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Interzone / Re: DLA: dark ambient
« on: December 07, 2011, 12:54:39 PM »
This genre needs a solid album with the weight of Hvis lyset tar oss for example. Beherit is unfinished, but is awesome for pure intuition and ideas alone.

Metal / Re: Summoning - Depressive as hell
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:16:11 AM »
Is Minas Morgul worth getting into? I'm really only familiar with Stronghold and Oath Bound, both of which I enjoy, but when I first listened to Minas Morgul the other day it felt a bit juvenile, or silly even. I made a little pharaoh dance to the track Orthanc.

Yes. The composition is sound, if not the synth quality, but it was the mid-90's, Summoning probably didn't have access to higher end equipment at the time. Still, The Passing of Grey Company makes me cringe everytime.

Also, check into Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame.

Minas Morgul and even Lugburz have an intense spontaneous energy that the later albums just don't have, even though they're better composed on the whole. In saying that I find most of their albums a bit patchy at some point (Dol Guldur is the most consistent).

By the way this is more of an equipment question but does anyone know what kind of synths these old bands even use? more likely they use an electronic keyboard with sampled orchestral sounds.

Interzone / Re: DLA: dark ambient
« on: December 05, 2011, 02:38:37 AM »
It would be great to have these represented in Audiofile

Important works need to be identified, maybe even a top ten with reviews or something. Otherwise on the whole it's a genre of extreme low quality and any potential therein would be lost.

Metal / Sibelius
« on: December 05, 2011, 02:24:11 AM »
What are your thoughts on this famous Finnish composer? Admittedly, I haven't heard all of his output and I'm a bit divided on what I have heard. Some of his symphonies strike me as pretentious, they're simple but made to sound complex and are commonly rounded off with this big pompous anthemic finale. The violin concerto escapes this and seems to flow more naturally, partly due to it's chaotic unrefined construction. Finlandia is just overrated.

Metal / Re: Burzum - Belus
« on: November 25, 2011, 05:03:16 AM »
I just got off the phone with Varg, and I really had sympathy for the guy.

He knows he half-assed the album, but he hoped true Burzum fans would understand. He gets no royalties from the earlier albums, just got out of prison, not even McDonalds or the Corner Kebab would hire him. He's flat broke, plus they're expecting him to pay child support! Poor guy figured if he released some older material while focusing on a brighter-side-of-life Philosophy (gotta try to stay optimistic!) a lot of his problems would finally go away. Basically the only guys who would talk to him were the record execs. Ah well, I'd say most people in his position would have done the same thing.

Unfortunately that's not even true. He actually believes the new stuff is better, subconsciously he has become extremely disillusioned and desperately tries to bridge the gap between the quality/spirit of past works with competence in technique, but it doesn't even remotely hold up to music with spirit (and the latest album of re-recorded works will really cement that fact). At this point it is obvious he took the path of least resistance and should probably have concentrated on political stuff instead.

The modern world is a maze of dysfunctional lifestyle choices. The solution is in the balance between a simple pious life and reality-confrontation. Anyone agree?

Metal / Re: Bands that you want to see reviewed by DLA
« on: November 25, 2011, 04:23:37 AM »
A review of some of the Black Sabbath albums should be included.

Metal / Re: Revisiting Soulside Journey
« on: November 18, 2011, 09:16:55 AM »
I'm not too familiar with later Morpheus Descends but I sometimes get a vague sense of Incantation in the 'doom' sound of the riffs, and definitely a lot of Autopsy in the way the riffs fit together to build a structure. I think this kind of cyclical/deconstructive structure they worked in is really what makes Soulside Journey and it should probably be studied inside out in terms of finding where the potential growth in metal lies.

I like Ceremonium's No Longer Silent but it's doesn't seem too close to Soulside Journey, aside from the Darkthrone cover, it has too much of a euro influence whereas Darkthrone were more influenced by american bands . Haven't heard Into the Autumn Shade but will have to check it out.

Metal / Revisiting Soulside Journey
« on: November 10, 2011, 03:50:33 AM »
Whenever I come back to the first Darkthrone I'm struck by what a truly awesome and somewhat underappreciated gem it is. And I can't help but think what it might have led to if the band didn't disown it and release a spate of genre re-defining albums in its wake.

What is unique/cool about it:

- It's not overly structural like most death metal before it, allowing for some interesting compositional choices.
- It carries the dark emotionality of nascent black metal within the twisted, cerebral process of death metal.
- It breathes well i.e. it's consistent throughout yet with contrast. A precursor to the epic.
- Contains possibly some of the best Darkthrone lyrics.


Is there anything that comes close to this?
How might Goatlord have turned out if the band didn't jump the tracks with A blaze in the northern sky?
Was the album purely a product of its time period made by insightful musicians or the seeds of some great potential than never eventuated.

Metal / Re: Beherit
« on: November 04, 2011, 02:20:28 AM »
I wonder if anyone else feels that DDtM excelled in technique and content (and the integration of both), but suffered from a badly composed general flow.
Me. Composition is the most important part of the music and if you don't excel at it you lose. For example - Mayhem - DMDS. It is a great album, has great riffs but it lacks composition and that is the main reason why I don't listen often to it(once in 4-5 months). The same goes for DDTM.

Engram(and Electric Doom Synthesis ofc) is much simpler but kicks ass just because of the composition.

Engram has an advanced sense of album rather than song composition (which is a step in the right direction for BM), but is arguably lacking in thunder compared to DDtM.

Metal / Re: Summoning - Depressive as hell
« on: November 04, 2011, 01:54:34 AM »
It is possible for music to evoke multiple emotional states simultaneously and this certainly applies to Summoning. I think their albums became more epic over time and the highpoints got even higher, but with fewer on each album i.e. the last three albums could have been consolidated into one brilliant album.

Interzone / Re: Any news about new Kraftwerk?
« on: November 03, 2011, 11:49:00 AM »
At its best, I find their music extremely enduring in that it mirrors the continuum of life from the smallest elements to a much larger process i.e. the theme on each album being a metaphore of the process. With perfectly rounded compositional structures that convey this process as a vessel for eternal truths. As musicians they have made this their primary concern and are therefore immune to the immediate or transient energy of youth (unlike even the best of metal) which is about the best reason I can think of for the longevity of their output. I have confidence in any new material they release.

Interzone / Any news about new Kraftwerk?
« on: October 28, 2011, 07:12:00 AM »
Florian Schneider, one of the founding members left in 2008, then there was supposedly new material in the pipeline for 2010. I must say there is probably no other group I look forward to more as pretty much everything they've ever made has been genius, and with years of thought behind it. How they manage to keep a level head a not loose the vision after all these years is astounding. If only metal could be this mature.

Metal / Re: Deicide like bands
« on: October 24, 2011, 04:54:12 AM »
Slayer is the father. Profanatica is the step-brother.

Metal / Re: Burzum - From the Depths of Darkness
« on: October 22, 2011, 12:55:54 AM »
I knew this would happen. Most don't expect much and a few idiots will kid themselves into thinking it's better than the original, while curiousity alone is what makes it sell.

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