15.Wind Of Changes

“Falcon Among The Cliffs” is conceptual experimental mini-album. Was created and recorded during autumn 2007 in Lemberg by Viterzgir and Eisenslav. All music and lyrics by Viterzgir and Eisenslav. Mixed and mastered in Lemberg Studio, Lviv, autumn 2008.

“Kulturkampf” is our new vision of some old stuff, that was recorded by band earlier or played live. Music and lyrics by Kroda, except “Oj, Na Gori…” – ukrainian traditional song and “Der Scharlachrote Tod” – Absurd cover. Recorded by Kroda, autumn 2008 in Lemberg.

was recorded by Viterzgir and Eisenslav in 2007 exclusively for tribute to Sokyra Peruna.

Kroda Kulturkampf line-up:
Viterzgir – guitar, acoustic guitar, clean vocal, sopilka, ocarina, drymba,
trembita, horn, percussion
Eisenslav – vocals, drymba, trembita, horn
Beralb – bass guitar
Serejen’ - guitar, acoustic guitar
Olgerd - keyboards
Tur - drums

Artwork by Viterzgir. Graphic elements by Eisenslav and Andrey Zimin. Renewed logo by Njard. Lyrics translation by Herr Waldemar and Eisenslav.

Disc 2 (DVD):

Part 1:
Well engineered video of Live In Lemberg gig. Against the fact that we did not
use any professional equipment during the filming, a professional mastering led
to an excellent result. What was made – is a hour of concert video with a great
sound that will be interesting not only to those who never seen KRODA live, but
also to those who was at our gigs.

Part 2:
Some kind of a documentary movie including the picturesque filming of the Ukrainian Carpathians nature, video-interview, rehearsals, fragments of different KRODA gigs. There are English subtitles here.

Part 3:
The gallery including more than 200 wallpapers for a desktop with author photos of the nature. Also, this part includes a software program created exclusively for this anniversary release. After being installed, the program itself changes wallpapers on a desktop with a time interval set by the user, it has installer and deinstaller, author's design in authentic KRODA style and an author's sound


Metal / OUT NOW: Monarque - Blasphmes.. & Hexenwald - Descent...
« on: August 29, 2010, 02:14:57 AM »

Monarque - Blasphmes et Cultes Morbides CD

Hörproben: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbrVNOPv01U

Hexenwald - Descent, Rebirth and Black Ligth CD

Hörproben: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgJmHUhD4es

ORDER NOW IN THE EE - RECORDS SHOP : www.platten-firma.de

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