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Metal / Re: Death of the stereo?
« on: October 02, 2013, 04:14:51 PM »
There's two converging trends here:

1. The average person never really cared about music for music's sake, so they don't have a reason to spend substantial time and money on a high quality audio system

2. Miniaturization is making low end audio equipment better. A smartphone with a cheap pair of earbuds and access to online radio, while not exactly great, still provides better sound quality than what options we had even 10 years ago (higher bitrates, better psychoacoustics, more consistent access to the internet).

For now, all I can really say is that even audiophiles should expect big changes to how they consume music in the future.

To paraphrase:

1. Consumersism
2. The purists (upgrading without selling out)

Interzone / Re: A Dark Dream
« on: October 02, 2013, 04:05:49 PM »
I have seen a few threads before where people describe their dreams. Who knows if they really had this dream or if they are just making a point?

Actually this WAS more about making a point. Something as personal as a dream can never have the effect it has on others the way it does on he who dreamt it. Jung or Frued might say you interpret the world as being an uphill battle against the doomed masses who clearly don't give fuck, but I think it's more about no one knowing where they're going because they're too used to going their own way. Has it and will always be like this? Can a few helpful souls make a difference?

Interzone / Re: An avian definition of Nihilism.
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:55:17 PM »
Nihilism teaches you nothing. That's a lot to learn!

Wrong! it is the realization that nothing is anything other than what it is, whatever that may be.
You are right in that it doesn't come in the form of a teaching as such.

Metal / Motivation and its inherent self-destruct mechanism
« on: October 02, 2013, 02:35:10 AM »
I recently watched a documentary on the late, (once) great Syd Barret whereby after his initial explosion of creative impetus and subsequent popularity he had found himself in what was possibly the most severe state of psychological burnout imaginable, something that has been contemplated time and again by his fans and in general contemporary music culture for the better part of half a century.

I remember they interviewed a well-wishing queer that had taken him in and whom he lived with as a flatmate in the subsequent years that followed as having said he felt he knew exactly what Syd was thinking at any given time (and that for most of the time it was the same thing); Laying back on his mattress in the next room, arms folded behind his head, starring up at the ceiling ďhe knew he could achieve anything he wanted, but that the moment he set about doing it, it became impossibleĒ.

Thatís about as honest and accurate as I think it gets, oddly enough, and to be honest I hate it. Perceived greatness at that time meant that when you hit the brick wall, you either burn out or die at peak. Art as always carries its inherent zeitgeist and in modern times it is all too often immortalized through that brief flash of brilliance (which is more often than not simply what could be) as opposed to a long and steady dedication to a craft, something less desperate and more stable that at the very least will only grow from previous strengths.

Perhaps metal sought out an alternative to this with its constant striving for and emphasis on the eternal and the image of being true. But for the most part this is so thoroughly negated by the almost inevitable phenomena of selling out, in which case I think it probably is better to die at peak.

Interzone / Re: Skateboarding
« on: October 02, 2013, 02:33:09 AM »
Not for me. I also hate the skate culture. I have an old mountain bike in dire need of restoration. Would love to have something I can jump on and just zoom the fuck out of town when humanity's brain starts collectively frying. Skateboarding is very suburban, the opposite of where I want to be.  :P

Interzone / A Dark Dream
« on: October 02, 2013, 02:27:48 AM »
I canít see a thing. All I can feel are peopleís bodies, writhing, pushing, falling and pulling. All are trying to get somewhere, but just where the hell that is, no one knows. Some are helpful, most arenít. Writhing, pushing, falling and pulling in a structure that resembles some invisible, insurmountable mountain of flesh. Insurmountable due to its own material form; us (with the capacity for connection and a hell of a lot of disconnection).

Interzone / Re: Your Morals: A Quiz!
« on: October 02, 2013, 02:21:10 AM »
I keep running into the same problem with these sites: they don't function if the person taking the tests views "morality" as meaningless.

Nasty plague. Need to test vaccines on human test subjects. Is it moral to do force people to do so?

My answer:
Moral weight is meaningless. The only meaningful consideration is whether the actions undertaken satisfy the goal intended. If your goal is to stop the plague, then it's fine. If your goal is to "never cause harm to a human", then it isn't.

I don't care about causing harm to humans, but I wouldn't try to develop a vaccine either because there's too many fucking people.

No judgments exist in a vacuum.

Itís a backwards world at the moment. I was thinking about this recently when Roberto Pannunzi got arrested. What makes his job and eventual lot in life any less morally credible than those currently in government? The only thing I could think of is that is that one is legal the other is not. Law is every bit as subject to corruption as morality.

Interzone / Re: Fullmoon
« on: September 25, 2013, 04:58:05 AM »
Are there any coincidences?

There is no obvious link to any of the events. The erratic, frenetic energy observed in those around me may be as a result of the emotional-resonance subconsciously emitted between individuals as a result of forces that can not easily be perceived. Or perhaps I'm imagining things?

If that's not the case then there is surely much that can be learned through observing nature and therefore predicting the subtle effects it might have on oneself or those around them. I already mark out moon phases and seasonal changes in my diary/calendar and try to cross match against previous years to see if there's any connection. It's certainly something I would like to learn more about.

The moon's gravity also pulls at the blood and lymph and other fluids in your body. Tidal swells occur within us too! It also allows women to have regular cycles, and offers a utility to animals who rely on vision to hunt at night.

Though this for many is a little common knowledge, it's also hotly debated by modern science. Interestingly enough, their was no divisional between classical Hindustani astronomy and astrology.

Metal / Re: Trends that appear to have died
« on: September 25, 2013, 04:40:54 AM »
True Black metal
Norse Black metal
Slavic black metal
NS Black metal
? US black metal
Viking Black metal
Suicidal Black Metal
Satanic black metal
Shoe-gaze black metal


trans-genre genres are the only way forward

Metal / Re: Indian classical music
« on: September 25, 2013, 04:32:28 AM »

  ... think I'd fall in love if a I weren't already

Interzone / Fullmoon
« on: September 23, 2013, 06:15:19 PM »
Don't mean to sound too superstitious, but we are now at around the time of the spring/autumnal equinox depending on where you reside in the dry lands of this planet . And I can't help but feel something major has changed. Apart from two people I sort of knew (know of) dying. Everything seems really ramped up and chaotic. People are really snappy. And I have an extra hard time trying not to snap back. Motivation/creativity fluctuates on Richter-scale type proportions.

I recall a similar phase with another couple of deaths some 3 months ago at the time of winter/summer solstice.

Can the seasons, weather conditions and moon phases exert effects on humanity as is the case with other creatures? Or is it more comforting for us to use a word coincidence in the absence of what can consciously be perceived?

Interzone / Re: Different kinds of music and sound experimentation
« on: September 23, 2013, 05:45:27 PM »
So what I'm saying is this kind of music, and other experimental kinds too like noise, are to be taken as a different experience altogether.

Agree. But their is also much overlap between genre/styles. Occasionally black-metal hits on some of the grandeur one might find in certain classical pieces. Ambient music too. While certain modern classical on the other hand experiments excessively with noise and the mathematics of sound to the point where it inspires nothing more than interest in peculiar sounds (this is only the most basic level of music appreciation but it need not be frowned upon or on the other hand limited to such a simple level).

Interzone / Re: Judging music
« on: September 23, 2013, 05:26:29 PM »
Nothing beats having a reviewer with a proven set of standards. Pretentious reviewers out there can be weeded out with these tools along with poor music they may waste our time with. Likewise, good reviewers would gain credibility along with the artists they support.

I like that idea. I trust certain reviewers and recommendations of like-minded listeners. With the new Gorguts I heard one or two songs and couldn't be bothered. The damning review it received here further cemented the opinion that it wasn't worth my time and probable eventual dissatisfaction.

The only thing I can see getting in the way is genre/style diversification. The criteria that would apply to top tier death-metal probably can't easily be applied to black-metal, even though some black-metal albums might be better.

Also the level of subjectivity inherent in the listening experience. Take for example that some ultra-technical death-metal came along which blew all other previous attempts out of the water, I might acknowledge that it's largely considered to be a classic but if I'm into raw, fast or atmospheric stuff it probably won't match up with my own belief of what is best.

Metal / Re: Morbid Angel > Incantation
« on: September 23, 2013, 05:08:44 PM »
Somehow MA always seem like early innovators whereas Incantation is the fully formed result of that innovation. I doubt if this is 100% accurate but I prefer them purely for this fully formed guttural style they play. A lot of the MA riffs sounds kind of speed of thrash inspired whereas Incantation is just plain old death metal. To be honest I'd probably even take Autopsy, Gorguts, or Demilich over early Morbid Angel. They're all on par, it's just the sound/style I connect with.

Metal / Re: What is the meaning of Brutal Death Metal sonority?
« on: September 21, 2013, 05:54:03 PM »
Sometimes the sound texture in itself is what subconsciously draws people in, aside altogether from the actual music. Though these elements need not necessarily be viewed as separate and distinct.

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