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Metal / Re: Demoncy Enthroned is the Night
« on: March 10, 2012, 01:34:54 AM »
I'm enjoying this new album overall but there are a few obvious detractions. To start with it's certainly not as direct as Joined in Darkness and the later part of the album loses a bit of definition. Joined in Darkness thrives on simplicity (a bit like Transylvanian Hunger meets Profanatica), the simple riffs are supported by simple pump beat drumming and mostly it's only in so far as necessary, whereas the continual stream of drumming found on Enthroned is the Night would be useful in supporting more complex melodic content which the album doesn't really have, besides that there's less variety of tempos and 'doom' sounding riffs to help carry the content through each song. However certain aspects of the vocal/riff phrasing are extremely effective and there's a great sense of 'journey' as oppose to primitve blasting evil in some of the songs. The roaring low-frequency production aesthetic is also refined to fit the compositional content perfectly. Overall, it's easily one of the best metal albums in a long time.

Interzone / Re: It is time to reign women in.
« on: March 05, 2012, 12:59:48 PM »
Instead of finding love: Liberate yourself through standing at a bar or go dancing at a crowded club long enough for a guy to come around in order to pump and dump you.

That's the whole psychological drama of the western female in a nutshell; once she's been used she feels worthless, and she is. Her way of life then becomes a vendetta against chastity.

Interzone / Re: How to get brutally strong
« on: March 05, 2012, 12:35:30 PM »

I wouldn't recommend this for a 130lb newb. I would tell him to do starting strength + GOMAD for a few months and see how his body adjusts, and I say that with full respect to John Broz and his methods.

How heavy are most of you guys cause it sounds like you've being doing this for a while? I'm 180lb and 5'10" tall. Never done weights but I do heaps of swimming, pushup, sit ups etc. I have considered weight training but I have a friend that ended up on morphine for the rest of his life in an accident doing squats which really turns me off, he's a solid guy too. Aren't certain body types better suited to different tasks?

Interzone / Re: Sociopaths are fine.
« on: March 03, 2012, 01:25:17 AM »
Sociopaths are pirates. Are pirates 'fine'?
There have always been pirates, sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists, etc.
This is normal.
But to endorse such behaviour?
When society reaches the point of doing that, it is a short step from extinction.

If you're referring to the OP, I don't think he was endorsing the behavior, he was just pointing out that there is nothing inherently bad about it existing. (Which I'm unsure that I agree with)

So the arguement is that 'dysfunction' within a system or part of its development is naturally occuring, all the more so in a failing society. It's also natural for a healthy society to try and minimize dysfunction. So what's the point of sympathizing with the problem (unless you feel a part of it) ?

Metal / Source of inspiration
« on: February 29, 2012, 10:44:08 PM »
There's a popular myth that regards The Velvet Underground as being the band that never sold many records, but that everyone who bought one was inspired to write music of their own. I found this interesting, not that I personally find their music all that inspiring. But I can think of other music that fits the example either as compositionally dynamic or in having an abundance of simple creative energy, giving rise to many potential variations. In this way it's often the lesser material that inspires the truly great. Just think of what came out of the black/death/thrash prototype genre of the late 80s.

And the real question: Are there any recent metal or ambient records of note that might apply to this idea?

Metal / Re: War metal
« on: February 29, 2012, 10:42:15 PM »
I think all black metal has some element of war, but it is one of MANY elements of life and gets lame pretty quickly when that fact is not understood. Anyway my pick would be Blasphemy - Gods of War.

Metal / Re: Rob Darken: Hessian
« on: February 29, 2012, 10:33:13 PM »
Sounds like Darken and NHA would better have this out in a duel?

Metal / Re: Wishlist for new SUMMONING album
« on: February 26, 2012, 02:49:29 PM »
I don't recall much palm muting in Oath Bound. The guitar parts are mostly chords and tremolo picking.

Mortal Heroes and Stronghold were full of it, though. That is one of the reasons why those two albums are Summoning's weakest.

That's actually what I mean. There is a lot better blending of instruments on Oathbound, especially the open-strings in the guitarwork, complemented by the perfect use of soft distorion.

And regarding the two preceding albums, well they weren't complete failures. I tend to think of them as experiments in compositional expansion, without which Oathbound might not be as well thought out. I only wish they would consolidate all the ideas onto one great album rather than fill the gaps with patchy material.

Metal / Re: Rob Darken: Hessian
« on: February 26, 2012, 02:31:03 PM »
Darken will always be a true warbrother in my opinion. He's intelligent, and creates his art with real-life conviction. Not being able to sense the abstract or 'spiritual' aspect of the world is a symptom of the disease process of the modern age.

Metal / Re: Metal in 2012
« on: February 25, 2012, 01:31:26 PM »
That would be excellent. Beherit, Summoning, Demoncy and maybe one day KRAFTWERK and I will be happy.

Metal / Re: How to package LPs for mailing
« on: February 24, 2012, 03:49:08 PM »
I've never had this problem, usually the culture around collecting vinyl is one of extreme caution when handling - the oposite of receiving cds in jewel-case. But really I only buy the vinyl if it's an absolute favourite and if it's the original pressing.

Metal / Re: Wishlist for new SUMMONING album
« on: February 24, 2012, 03:42:33 PM »
I think the songwriting on Oathbound is superior to the two albums preceding it, really it's a fruition of the style they began with Stronghold. I think they are striving to make it more organic and spontaneous, much like the recent Lord Wind, or at least make the formula less obvious, like the song Might and glory which is more of a figure-eight than a cirle.

Maybe build on the pretty unique guitar-playing style they introduced on Oathbound, but if they go back to the roots and do something different entirely, that's cool too. Whatever they do, it'll probably be great.

Definitely true. I always thought the rock/metal technique of palm-muted guitar chords doesn't blend well with the orchestral sounds.

Metal / Re: Dimmu Borgir
« on: February 21, 2012, 03:49:12 AM »

Interzone / Re: ANUS criticism
« on: February 21, 2012, 03:39:40 AM »
Psychics are obviously rubbish, as with the whole new age movement being based in a non-physical reality. I wouldn't rule out Astrology (including hindu jyotisha) as some of it surely derives from reality embedded in the language of symbols, and commonly understood by pagan traditions who tried to interpret signs in nature or how environmental dynamics could unconsciously influence the individual/society i.e. the roman priests (augur) who observed the flight of birds.


Metal / Re: Romanticism naturally prevails
« on: February 13, 2012, 10:42:12 AM »
From contextual clues, I would guess this was written pre-WWII.

You're right, it was first published in 1934, I've got the 1940 edition. It's an interesting read given the pre-WWII British viewpoint alone.

I have not read the book, nor am I any sort of expert on romanticism and classical music, but I think it is fair to say that the author was incorrect in thinking (hoping?) that a new generation of masters would arise, in the romantic/classical tradition, in the late 1900s or beyond, who could compete with or even surpass their musical ancestors.

Since I'm not familiar with the author, I do not know whether he would have seen metal music in the way we do, as an instance of this 'eternal recurrence' we call Romanticism. Even though metal has it's downsides (there are plenty - it happens, when you allow hipsters to invade your cultural traditions), it still represents the greatest re-occurrence of this tradition in the artistic sphere, to date.

I don't think the writer could have anticipated just how insane the world was to become following that point in time. And if we are to apply the cyclical view of history, then it might be that there has not yet been a change to the decay phase of the cycle which the music world has had to endure from the time of Stravinsky onwards. I like the idea that romanticism (including classicism) is the end result of almost any pursuit at expanding artistic receptivity, asthough the very nature of the ideas being communicated requires this treatment.

It could also be argued that the highpoint of all underground metal is romanticist based, if not a balance of the physical reality and the mythic/metaphorical.

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