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« on: January 20, 2014, 11:00:50 PM »

(news in distribution at the end)

Out now on BATTLESK'RS Prodz:

"Consuming The Metatron"

Gatefold LP


New impressive artwork!

Gatefold LP
+ innerprinted paperbag
+ A2 poster

Limited to 500 copies

15.75 €

Listen "Inner Falling of the Glory of God".

6 ---------------- 6 ----------------- 6

"Radiant Behest of Excessum"

TS & Girly

Grey print on Fruit of the loom shirt.

T-Shirt (S, M, L & XL)
Girly (S, M & XL)

14.90 €

Released by

Exclusively distributed by:



6 ---------------- 6 ----------------- 6

also in exclusive distribution:

[Dieu rendra justice]


Embroidered Patch

High quality
limited to 100 copies
Size: 10 cm / 7 cm

Out on Gospels of Death

6 ---------------- 6 ----------------- 6

News in distribution:

OSCULUM INFAME "Manifesto From The Dark Age" CD - Re-issue and remastered of demos from 1994 to 1996. Tracks taken from: 01-05: Sadomatic, Impure Artgoat Demo 1994 06-12: I'a Aem'nh S'hat'n Demo 1995 13-14: Osculum Infame / Funeral Split 1996 [Label: Ordo Decimus Peccatum] 9.90 €

BARBATOS / WOLFSBURG "We Are Legions" EP - with insert. Rare and cult split EP! [Label: Silencelike Death Productions] 13.90 €

MANTAS "Metal Before Death" EP - Mantas was the pre-Death band of Chuck Schuldiner and co. 15.00 €

MAZE OF TORMENT "Maze Bloody Maze" EP - Including a Medley of Black Sabbath songs such as "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and "Paranoid" and two others exclusive tracks. [Label: Merciless] 6.50 €

MERRIMACK "Hellgium Raped" EP - Limited to 200 copies. [Label: Hearse] 10.00 €

MISERY'S OMEN "To Worship Stone Gods" EP - Cover by Nicolas Solieri. Rare record from this well know underground act featuring members from Cauldron Black Ram, Stargazer, Sacriphyx, Mournful Congregation... [Label: Hellflame] 10.90 €

NECROSLAUGHTER "Sacrifice To Satan" EP - Primitive War Black Metal with an old school Thrash feeling. [Label: Deathstrike] 5.00 €

NOCTURNAL VOMIT "Arts Of Tenebrous Superstition" EP - Pure Hellenic Old School Primitive Death Black Metal hell !!! [Label: Terror From Hell] 5.00 €

NUIT NOIRE / CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS "Can you see the fire ?" EP - A meeting of two unique bands. Great release! [Label: Unjoy] 24.50 €

TOTAL DEATH "Silencio de Soledad" EP - Great Melodic Death Metal! [Label: Dream Age Records] 7.50 €

LORD BELIAL "Purify Sweden" EP Picture - Limited to 300 copies. [Label: Metal Fortress] 12.50 €

Metal / CULT OF OCCULT "s/t" Tape & Tshirt/Girly out now!
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:11:23 PM »
CULT OF OCCULT "s/t" Tape & Tshirt/Girly out now!

Out now on Zanjeer Zani productions


Pro-tape - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies - ZZP009-MC

The first full-length of these french doom freakz at last available on cassette.

Listen "Blurry and Muzzy" : https://soundcloud.com/necrocosm/cult-of-occult-blurry-and

merch also available :

"Hell Hate Booze Forever"

T-Shirt & Girly

Sizes: S, M, L & XL

Exclusively distributed by NECROCOSM (http://www.necrocosm.org)

Distributors contact us for wholesale prices

Metal / PESTILENTIA “Shield” TS/Girly & FORNICATION Tape out now!
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:11:02 PM »
PESTILENTIA “Shield”  TS/Girly  & FORNICATION Tape out now!

Out now on Battlesk'rs prodz


TS & Girly out now! TSK'R020

Limited to 33 copies including girlies.

White printing on Fruit of the loom shirt.

T-Shirt (S, M, L & XL)
Girly (S & M)

13.90 € without shipping

exclusive distribution by

"Necrocosm". (http://www.necrocosm.org)


Perversick Black Metal!

"Sectanik Neocide"

Pro-Tape - SKR002-MC - 5 €

11 years after the first issue on CD,
the 1st full-length of FORNICATION is available on Pro-Tape, limited and handnumbered to 100 copies!

on this recording, members were :

Count Sabbat
Kobal (Darvulia, ex-Malhkebre, Sektarism...)
Akhron (Darvulia, ex-Peste Noire…)

Listen "Fist Fucking Black Metal" :

exclusive distribution by



Metal / NEKRONOIZ - KENJI SIRATORI "Sacrifice Creature" CD Digipack
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:10:35 PM »
NEKRONOIZ - KENJI SIRATORI "Sacrifice Creature"  CD Digipack


"Sacrifice Creature"

CD Digipack - MUR002

10.90 €

out on Mors Ultima Ratio (http://www.mors-ultima-ratio.com)

This opus is a collaboration between

the french dark ambient project of Azat
(also known for his work with ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS)


the Japanese avant-garde artist.

This opus is available on a noble digipack CD
including a 8 page-booklet and is strictly limited to 500 copies.

8 tracks of great dark ambient music with lots of influences.

Exclusively distributed by http://www.necrocosm.org
(distributors ask for wholesale prices)

Listen "Vertigo Blind" : http://soundcloud.com/necrocosm/nekronoiz-vertigo-blind-from

xx Death is Art xxx

News in distribution:
CD's :
A.E.P. / VINTERRIKET "Split" CD - limited to 500 copies. [Label: Asphyxiate] 7.75 €

AUSTERE "Withering illusions and desolation" CD - Chapter IV of the DESOLATION PROPAGANDA collection. AUSTERE’s debut album finally made available worldwide. AUSTERE means total despair and contempt through a high-class and well-performed desolate black metal. You will find icy riffs, harsh vocals and deleterious atmosphere all along this one. Re-released with renewed artwork. [Label: Those Opposed] 8.90 €

BAPTISM "As the darkness enters" CD - Last full-length of Lord Sarcofagian! Excellent Black Metal in the finnish tradition. [Label: Northern Heritage] 9.90 €

BELENOS "Chemins de Souffrance" CD - Celtic Black Metal! [Label: Northern Silence] 8.90 €

BELENOS "Yen Sonn Gardis" CD - All lyrics in Breizh langage! Celtic Black Metal. [Label: Northern Silence] 8.90 €

BLACK ACHEMOTH "Under the Veil of Darkness" CD - Occult Black Metal from Brazil. [Label: Soul Eraser] 6.90 €

BLOOD RED FOG "Death Cult" CD - The two "Death Cult" tapes, released previously in 2012 on one CD. Expect true Finnish black metal the Blood Red Fog way. 9 tracks, 51 minutes, booklet comes with lyrics. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

BURIAL HORDES "10 years of war and revenge" CD - 12 years anniversary compilation. Brutal black metal with a death-oozing aura performed the old school way. BURIAL HORDES was formed in 2001 and released two albums on Pulverised Records among other works. The band consists of founding member Necro (Enshadowed), Psychaos (Dead Congregation) & Cthonos (ex-Ravencult). 21 tracks, 75 minutes, 20-page booklet with liner notes, releases' pictures, old interviews... Tracklist is: 1 - Exclusive track 2 - from "Descent" ep 2012 3 - bonus track on the vinyl edition of the debut album 4/5 - from the second album 2008, "Devotion to Unholy Creed" 6/7 - from "Secta Nova" split CD 2010 8-10 - Promo 2007 11/12 - from the debut album 2006, "War, Revenge & Total Annihilation" 13-15 - from "Total Gathering of Supremacy" split CD 2005 16-19 - from "Mors Luminis" demo 2003 20 - from "Entering the Untrodden Forest" demo 2001 21 - final track of the debut album 2006, "War, Revenge & Total Annihilation" [Label: Those Opposed] 8.90 €

CHRISTICIDE "Upheaval of the soul" CD - A jewel of french black metal! CD comes with 16-page booklet, texts and full-page illustrations by Chilean artist Daniel Desecrator. 6 tracks, 45 minutes. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

CORPSE OV CHRIST "To Goat Empire... The Lucifer Desire" CD - [Label: Soul Eraser] 6.90 €

DARKENHOLD "Echoes from the stone keeper" CD - DARKENHÖLD second album, following the very convincing debut "A passage to the towers". Majestic and epic black metal in the vein of Diabolical Masquerade, Ancient & Emperor. 10 tracks, 42 minutes, booklet comes with lyrics. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

DAVE PHILLIPS "?" CD - Assembled between April and June 2009 as part of a therapeutic process during a period dominated by severe disturbances of loss, mental abysses and despair, "?" is the new gospel from Swiss experimentalist Dave Phillips, co-founder of grindcore legend Fear of God, a member of the sense perplexing Schimpfluch-Gruppe and the pulverizing force behind the Rudimentary Peni one-man-doom-drone worship act Dead Peni, among numerous other projects. "?" offers a 79 minutes album of field recordings oriented compositions that feature murky cello, piano and accordion parts, nocturnal voices, a vast array of concrete snippets and more resonances of existences that give Albert Aylers' "Music is the healing force of the universe" new depths and meanings. "?" sees Phillips observing and carefully dissecting his human psyche into ten intimate and innovative music pieces, confronting them with the bile and degradation of the omnipresent while deconstructing his own ravage with a binding urge to cleanse. And it's a fascinating insight to listen to. Brilliantly mastered by Rashad Becker. [Label: Heart & Crossbone] 7.90 €

DIVINA INFERIS "Aura Damnation" CD - Divina Inferis spits its first full-length curse towards the aura of the Nazarene. 40 minutes of sounds that reflect the unifying of mind, body and soul. Chaos, suffering and blasphemy function as lyrical keys in gaining a connection with the source of evil. [Label: Primitive Reaction] 7.90 €

DOODSREK "s/t" CD - Black metal to the bone. A creation of Svein & Barditus from LUGUBRUM. Crude, filthy, raw. [Label: Those Opposed] 8.90 €

ELYSIAN BLAZE "Beneath Silent Faces" CD - 1st edition on CD. including a bonus track (7. "Despair" (09:16) [Label: Asphyxiate] 9.90 €

HASS "Applause" CD - Black Metal with a depressive feeling. [Label: Cianeto] 6.90 €

HATS BARN "Voices of the ultimate possessio" CD - French devastating & nostalgic black metal. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

JOYLESS "Wild Signs of the Endtimes" CD - Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 - Taken from the Unlimited Hate full-length Tracks 5, 6, 8 - Taken from the Blue in the Face EP [Label: A Sad Sadness Song] 9.90 €

KAWIR "To Uranus" CD - Two years after the release of the critically-acclaimed "Ophiolatreia" album, Kawir is back with a new extended EP. To Uranus features 3 brand new tracks (approx. 20 min.) where the band takes its art a stretch further. Sakis from Rotting Christ is on guest vocals on the second track. Also on this new CD are featured both tracks from the "Eumenides" EP 1994 in a remastered version and the first official track ever released by the band "Sinn (The blazing queen)" 1994, from the split EP with Japanese band Sigh. A historical CD for the band. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

KHAOTIC "Tenebrae" CD - One woman band true black metal. First opus! [Label: Pazuzu] 7.90 €

KREUZWEG OST "Gott Mit Uns" CD - 2nd monumental album from Kreuzweg Ost for Cold Spring, headed by Michael Gregor (SUMMONING / AMESTIGON). “We see a light through the dim and cloudy shadows of our existence. In the electric field between. Total faith and desperation, hope and doubt, eternal bliss and delusion, we walk an unsure path to an unknown end. When the clouds open, the light navigates. The loud music of the sky: pounding drums surrounded by trumpets and swirling voices echoing from a distance unknown”. Kreuzweg Ost rises again with God on their side. “Gott Mit Uns” combines a variety of different musical styles: from Martial Industrial to Classical sounds, from deep Ambient to cinematic Pop music. These musical prayers are made for those seeking salvation. [Label: Cold Spring] 7.90 €

LUGUBRUM "Face lion face oignon" CD - Quote from TOR: We don't know how to describe this in terms of style (we didn't try for long either), all we can say is this is fucking genius. Lugubrum is Lugubrum, you can't put any label on them. This is their 10th album for 20 years of existence. We'll just end with a quote from Dutch band URFAUST on this album: "Just listened to the new album last night... 5 times in a row: their best work! fuck, i'm loving it! album of the year for me, without a doubt!". You better believe it! [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €


MERZBOW "Don't Steal My Coat " CD - Another great opus from the king of japanoisers Masami Akita! Recorded and Mixed at Munemi House, Tokyo Oct - Nov 2008. [Label: No Music Records] 7.55 €

OCULTAN "Atombe Unkuluntu" CD - Southern American Black Metal, total desecration and anti-christian madness! [Label: Free Mind] 6.90 €

OCULTAN "Shadows from Beyond" CD - with slipcase. Last album of Brazilian twisted black metal! [Label: Mutilation] 7.90 €

ORDER OF TEPES "Dust Bring Thy Misery" CD - Black/Death Metal. [Label: Anaites] 6.90 €

PLAGA "Magia Gwiezdnej Entropii" CD - Featuring Veles member. Great Black Metal! [Label: Societas Oculorum Arcanorum] 9.90 €

SCHLOSS TEGAL "oranur III "The Third And Final Report"" CD - Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and his encounters with UFOs, this influential album has been remastered and reworked from the original recordings, with new bonus tracks and new remixed versions. Originally released in 1997 on CD by Tegal Records (Ltd x 1000) and LP by Artware Productions, Germany (Ltd x 1000), all of the original subject matter has been taken to a new level with this digital recording from the analogue sources. This is the third and final warning to the sleeping beings of the earth. This album influenced many other electronic artists and has been hailed as one of the first recordings to be labelled “dark ambient”. [Label: Cold Spring] 8.90 €

SIVYJ YAR "The dawns were drifting as befor" CD - Quote from the label: Slavonic pagan black metal with sorrowful poetry and mysterious atmosphere from Vyritsa, Russia. "These are the songs about those who have gone into oblivion, the memories of whom has been lost." Sivyj Yar, which is written Сивый Яр in Russian, is an ancient Slavonic deity. This is the band's third album. First copies comes with a sticker printed by the band. Artwork & layout done by Sir Gorgoroth (Nokturnal Mortum, Hate Forest, Drudkh, Ulvegr). 8-page booklet, 5 tracks, 35 minutes. [Label: Those Opposed] 8.90 €

SUPPLICIUM "Magna Atra Missa" CD - Quote from TOR: Satanic black metal of the highest class. A masterpiece album. 16-page booklet with lyrics and art. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

W.A.I.L. "s/t" CD - Quote from label: Conceptualized around the letters of the acronymic band moniker, W.A.I.L. (Wisdom through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy), the debut album of this Finnish band delves through a five piece journey of murky and crushing soundscapes. On this first part of self-titled full-lengths, W.A.I.L. explains its meaning from a wholly personal perspective. The exceptional name accompanies exceptional music and therefore W.A.I.L. gives a mouth to something that absorbs conventions of black, death, doom & heavy metal - but the entity speaks with only one unique voice and that voice does speak indeed, because the wine of Satan has got them drunk. [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] 9.90 €

ABORYM "Live in Groningen" CD Digipack - Deluxe Digipak CD All copies come with an A4 full colour poster The seven-track album includes a rare recording captured on May the 21st 2004 in Groningen (The Netherlands) during the band's european tour, and 2 unreleased industrial songs. Featuring the "With No Human Intervention" album's line-up. The "Live in Groningen" has been remastered by Fabban and Emiliano Natali at Fear No One studios, the same studio in which the band recorded "Psychogrotesque" (Season of Mist records) and the new double album "Dirty" (Agonia Records). [Label: Dead Seed] 11.90 €

CAINAN DAWN "Nibiru" CD Digipack - Debut album of highly epic occult black metal from France. The band is composed of Heruforod (vox, guitars), Sorghal on guitars (from Nehemah), Hjlodr on drums & Keithan on bass. Nibiru will appeal to all fans of Scandinavian black metal while influences of the old Satyricon shows here and there, yet with a more modern approach. Released as a digipack with 16-page booklet. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

CORNIGR "Relics of Inner War" CD Digipack - Quote from label: Black metal that is fierce, dark and twisted. [Label: Corpse Incense] 9.90 €

DEN SAAKALDTE "Øl, Mørke og Depresjon" CD Digipack - Limited to 1000 copies [Label: Eerie Art] 9.75 €

HAMNSKIFTE "Födzlepijnan" CD Digipack - digisleeve, ltd. 1000. Black Metal | Folk | Drone Doom | Ambient. First record from a mysterious Swedish duo, whose sound is inspired by, according to the band themselves, Burzum, Earth, Skepticism, Nortt and Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg. But imagine those influences channeled into something more medieval sounding, and WAY more post rocky, a sort of droning medieval slowcore laid beneath softly buzzing metallic rumble and shimmer, and you'll get an idea of Hamnskifte's sound. This is drone and ultimately slow meditative Black Metal with hypnotic medieval folk melodies recorded with guitars, drums, bass, organ, bodhran drum, bells and some self-invented percussion instruments. Originally released to the world in the spring of 2010 by, now-defunct, American label Starlight Temple Society, as a limited edition of 125 copies. [Label: Myrkr] 8.90 €

INFANDOUS "Blood, the sun and the cosmos" CD Digipack - Quote from TOR: Cryptic, crawling, complex black metal. Debut album. 6-panel digisleeve CD, 4 tracks, 45 minutes. How did we first lose our way? How did we ever turn towards such base and pitiful paradigms as those so insidiously infecting our mores today? This blight of our universal degenerate deity and its flock of tremulous followers infests and corrupts all that it touches, ourselves included. The way is lost we are blind to those ancestral paths once walked. We've wandered, we've strayed, we've faltered and we've fallen. A change must come. Let this be the purge: both an exaltation and a renunciation, an ascension and an atavism, a deliverance from bondage and a reunion with Blood, the Sun and the Cosmos. [Label: Those Opposed] 8.00 €

LONNDOM "Hagkomster fran Nordliga nejder" CD Digipack - Quote from TOR: First two tracks are from the "Hagkomster fran Nordliga Nejder" EP, released for the first time on CD. This material was previously only released with the first 100 copies of the "Falen fran Norr" LP and is a logical anticipation of this masterpiece album since they were recorded shortly beforehand. The "Norrskenritual" EP was never released to this day. The CD comes in a limited handmade & embossed gatefold digisleeve. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

MZ. 412 "In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi" CD Digipack - 1995 bore witness to the resurrection of nefarious Swedish horde MZ. 412 (previously manifest as Maschinenzimmer 412) – Nordvargr, Drakh, Ulvtharm and Shaitan. This ground-breaking, genre-defining album saw the inventors of “Black Industrial” blur the boundaries between Black Metal, Ritual Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Noise. “In Nomine…” captures the darkest sides of Satanism, death and ritual sacrifice. An enduring, blasphemous statement of True Swedish Black Industrial. This remastered version features two previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions and all new artwork. Housed in a matt digipak with spot varnishing. [Label: Cold Spring] 8.90 €

NEKRONOIZ / KENJI SIRATORI "Sacrifice Creature" CD Digipack - This opus is a collaboration between NEKRONOIZ the french dark ambient project of Azat (also known for his work with ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS) and KENJI SIRATORI the Japanese avant-garde artist. 8 tracks of great dark ambient music with lots of influences. available on a noble digipack CD including a 8 page-booklet and strictly limited to 500 copies. [Label: Mors Ultima Ratio] 10.90 €

NKVD "Vlast" CD Digipack - Quote from lable: "Three years after the critically-acclaimed & sold out "Diktatura" EP, NKVD finally unleashes their debut album entitled "Vlast" (Russian for 'power'). LF is back with a new vocal terrorist (from a known Swedish black metal band) and 8 hymns of industrialized oppressive horror. Blacker, darker, stronger. Vlast!" Great slim digipack edition. [Label: Those Opposed] 9.90 €

SATURNIAN MIST "Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan" CD Digipack - Quote from label: Unholy journey of satanic arts and devotion compelling both intelligence and irrationality by stretching the edges way beyond the world of man. Borne in serious contemplation, Saturnian Mist«s debut album provides holistic contiguity between esoteric black metal and occult philosophy. The booklet of the album is accompanied by a collection of journal writings and notes more or less involved in the creation of the Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan. Maybe someone can learn, achieve or understand something from them together with the lyrics, music & visual creations of the album, or use the collection as an independent pageant of Occult philosophy in practice [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] 9.90 €

VELEHENTOR / VISHUDHA KALI / CLOSING THE ETERNITY "Ishopanishad" CD Digisleeve - ltd. 976. Droning Ritual Dark Ambient. All tracks were recorded at live session back in December 2007. Here are no electric and synthetic sounds but natural acoustic instruments only. Activities: 3 dung chen, ting gzhang, lag rnga, drill bu, rkang gling, damaru, Tibetan singing bowls, physharmonium, bells & chimes. All music perfomed by 121 & Vishudha Kali (Andrei Bulin/Komarov). Throat singing & Shree Ishopanishad Divine Mantra chanting by Vishudha Kali. This album is dedicated to devotees of ancient times, explorers of the Eternity and of the reverse side of being. The people is coming & passing away, and life is too short, and the secret of Nature is still transcendent - impossible to be understood. Shree Ishopanishad Album was performed once as concert act. [Label: Vegvisir music] 8.90 €

VISHUDHA KALI "Psenodakh" CD Slim Carton - cardboard, ltd. 350. Ritual Ambient | Ethno-noise. Dark/drone ambient very ritualistic and with some ethno-noise influences. This opus consists of 4 long ritual tracks recorded with sounds of breathing and vocals, acoustically processed through natural and exclusive equipments. Music of this album was heard by author while long sojourn far in Caucasian mountains at the shore of partly ice-covered alpine Psenodakh Lake (Fisht-Oshten pass). Psenodakh means "lost in the middle of moutains". Vishudha Kali presents hymns to the nature mysteries kind of wind, water, stonefalls, wild animals and birds as well as chants on Sanskrit. Firstly album was released at Vishudha Kali's own label Fight Muzik with limitation of 333 copies. New release limited to about 350 copies. CD contain 4 tracks. Fourth track includes two parts: Vishudha Kali song named “Ritual from fire” and song “Haidakhandi Aarti Sankirtan” - very rare archive record of Hindustani saint Mahavatar Shree Haidakhan Babaji made by officiary of Soviet Embrace in India. It was previously published only on die hard edition of this album as additional CD-r limited to 33 copies. Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with eight-page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover. [Label: Vegvisir music] 9.45 €

VISHUDHA KALI "White Stone" CD Slim Carton - Limited & numbered edition of 444 copies. This is a concept album dedicated to exploring the beliefs and rituals of totalitarian youth organizations and churches. [Label: Fight Muzik] 7.85 €

1349 "1349" MCD - track 1-3 recorded at FfX studios track 4 recorded live at Hellraiser studios engineered by FfX mixed by FfX & Ravn mastered at Strype Audio by Tom Kvålsvell [Label: Holycaust] 9.75 €

JUDAS ISCARIOT "Moonlight Butchery" MCD - Great Black Metal. One of the best releases of the "band". Tracks 1 to 3 were recorded April 2001. Track 4 is a bonus track, recorded December 2000. Total running time: 19:35 [Label: No Colours] 8.57 €

KRAKEN DUUMVIRATE "The Astroglyphs of the Ritual of Deluge" MCD - From the depths, powerful words emerge. Speaking in shapes of mysteries. Directly to the hive-mind. The astroglyphs drawn to flesh and clay. The religious ecstasy. The blind eyes that see again. See all holy shadows. See all holy water. And praise. And hail. The eternal sea. The second Kraken Duumvirate release in a series of mini albums. [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] 6.90 €

SYKLISK NEDGANG "Purification thrgouh the fall" MCD - From the deepest pits of the unknown comes SYKLISK NEDGANG. Debut MNCD of twisted, raw and satanic black metal. Icons Blasphemer from INKISITOR is helped in this very dark matter by Fall (ÖRDÖG) on vocals and Spencer Greening (GYIBAAW) on drums. 4-page booklet with lyrics. [Label: Those Opposed] 5.90 €

BEKHIRA "demo 1996" MCD Digipack - Comes in cardboard gatefold digifile. Tracks 1 to 4 were originally released on tape by A.M.S.G. Productions. Track 5 was originally released on 7" split with Desolation Triumphalis in 2004 by Aura Mystique Productions. Total running time: 25:05 [Label: Darker Than Black] 6.90 €

NAPALM "Goatwar Suicide" CD-R - Killer Underground French Black Metal opus! [Label: Autoprod] 6.66 €

KHAOTIC "The Beauty of Death" CD-R Slim Plastic - First EP of this one woman brazilan project! [Label: Autoprod] 4.90 €

EP's :
AGATUS "Gilgamesh " EP - After ten years of silence, AGATUS are back! 2 new tracks of Epic Heavy Metal! [Label: Those Opposed] 6.00 €

ANNTHENNATH / FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Human Infanticide" EP - Limited to 300 copies. [Label: Armée de la mort] 6.00 €

AZAGHAL/SAEL "None Shall Escape..." EP - Black Metal. Limited & handnumbered to 500 copies. Rare! One copy in stock [Label: Sabbath's Fire] 6.75 €

BLASPHERIAN / ADUMUS "split" EP - hard to find split of total black death aggression! Limited & handnumbered to 666 copies. one copy in stock. [Label: Autoprod] 8.95 €

BLISS OF FLESH "Todtentanz" EP - Lim. to 400 copies. Absolutely furious black/death metal. Only one copy in stock. [Label: Shade of Death] 6.00 €

CELTIC FROST "Rare & Unreleased rehearsals" EP - limited & handnumbered to 500 copies. One copy in stock! [Label: n/a] 19.75 €

DYING EMBRACE "Misanthrope" EP - Doom/Death metal from India! Limited to 300 hand numbered copies. [Label: Legion Of Death] 12.35 €

EMBALMED "Prelude To Satan's War" EP - Black Death Metal assault! Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. [Label: Legion Of Death] 9.50 €

FURZE "Furze" EP - Original Black Metal. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. [Label: Apocalyptic Empire] 14.80 €

GOATVOMIT "Chapel of the winds of belial" EP - ANTI-GOTH 009 including a poster Bestial Black Death with Blasphemy influences. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 19.50 €

IMPENDING DOOM / EXMORTEM "Cromlech / Berserker Legions " EP - Limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies, transparent green vinyl. [Label: Perverted Taste] 7.00 €

INNER HELVETE/FRONT BEAST "United Terror Division" EP - split - Brutal, Chaotic Raw Black Metal/Raw Black Metal in the vein of Burzum. Limited to 500 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Ordealis] 6.00 €

SLUGATHOR / DEEPRED "Seeds of Torment/Creation 44 " EP - + insert one exclusive track for each band and one cover of Bolt Thrower by Slugathor and one cover of Impetigo by Deepred. Split of Death!!! [Label: Snuff] 6.55 €

VELEHENTOR "Ceremonial Death" EP - black vynil, ltd. ~500. Ritual Drone Ambient. Two long tracks - Ceremonial & Death. Hollow, oppressive, ritualistic and meditative sound. VELEHENTOR is solo-project of well-known Russian industrial artist named 121. Besides VELEHENTOR he also has CLOSING THE ETERNITY and some collaborations with another prominent Russian artists - AD LUX TENEBRAE and VISHUDHA KALI. A whole dozen of VELEHENTOR albums and EPs was released by Drone Records, Epidemie Records, Infinite Fog Productions, Eternal Pride Productions and others. One side of VELEHENTOR's music is harsh noise, power electronics based on concept of big man-triggered calamities - dead cities in zones of ecological disasters, nuclear bombardments, terroristic attacks, the forsaken phantom-settlements among the others. Another side of his music is static and absolutely unhuman drone ambient, e.g. audio records of northern lights. Finally, music of VELEHENTOR is based on shamanic music of north native folks and Tibetan ritual tradition. This record is deeply ritualistic and shamanic. It is musical broadcasting of Eternal Primordial Murk. It is the echo of the wind howling from beyond the reality. Two chthonic, trancey and hypnotic audio-rituals. Only ritual acoustic instruments were used for this session - dung chens, dung dkars, rkang glings and rol mo, as well as some make-shift percussions and copper bells. [Label: Vegvisir music] 5.00 €

IAD "Die Prophezeiung" EP Gatefold - Picture - fast, brutal, morbid and occult Black Metal. Excellent. [Label: Fog of the Apocalypse] 6.80 €

Girly :
PESTILENTIA "Shield" Girly - Limited to 33 copies including T-shirt. White printing on Fruit of the loom shirt. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 13.90 €

LP's :
SICKFIT "s/t" LP - Punk Rock [Label: Darcy Trash Records] 6.90 €

SPINNING HEADS "Change the game" LP - US lp version in transparent clear lp. Their first album. Heavy noisy chaos hardcore. Think KNUT & co... TRACK LISTING : 01. Put One's Finger On Score 02. Last 03. Words Can't Explain 04. Epitaph 05. Japan 06. Rocky 07. False Confession 08. Roll The World 09. Addiction 10. When Suffering Became Performing LINER NOTES : Recorded by Serge MORRATEL in Geneva at Rec. Studio (KNUT, SHORA, TANTRUM...), june 2004 [Label: Sedition Records] 6.90 €

NIHIL NOCTURNE "wahnsinn. tod. verrat." LP Gatefold - Luxuous Gatefold with a 32 pages 12" booklet. Mid-tempo & Melodic Black Metal. [Label: End All Life] 18.90 €

BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" LP Picture - Limited to 500 copies! [Label: Moribund] 12.90 €

DODSFERD "Fucking your creation" LP Picture - limited to 500 copies. [Label: Moribund] 14.90 €

DRAUGAR "Weathering the Curse" LP Picture - limited to 500 hand-numbered copies [Label: Moribund] 12.90 €

INFERNAL LEGION "Your Prayers Mean Nothing" LP Picture - limited to 500 copies. [Label: Moribund] 12.90 €

SUMMON "Fallen" LP Picture - Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Moribund] 10.35 €

EXMORTEM "Pest Campain 2003" MLP - Good & aggressive Death Metal! [Label: Osmose] 9.90 €

HARMS WAY "s/t" MLP - Stoner rock featuring members of Merciless, Unleashed... [Label: Iron Fist] 19.45 €

SATANIC WARMASTER "...Of The Night" MLP - Finnish Black Metal! Hard to find, one copy in stock! [Label: No Colours] 29.90 €

PAGAN WINTER "the Cult of Flesh" MLP Picture - Brutal Black Metal à la Marduk. [Label: Fudgeworthy] 9.50 €

Other :
NECROMANTIA "Military Jacket" Other - High quality embroidered military jacket with Necromantia sigil on front and Necromantia logo on the back. Only one copy in stock! Size : Large [Label: Possession] 34.90 €

Patches :
ARCKANUM "Serpent logo" Patch - High Quality Circular Embroidered Logo Patch. [Label: Possession] 5.00 €

MERRIMACK "Black Metal For Satanic Glorification" Patch - High Quality Embroidered Patch! [Label: n/a] 6.66 €

NECROMANTIA "Logo" Patch - Embroidered logo [Label: Possession] 3.00 €

URGEHAL "Logo" Patch - Embroidered patch [Label: Possession] 4.00 €

WATAIN "Black Metal" Patch - New official merch of the Swedish cult WATAIN. This is giant tricolor back patch. You can use it on denim or leather jacket. Created for true fanatics by true fanatics. Limited edition. Size: 420 x 310 mm. Last 2 copies in stock! [Label: Possession] 24.90 €

Tapes :
FORNICATION "Sectanik Neocide" Tape - reissue of their 1st full-length (originaly released on CD in 2002) on pro-tape limited and handnumbered to 100 copies! Total Perversick Black Metal! on this recording members were : Count Sabbat Kobal (Darvulia, ex-Malhkebre, Sektarism...) Akhron (Darvulia, ex-Mütiilation, ex-Peste Noire) Hate [Label: Battlesk'rs] 5.00 €

HOODED MENACE "The Eyeless Horde" Tape - Quote from label: Death/Doom Metal. Re-release of the 2007 demo. Re-worked artwork. [Label: Rusty Crowbar] 4.00 €

IMMORTAL "Battles In The North" Tape - DELUXE TAPE EDITION LTD TO 100 COPIES Incl. Black & White Tape + exclusive Buttons pack (3 Immortal's Logo buttons (25mm)). 1. Battles in the North 04:12 2. Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms 03:00 3. Descent into Eminent Silence 03:36 4. Throned by Blackstorms 03:59 5. Moonrise Fields of Sorrow 03:39 6. Cursed Realms of the Winterdemons 02:24 7. At the Stormy Gates of Mist 02:47 8. Through the Halls of Eternity 03:09 9. Circling Above in Time Before Time 03:55 10. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) 04:35 Under licence from OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS [Label: Never Dead] 11.45 €

IMMORTAL "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" Tape - DELUXE TAPE EDITION LTD TO 100 COPIES incl. Red Tape exclusive sticker hand numbered edition of 100 + exclusive magnet + button (32mm). 1. Intro 01:34 2. The Call of the Wintermoon 05:39 3. Unholy Forces of Evil 04:28 4. Cryptic Winterstorms 06:08 5. Cold Winds of Funeral Dust 03:47 6. Blacker Than Darkness 04:16 7. A Perfect Vision of the Rising Northland 09:03 Total playing time : 34:55 Under licence from OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS [Label: Never Dead] 11.45 €

JACK LORD "s/t" Tape - Quote from label: DOOM from the heartlands of DEPRESSION. Get your fix from those who have lived the LOW. [Label: Rusty Crowbar] 3.50 €

T-Shirts :
ABORYM "NOTHING.ZERO" TS - Black/red front print on white/black shirt. [Label: Dead Seed] 14.50 €

ARCKANUM "Runes" TS - Official black T-Shirt with runes on the sleeves. [Label: Possession] 11.90 €

ESOTERIC "Paragon of Dissonance" TS - [Label: Possession] 10.90 €

INKISITOR "Emblem" TS - White / grey print on black shirt. [Label: Dead Seed] 10.90 €

PESTILENTIA "Shield" TS - Limited to 33 copies including girlies. White printing on Fruit of the loom shirt. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 13.90 €

URGEHAL "Iconoclast" TS - [Label: Possession] 13.90 €

Zines :

IN EXTREMIS "numéro 53" Zine A5 - 60 pages A5 xeroxed en français/french langage interviews de SLAUGHTER MESSIAH + CAVERNE + UHL + GOATVERMIN + REIN + MORTEFOUTRE + ROTTEN LIVER + + SVART CROWN + une tonne de chroniques. [Label: Autoprod] 0.50 €

+ 5000 items (LP, CD, TS, Books, Zines...)
PE, Black, Indus, Doom, Ambient, Thrash, Ritual, Death available in distribution:
Death Is Art

There it's time to fight for the sake of Decadence,
To crush those foreign to Aesthetic Death.

Metal / SPEYER GREY MASS Festival - 14/15 march
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Metal / SEKTARISM news
« on: August 04, 2013, 11:47:29 AM »
Sa splendeur macabre est éternelle !

SEKTARISM’s occult assembly will enter at Drudenhaus studio (Drastus, Soror Dolorosa, Osculum Infame, Aluk Todolo, Christicide…) in august to record a new opus. At this occasion, frater Kristik A.K. will handle the bass.

The Apostles of Ignominy

Metal / New Necrocosm release : Saison de Rouille TS & Girly!!!!
« on: August 01, 2013, 10:19:52 PM »
new necro-releases out now:


TS & Girly -  NECRO-TS-009
14.90 €


TS & Girly -  NECRO-TS-008

14.90 €

Each model is limited to 36 copies including Girlies.

Also available:

Caduta Dei Gravi CD + TS or Girly
19.90 €

Listen and discover:
SAISON DE ROUILLLE : "Abri d'Infortune (Trou Noir)"

xxx Death is Art xxx

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Metal / DARVULIA "Belladone" mcd + tshirt repress OUT NOW!!!
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(news in distribution at the end)
Out now!


Luxuous 6 panel-Digisleeve MCD edition, limited & handnumbered to 499 copies!

6.90 € without shipping.

3 trackz of Grim & Occult Black Metal

originaly released in 2003 on 7" EP and on Tape in 2011 - both versions are sold out.
Digital version through Bandcamp

Logo TS and Girly also back in stock!

TS: 14.90 € & Girly: 13.90 €

Bundle CD + TS or Girly available: 18.90 €

Exclusive distribution by Necrocosm -> Order now!

Also available through Season of Mist

Les Apôtres de l'Ignominie

Released by

Exclusively distributed by:

News available:
CD's :
BLAZE OF PERDITION "The Hierophant" CD - highly anticipated new studio album from Blaze of Perdition! 9 blasphemous hymns of aggressive, hateful and crushing Black Metal fronted by two vocalists excellent production from Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Funeral Mist)! perfect balance between the archetypal Norwegian and Swedish styles with high quality quality musical craftsmanship mandatory for fans of Watain, Emperor, Deathspell Omega, Dissection available as slipcase CD with killer 20-page booklet with photos by Hemodope (hemodope.com) One of the most important names in the new generation of Polish black metal, BLAZE OF PERDITION conjure their second album "The Hierophant". On their debut, they quickly showed that they were much more than your average black metal band. The new full-lenght sees the band go into even more darker territories. "The Hierophant" is a creation of pure darkness fronted by two vocalists spewing forth 9 blasphemous hymns of aggressive, hateful and crushing Black Metal, that any fan or person who appreciates quality musical craftsmanship will surely sing praise to. The album was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio, Sweden which resulted in excellent production. BLAZE OF PERDITION deeply imbibe Scandinavian black metal sound, locating the perfect balance between the archetypal Norwegian and Swedish styles, but recast in a mould of their own. "The Hierophant" is an otherworldly voyage into the mysterious unknown, through esoteric realms, witchcraft and occult magick. [Label: Pagan] 8.90 €

CSSABA "Underground lo-fi songs" CD - CSSABA is a one-man minimal project created by Nihil, well-known from Massemord, Furia or Morowe. After highly acclaimed album "Toxic Cssaba" (2009) and mini LP "Like a see e ea gull" (2010), CSSABA returns with second full-lenght album "Underground lo-fi Songs". While not many industrial black metal bands possess the ability to go at these styles half a half, CSSABA is one of the few entities which can truly balance the two.The hypnotic pulsing trance rhythms, low tuned, grim guitars and evil vocals make "Underground lo-fi songs" an consistently inventive and interesting album that simply destroys about 99% of the previous attempts to bridge these musical genres. According to Nihil "it's a collection of eight folk-mining songs about the charm of living and wandering deep in the underground, through old desolate mines ". Recommended to listen at high volume, alone in utter darkness. [Label: Pagan] 6.90 €

CULT OF ERINYES "A Place To Call My Unknown" CD - Puisée dans l’énergie des plus sombres pensées de ses créateurs, cette nouvelle offrande extrême et punitive évolue dans le domaine du Black Metal, tout en poussant ses limites un peu plus loin. Enregistré entre Novembre 2010 et Janvier 2011 au Blackout Multimedia Studio (Enthroned, Corpus Christii) par Phorgath (bassiste d’Enthroned et Emptiness), ce « A Place to Call My Unknown » a nécessité un énorme travail au niveau de la texture du son. Il n’ira pas sans vous rappeler celui de Hate Forest, Blood Of Kingu, ou encore Necros Christos, à compter parmi les influences du groupe, au même titre que Craft, Glorior Belli, Watain, Shining ou encore Behexen. Mais ce qui fait la force du groupe, c’est qu’avec ce premier album, Cult of Erinyes s’affirme déjà comme une valeur sûre en proposant une musique vraiment personnelle et qu’on ne peut en aucun cas accuser de plagiat. Sans pour autant révolutionner le genre, Cult of Erinyes crée une expérience visuelle et auditive unique. Une démarche originale et globale (Concept, Visuel, Live, logo) qui consiste dans une approche postmoderne du culte des Erinyes. Pour se faire, Cult of Erinyes travaille en étroite collaboration avec les graphistes Sylvain Baron, et David Delander, ce dernier ayant réalisé le travail graphique de « A Place To Call My Unknown ». [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 6.90 €

DESASTER "A Touch of Medieval Darkness" CD - Black/Thrash Metal [Label: Merciless] 6.90 €

EVO ALGY / TAAKE / SIGH / THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL / THUS DEFILED "Swine of Hades" CD - Five way split cd. [Label: Godreah] 7.90 €

GRAVELAND / BIALY VITEZ "Ogien Wilczych Serc" CD - split CD, Epic Heathen Folk Black Metal (with new Graveland tracks). [Label: Eastside] 7.90 €

INFERNAL CURSE "Awakening of the damned" CD - Black death metal, first album. [Label: Kill Yourself] 7.90 €

KAWIR "Arai" CD - Second album of this greek cult horde. [Label: Kill Yourself] 7.90 €

KAWIR "To Cavirs" CD - Re-release of the first album of this occult black metal greek horde. [Label: Kill Yourself] 7.90 €

LEGENDA "In the Name of My Father (Apam Neveben)" CD - Epic Heathen Black Metal. [Label: Eastside] 5.90 €

NERGAL "De Vermis Ceremonielle" CD - Compilation cd with old material from their previous eps and unreleased tracks. Occult old school black metal for fanatics of Samael, Mortuary Drape... [Label: Kill Yourself] 7.90 €

NORTH / GROMOW?ADNY "Lechia, Slawia, Aria" CD - Pagan War Black Metal vs. Pagan Black Metal (split CD) [Label: Eastside] 6.90 €

NUMEN "Numen" CD - Sobrement appelé Numen, LADLO PRODUCTIONS a décidé de rééditer l’album culte des Espagnols de Numen sold out depuis quelques temps déjà et uniquement distribué en Espagne et au Portugal, avec un tout nouveau design, œuvre de 3 Crosses, et les paroles traduites en Anglais. [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 5.90 €

PENSEES NOCTURNES "Vacuum" CD - Black Metal from France [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 6.90 €

PROFANUM "" CD - Most innovative and the most mysterious Black Metal band on Earth, always standing alone in their own, dark world of sounds. Mournful opus of five dark, majestic, infernal symphonies with no use of guitars or bass or any "typical" metal sound, but replacing it with symphonic orchestra instruments - like piano, violins. Obscure, ambient touches added for a special dark effect - Ambiental Infernal Symphony. [Label: Pagan] 6.90 €

PROFANUM "Misantropiae Floris" CD - Different PROFANUM works from 1995-2001 period, gathered on one CD, including one exclusive track plus complete, long sold out debut album. Supreme Black Metal unlike any other, combined with classical and Dark Ambient influences. [Label: Pagan] 6.90 €

PROFANUM "Musaeum Esotericum" CD - 'Musaeum Esotericum' is even darker and even more obscure than their former album 'Profanum Aeternum...'. Majestic, Infernal Ambient Symphony - something yet unheard. Very original, avant-garde ideas of the musicians resulted in dark and misanthropic combination of classical music with obscure Occult Ambient. This definately is not for everyone ears, love it or hate it....Great, esoteric 24 page booklet to fulfill the magic of music. [Label: Pagan] 6.90 €

REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER "Regarde Les Hommes Tomber" CD - Alliant la lourdeur du Sludge, la noirceur du Black Metal, le groove du Post Hardcore mais aussi les atmosphères du Post Rock, RLHT fait de son œuvre une musique impactante et intense. Pour les fans d’Amenra, Secrets Of the Moon, Neurosis… [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 7.90 €

ROOT "Kargeras" CD - [Label: Paragon] 7.90 €

SALTUS "Triumf" CD - Melodic Pagan Black Metal with some Death Metal influencies. [Label: Eastside] 5.90 €

STORM BREEDER "The Knave" CD -[Label: Paragon] 5.90 €

THE GREAT OLD ONES "Al Azif" CD - Quote from label: One could say their music is dark, intense, close to Altar Of Plagues, Fen, Wolves In The Throne Room. Their first album, recorded and mixed by Cyrille Gachet from France ( Year of No Light, ...), mastered by Alan Douches from New York (Tombs, Dillinger Escape Plan, ...) will be released on April 27th, 2012 New artwork by Jeff Grimal [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 6.90 €

THRONEUM "Death Throne Entities" CD - New, 6th full-lenght studio album from death metal legends THRONEUM! this is the sound of the One True Death Metal - dirty, relentless and time-tested, recommended for fans of Sarcofago, Order From Chaos, Necrovore, Nihilist, Sadistik Execution and other like-minded bands 34 minutes of nothing but permanent nightmare, slaughter, scumbagery, stench of decay, goat sperm and overall diabolism Death metal legends THRONEUM came forth after fifteen years making music with their sixth full length album "Death Throne Entities". In these fifteen years, the band had already built a solid reputation for delivering some of the most raw, intense, evil and nightmarish death metal around. With so many quality releases from THRONEUM out there, splits and studio albums included, this new release is probably the best introduction to the band. "Death Throne Entities" is a finely tuned instrument of torture. This release is what death metal is all about. Expect over 34 minutes of nothing but permanent nightmare, slaughter, scumbagery, stench of decay, goat sperm and overall diabolism. THRONEUM take no prisoners. They adhere to a solid, time-tested sound and words like "progression", "overproduction" or "maturity" will never apply. This is the sound of the One True Death Metal such as Sarcofago, Order From Chaos, Necrovore, Nihilist, Sadistik Execution and other like-minded bands. Crushing brutality, chaos and relentless horror spewed forth from the abyss below. BUY OR DIE! [Label: Pagan] 6.90 €

UDUMBAL "From beyond MXMVIII-MMVIII" CD - Left Hand Path Art. Legend! ltd.418+72 – with 4 booklets Box 4 CD's [Label: Possession] 26.90 €

VULTURINE "Ossos... Òdio & Angústia" CD - Raw Black Metal limited to 666 hand numbered copies. Contains a cover of Master's Hammer. [Label: Nomos Dei] 9.90 €

WARHAMMER "The winter of our discontent" CD - First album from this German act. Pure Hellhammer worship, Doom/Death metal at his best!!! [Label: Dead Center] 7.90 €

WAY TO END "Various Shades of Black" CD - Musique complexe, mélodies torturées avec une grande variété de voix, un étrange sentiment de ne pas savoir ce qui va arriver, un malaise qui ne vous quittera pas, même après la dernière note jouée. Unique. [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 5.90 €

WITCHMASTER "Masochistic Devil Worship" CD - "Masochistic Devil Worship" consists of 11 tracks, including cover versions of Sodom's "Blasphemer" and Sarcofago's "Satanic Lust", of raw and extreme thrash/black metal. The album comes out with a sick and bloody layout. [Label: Pagan] 6.90 €

XAOSIS "Mara I - Czarne Wzgórza" CD - Oniric, Depressive Black Metal (XAOS OBLIVION project) [Label: Eastside] 5.90 €

XAOSIS "Mara II - Umar?e Domy" CD - Oniric, Depressive Black Metal (XAOS OBLIVION project) [Label: Eastside] 5.90 €

CARPATHIAN FOREST "Black shining leather" CD Digipack - Maybe the best album of the Excellent horde. The leather is still lurkable, you'll see the glimpses of moist caves ressurect !! Hell ! [Label: Avantgarde] 9.90 €

PENSEES NOCTURNES "Nom d'une Pipe !" CD Digipack - Jamais l’excentricité et le géni de Vaerohn n’aura été aussi loin. Tout en poursuivant la même ligne directrice que ces prédécesseurs, cet album d’avantage Groovy et Jazzy, n’est comparable à aucun autre. L’interprétation, les arrangements, la folie, le travail sur le son et les voix… Tout surpasse largement les précédents albums de Pensées Nocturnes. Contrebasse, accordéon, trompette, cor, tuba, saxophone, cor anglais, hautbois, basson, clarinette, piano, flûte, trombone, violoncelle, violon... autant d’instruments que de personnages misérables, mais ridiculement joyeux et fiers. Des clowns, des monstres, des bêtes de foire le sourire sadique au coin de la bouche. Ca swing, ça danse, ça n'a pas de sens, c'est pittoresque à souhait, mais c'est génial. Une œuvre pour les amateurs de musiques au sens large du terme. [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 7.90 €

SAISON DE ROUILLE "Caduta Dei Gravi" CD Digipack - Deluxe version including a 18-page-booklet-poster and an exclusive track "Co(r)ps". New french industrial metal project, featuring ex-Danishmendt and Opium Dream Estate members. "Caduta Dei Gravi" (The fall of the corpses) is between dark and noise musics, where industrial orgy, balancing between sickened slowness and noisy jumble, suddenly appears. The temptation to shout the insults endured by our flesh, is then rushing into it… Avant-garde metal, exploring the fields of doom, noise or even darkwave, with french and german lyrics. Listen: "Abri d'Infortune (Trou Noir)" [Label: Necrocosm] 9.90 €

THRONEUM "Pestilent Death" CD Digipack - Exclusive 15th year anniversary reissue of long out-of-print THRONEUM masterpiece! Pestilent Death is the legendary third full-lenght album from one of the Poland's most renowned unholy morbid death metal killing machines! Originally released in 2005 on now defunct Apocalyptor Records, now repackaged with expanded art and photography, and 4 bonus tracks! This re-release has not been re-mixed or re-mastered in any way to keep the original sound and atmosphere. This is mayhem without mercy from Poland’s profound underground! THRONEUM adhere to a solid, time-tested sound and words like "progression", "overproduction" or "maturity" will never apply. This is the sound of the One True Death Metal such as Sarcofago, Order From Chaos, Necrovore, Nihilist, Sadistik Execution and other like-minded bands. Crushing brutality, chaos and relentless horror spewed forth from the abyss below! [Label: Pagan] 7.90 €

STRANDHOGG "Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis)" CD Slim Plastic - Debut full-length album from the most relentless black metal band to emerge lately from depths of Poland’s underground – STRANDHOGG. Grim, hypnotic, cavernous and extremely violent in execution, “Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis” consists of eight death worshipping hymns of fear, death, suffering, pain and impenetrable black... Black Metal. Unrelenting violence, hatred, and contempt for the living world. The idea of STRANDHOGG is reality without hope, where all living beings co-exist with the Dead. The only strength and law is Death. Only Death Is Real! Through the theory of phantom's curse and mutilation mind fanaticism STRANDHOGG is neither religious nor political band. STRANDHOGG is pure orthodox Death worshipping cadaveric congregation. [Label: Pagan] 7.90 €

FURIA "W Melancholii" MCD - Following the highly acclaimed "Marzannie, Krolowej Polski" (2012), Upper Silesian, Polish band, FURIA return with their brand new mini-album, "W melancholii". It includes 2 new tracks, with nearly 18 minutes of playing time. A mesmerizing, shimmering two tracks release preserves a continuity of their instantly recognizable sound but from a band still moving forward, still exploring, rooted in a black metal heritage, but not limited by it. The band blends elements of avant-garde, black metal, psychedelia and uses accordion to produce music that is extremely hard to categorize. It’s trance, hypnotic, emotional, dark and melancholic, but any label seems too primitive to fully do justice to the spirit of these two compositions. [Label: Pagan] 5.90 €

KOZELJNIK "Null: The Acheron Of Mutiform Negation" MCD - Featuring Niklas Kvarforth from Shining on guest vocals [Label: Paragon] 6.90 €

SATHANAS "Flesh For The Devil" MCD - Mini-album with 6 songs of utterly cult and totally pure underground Black Death Thrash Metal by the legendary SATHANAS! The band remains loyal to the original, old fashioned, harsh sound as it was carved back in the 80's. This is TRUE underground METAL! [Label: Pagan] 5.90 €

DARVULIA "Belladone" MCD Digipack - Finally available on a luxuous MCD 6-panels digisleeve edition! Limited & handnumbered to 499 copies. Originaly released in 2003 on 7" EP [SOLD OUT] Reissued on tape in 2011 [SOLD OUT] 3 trackz of Grim & Occult Black Metal Savourez le poison de l'Ignominie. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 6.90 €

PROFANUM "Intelekt Kollapse : The Movie" DVD - Allegory. Surrealistic movie. Absurd. Impotence. Test of autoprojection. No limit for that what is real. Becoming of god. Transformation. Return to first stage. Failure of selfprojection. Paradox. Game. Solipsism. Fall of rational world. - challenging, surrealistic and allegoric movie project done and directed by Krzysztof Wlodarski - a charismatic leader of PROFANUM, a trial of visual interpretation of music made by PROFANUM, inspired by such movies as ”Andalusian Dog” by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, ”Eraserhead” by David Lynch and works of such writers as Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (known as Witkacy), Samuel Beckett, Witold Gombrowicz or Charles Baudelaire. No limit for that what is real, becoming of god, transformation. Fall of rational world. - The movie got a first prize at independent movie festival Filmowe Zwierciadla (Movie Mirrors) (4-5.12.2004), was nominated to Offscar in category Best Camera (nomination for Krzysztof Gawalkiewicz and co-operating staff) and got a first special price at TOFFI Festival in Torun, Poland (18.10.2004). - "Intelekt Kollapse" was showed at Independent Days 6 Festival in Karlsruhe (Germany) and OFFN Iluzje Festival in Szczecin. - In 2005 demonstrations of the movie took place or are planned within different festivals in Europe, like MECAL 2005 - 8th Internacional Short Film Festival of Barcelona (Spain), VideoFilm Festival OHNE KOHLE, Vienna (Austria), International Panorama of Independent Film and Video, Athens (Greece), 6th International Short-film Festival, Malesco (Italy), AVANCA 05 - International Meeting of Cinema, Tv and Multimedia, Avanca (Portugal), 21st International Film Festival, Hamburg (Germany) and more. - Among people standing on the other side of camera are: Krzysztof Gawalkiewicz – cameraman who is a graduate of Movie High School in Lodz, Poland, formerly known from Sky Piastowskie movie group, nominated for pictures to ”Intelekt Kollapse” (along with co-operators Lidia Majewska and Janusz Mlynski) to Offscar - an important prize in off-movie world in Poland, and Pawel Nowak - a master of filmsetting. [Label: Pagan] 7.90 €

EP's :
WARGOAT "Materia Prima" EP - Greek bestial and blasphemic black/death metal. [Label: Kill Yourself] 5.00 €

BLAZE OF PERDITION "Necrosophist" EP Gatefold - The latest slab of utter darkness from Blaze of Perdition. A fantastic EP of black metal, filled with epic freezing cold guitar riffs, blasting drums & sinister vocal arrangements which make the atmosphere dark as the darkest pits. One brand new track plus fabulous cover of Dissection's classic Night's Blood. Vinyl only release, black 7"EP in thick gatefold sleeve. [Label: Pagan] 5.50 €

STRANDHOGG "Deadborn Spirit" EP Gatefold - New release from Polish death worshippers STRANDHOGG! Available exclusively on vinyl (limited to 500 copies in thick gatefold sleeve). “Deadborn Spirit (Limbus Infantum)” and consists of one, monstrous title track divided in two parts. The band still delivers cavernous and extremely violent in execution, death worshipping black metal in its heaviest form. It is absolutely shredding, it is powerful and sounds extremely Evil. It’s grim as funeral bell, black as Grim Reaper cloak - simply an unrelenting black metal assault that every fan of the genre should look up. Welcome to the realm where only Death is real! [Label: Pagan] 5.50 €

Girlies :
DARVULIA Bundle - Belladone mcd + Girly. Two sides printed - Darvulia's logo on front and The Apostles of Ignominy's sigil on back - Grey printing on heavy fruit of loom shirts. MCD Digisleeve edition finaly available! 3 trackz of Grim & Occult Black Metal Savourez le poison de l'Ignominie. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 18.90 €

DARVULIA "Logo" Girly - With no mercy, still infecting the world with powerfull rituals. Spirits of ancient witches will rise again! Two sides printed - Grey printing on Heavy Fruit of the Loom shirts. Darvulia's logo on Front and "The Apostles of Ignominy's Sigil on Back! [Label: Battlesk'rs] 13.90 €

LP's :
NUIT NOIRE "Lunar Deflagration" LP - Faery Metal, After a long delay the first and strange album of Nuit Noire is out ! Reedition on wax of this long time unavailable album. Hard to find. [Label: Infinite Wisdom] 17.00 €

REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER "Regarde Les Hommes Tomber" LP - Alliant la lourdeur du Sludge, la noirceur du Black Metal, le groove du Post Hardcore mais aussi les atmosphères du Post Rock, RLHT fait de son œuvre une musique impactante et intense. Pour les fans d’Amenra, Secrets Of the Moon, Neurosis… [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 14.90 €

TURAMBAR "Fallen Dreams" MLP - Two songs of stoner/doom metal from Denver, Colorado. [Label: Game Two] 7.00 €

Patches / Pin's :
CULT OF ERINYES "logo"  - METAL PIN'S [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 3.00 €
REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER "Falling" Patch - [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 3.00 €

THE GREAT OLD ONES "Eye and Logo" Patch - [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] 3.00 €

Tapes :
APOLOKIA "Kathaarian Vortex" Tape - “Kathaarian Vortex” marks the definitive return of one of the best Black Metal hordes ever forged in Italy so far. Licensed by My Kingdom Music, it is an exclusive album for the followers of the Cult and the pure evil flame. “Kathaarian Vortex” is the proof that the pure Black Metal still exists, entirely composed by inhuman and time forward artists like Apolokia. [Label: Bylec-Tum] 3.50 €

CRYFEMAL "Perpetua Funebre Gloria" Tape - Full-length Tape (limited to 333 copies) [Label: Bylec-Tum] 3.50 €

EMBRACE OF THORNS "Praying For Absolution" Tape - Greek Band with Dead Congregation member . 200 copies in pro-manufactured tape.This is co-released with goat march distro. [Label: Kill Yourself] 4.00 €

FLAGELLATED SERAPH "Beyond Salvation" Tape - Official Tape album (limited to 333 copies) [Label: Bylec-Tum] 3.50 €

ILL OMEN / PESTILENTIA "split" Tape - Pro-Tape – SK’R018-MC strictly limited and handnumbered to 100 copies. Battlesk'rs is proud to present his new release. For the first time, we open our gates to foreign Black Metal bands: ILL OMEN a project from Australia with a member totally dedicated to Black Arts and PESTILENTIA from Belarus. We are particularly proud to support these real devotees for their commitment in the Lord, in a country where Black Metal is forbidden. Raw and Evil Black Metal as it should be! [Label: Battlesk'rs] 4.00 €

MHONOS "Aequus Noctis Ceremoniae" Tape - pro-tape - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies. The new french masters of Doom Drone Ritual are back with a new long track. Their best release so far. [Label: Zanjeer Zani] 4.00 €

SEEDS OF HATE "Persecution of the Christian Filth " Tape - Official Tape album (limited to 333 copies) [Label: Bylec-Tum] 3.50 €

SEKTARISM "Le Son des Stigmates" Tape - Strictly limited & handnumbered to 99 copies. Pro-Tape version - 6 panel-booklet Cassette version of the first full-length offering of Sektarism's Assembly. About 45 minutes of Holy Ritual Doom. Total transcendence in the name of the Lord. Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana! [Label: BeBlessedTheCursed] 4.00 €

TOTAL HATE "Depopulating Planet Earth" Tape - Offical Tape album (limited to 333 copies) [Label: Bylec-Tum] 3.50 €

T-Shirts :
ALLAH MACHT FREI "" TS - "Parce qu'Allah aussi rend libre !!! [Label: Her(m)etic] 15.00 €

ATTRALIA "logo" TS - T-shirt + Badge [Label: n/a] 11.90 €

DARVULIA "Bundle Belladone CD + logo TS" TS - Select the size of your TS. Two sides printed - Darvulia's logo on front and The Apostles of Ignominy's sigil on back - Grey printing on heavy fruit of loom shirts. MCD Digisleeve edition finaly available! 3 trackz of Grim & Occult Black Metal Savourez le poison de l'Ignominie. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 18.90 €

DARVULIA "Logo" TS - Two sides printed - Darvulia's logo on front and The Apostles of Ignominy's sigil on back - Grey printing on heavy fruit of loom shirts. select your size. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 14.90 €

FTW "" TS - " Fuck haïti - Fuck Emmaüs - Hail Satan " [Label: Her(m)etic] 15.00 €

MADE IN FRANCE "" TS - "Pourquoi se branler devant Charles Manson alors que vous avez peut être été voisin de Francis Heaulmes ?" With a little Hermetic logo printed on the sleeve. [Label: Her(m)etic] 15.00 €

PATIENCE IS BITTER "" TS - With a little Hermetic logo printed on the sleeve. [Label: Her(m)etic] 15.00 €

PRO ANA "" TS - " 100% Pro Ana " [Label: Her(m)etic] 15.00 €

SAVE THE PLANET "" TS - " Kill yourself " With a little Hermetic logo printed on the sleeve. [Label: Her(m)etic] 15.00 €

Metal / Out now on Battlesk'rs! Ill Omen/Pestilentia split tape !!!!
« on: June 10, 2013, 12:52:00 PM »
Out now on Battlesk'rs!


For the first time, we open our gates to foreign Black Metal bands:

a project from Australia with a member totally dedicated to Black Arts


from Belarus.

We are particularly proud to support these real devotees for their commitment in the Lord, in a country where Black Metal is forbidden.

Raw and Evil Black Metal as it should be!

Pro-Tape – SK’R018-MC
strictly limited and handnumbered to 100 copies.

4 € without shipping

Buy fast or Die!!!
Released by


Exclusively distributed by:


Metal / Zanjeer Zani new releases : Mhönos & Sektarism !!! (Doom)
« on: May 11, 2013, 02:10:28 PM »
Zanjeer Zani new releases available in exclusive
distribution :


"Aequus Noctis Ceremoniae"

Pro-tape - 6 panel-booklet - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies -

The new french masters of Doom Drone Ritual are back with a new long track.
Their best
release so far!


"Le Son des Stigmates" Tape version :


now available in exclusive
french distribution from the belarusian label "BeBlessedTheCursed"

blessing xiii

Le Son Des Stigmates

Cassette version of the first full-length offering of Sektarism's Assembly.

About 45 minutes of Holy Ritual Doom. Total transcendence in the name of the

Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana!

Pro manufactured tape with pro printed booklet.
and limited to 99 copies.

Metal / New Necrocosm release : Saison de Rouille !!!!
« on: May 09, 2013, 10:23:14 PM »
new necro-release out now:


"Caduta Dei Gravi"
CD Digipack -  NECRO-008
9.90 euro
 Deluxe version including a 18-page-booklet-poster and an exclusive track "Co(r)ps",
co-released with Le Crepuscule du Soir.

New french industrial metal project, featuring ex-Danishmendt and Opium Dream Estate members.

"Caduta Dei Gravi" (The fall of the corpses) is between dark and noise musics,
where industrial orgy, balancing between sickened slowness and noisy jumble, suddenly appears.
The temptation to shout the insults endured by our flesh, is then rushing into it…

"Caduta dei gravi" (La chute des corps) se trouve à la croisée des musiques sombres et bruitistes,
où s’invitent brutalement des orgies industrielles qui oscillent entre lenteur maladive et fatras sonore.
La tentation de chanter les affronts que subissent nos chairs y sombre alors…

Avant-garde metal, exploring the fields of doom, noise or even darkwave, with french and german lyrics.

Listen and discover: https://soundcloud.com/necrocosm/saison-de-rouille-abri

Saison de Rouille is looking for gigs.
If interested, please contact us.

Death is Art

Metal / Huge promotion on more than 200 Tapes!
« on: April 26, 2013, 10:17:12 AM »
  (and lots of news at the end of the list, including next Necrocosm stands and events)


TAPES - 1,50 € -> 3,50 €

A. E. P. / VINTERRIKET "Split" Tape Ambiant/Noise vs Dark Ambiant. [Label: Ars Funebris] 2.50 €

ACCURSED "Forever Following..." Tape Demo - Black Metal, pro tape [Label: Intolerant] 2.75 €

ACTUM INFERNI "Birth of Black Aeon" Tape Satanic black metal with epic guitar parts. [Label: Basement Murder] 2.00 €

AD DESOLATUM ET SILENTIUM "Itineris Exitium" Tape total pro-tape ltd 500 - Black Metal [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.90 €

AKITSA "Au crépuscule de l'espérance" Tape Pro-tape - Fourth full length album. [Label: Tour de Garde] 3.50 €

ALMIGHTY EMPEROR "At Battlefields of the Abyssal Realm" Tape Black Metal [Label: Battle Hymn] 2.60 €

ANXIETY "The Holocaust Anthem" Tape Pro-cover - Raw and savage mid-tempo Black Metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Drakkar] 2.75 €

ANXIETY "Autumn 2004" Tape Raw Black Metal. [Label: Drakkar] 2.50 €

AQUER "Atomic Watss Live" Tape Lim. to 222 copies. Raw Old School Black Thrash live highly inspired by Celtic Frost. [Label: Final Punishment] 3.50 €

ARYOS "Pleurs Du Passé..." Tape Original Ambient Metal. This is a compilation of several demos. [Label: Stange Conviction/Goetie Exhumation] 2.90 €

ATER TENEBRAE/RAVENSHADES "split MMV" Tape Pro cover - Well-done Black Metal for the 2 bands, good sound. [Label: Stygian Shadows] 2.25 €

ATOMTRAKT "Verwunstung" Tape Pro-cover - Atomtrakt is the creation of cz (Vinterriket, Nocternity, Nebelkorona) from Germany. 70 minutes of bombastic, dark, martial ambient. [Label: Bloodhead] 3.75 €

AURUM "Recombination" Tape Pro cover - (Rus) - 2002 - Melodic and varied Metal with some synth, aggressive voice... [Label: Blacksmith] 1.90 €

AYMREV ERKROZ PREVRE / KANIBA "This is not Music" Tape Over 110 minutes of Ritual & Meditative Dark Ambient. Tape lim. to 200 copies. [Label: Fogart] 3.25 €
AYMREV ERKROZ PREVRE/ABSTRRAKT TORRMENT "Split" Tape Occult dark ambient limited to 317 handnumbered copies. [Label: Tour De Garde] 3.50 €

AYMREV ERKROZ PREVRE/BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY "Split" Tape pro-cover limited to 333 copies - Occult dark ambient. [Label: Ravenheart] 3.00 €

BEELZEBUL "The powerful essence of Lucifthian in times of obscurantism" Tape Raw mid tempo old-school black metal armageddon for Satan's rod to ejaculate [Label: Hell war] 2.75 €

BELETH "Nieuchronne Widmo Smierci" Tape First album of this polish black metal band on magnetic version! Limited to 300 copies. [Label: Werewolf / Hell is Here] 2.90 €

BITTER "" Tape Power electronics with nihilistic vocals/lyrics.  2.50 €

BLACK ANGEL "From the Darkness" Tape Nine blasphemic and satanic hymns of total old school southamerican Black Metal. First album since 1988 Worship the goat!!! [Label: Oniric] 2.90 €

BLACK SUBWAY / VANNVIDD / VAN OF ICE "Split" Tape 3 way split of Dark Ambient limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ars Funebris] 2.00 €

BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT "Fucked By Hell " Tape Demo - Harsh fast Black Metal.  1.90 €

BLASTER PAIN "Thou Art Pain" Tape Demo - (Aust) - Old school Death Metal [Label: autoprod] 2.25 €

BLISS OF FLESH "Lethal Ceremonies" Tape Satanic Death Metal. [Label: Akedia] 3.00 €

BLOOD HORDE "The Lust For Power" Tape Demo - Dark Rituel Ambient hailling Satan [Label: Rituel] 2.80 €

BLOOD RED FOG "s/t" Tape pro-cover - (Fin) - 2005 - Ultra primitive, yet melodic macabre Black Metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Drakkar] 2.75 €

BOSQUE / SENTHIL "Split" Tape Raw funeral Doom / Ritual and insane unpolished funeral Doom. A spiral of aggressive and painful voices on desolated music. Great! [Label: Bubonic Doom] 2.90 €

BOSSE "3" Tape Minimalistic ambient with acoustic guitars. [Label: Choirs of Delusion] 2.90 €

CANTUS INFAME "Satanic Inquisition Revenge Is The Call" Tape Satanic Black Metal. A re-relase of the two demos, plus new trakks... [Label: Daemonolatreia] 2.50 €

CARCHAROTH "My Father Was A Wolf" Tape Pro hard cover - Raw Black Metal with some epic passages. [Label: Battle Hymn] 2.90 €

CARKEMIS / ATAVISM "Split" Tape Grindcore. 2.50 €

CAST IN STONE "The Crossign" Tape Demo with Xeroxed Cover Mix of Black Doom Death. [Label: Swordslain] 1.50 €

CAST IN STONE "Demoncrypt" Tape Metal [Label: Swordslain] 1.50 €
CHRISTICIDE "Live Xenoglossy" Tape Live recorded in Metz, France, 18/09/2010. Limited to 250 handnumbered copies. [Label: Dead Seed] 3.25 €

CORPORAL ABUSE / JAN AG AND THE GAJNA "s/t Split" Tape Noise. [Label: Cataleptic Remains] 2.75 €

COVEN CURSE "Evil Rise" Tape Demo - This is the second demo of this defunct band + the "Hard Eternal Death" demo in bonus. Really good primitive Black Metal. [Label: The Way Of Force] 3.00 €

CROSSODOMIZER / DEWARSTEINER "Still Fucking Alive" Tape Split, pro-cover - Alcoholic Black/Thrash Metal. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 1.90 €

CYTHRAUL "Cosmic Maelström" Tape Interesting Black Metal in the old vein with an alternance of ethereal, fast and crude parts. [Label: autoprod] 2.50 €

DAEMONLORD "The End of the Era" Tape Raw Black Metal! [Label: Slava] 2.90 €

DAEMONLORD "Of War and Hate" Tape Pro-tape version of their 2nd full-length. [Label: Slava] 2.75 €

DAHAK "Arkana Wężowej Mądrości" Tape 4 tracks Raw Black Metal. Pro-cover + stickers on tapes. [Label: Hail Satan 666] 2.50 €

DEATHMOON "Daemoonhermeticum" Tape 18 min 28 sec (3 tracks)of Deadly Lunar Black Metal, professionally printed bilateral black/white cover & lim. to 555 copies. [Label: Misanthropic Propaganda] 2.90 €

DEMON REALM "…Of Chaos Damnation & War" Tape Brutal Black Metal. [Label: Drakkar] 1.90 €

DEVIL LEE ROT/FOREVER WINTER "Scandinavian Metal" Tape Split - Hellish Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal [Label: War] 2.90 €

DISMEMBERED FETUS "Generation Of Hate" Tape Pro - Brutal Death Gore 13 tracks to kill all the small pussy. [Label: Pibeoneck] 2.50 €

DODSFERD "Kruzifixxion Of Human Disgust" Tape Slow, mid-paced Black Metal hatred. Limited to 150 handnumbered copies.  3.50 €

DOPPELGANGER "s/t "95"" Tape Gothic rock. [Label: Anomaly] 1.90 €

DREADNAUGHT "Compilation" Tape Tape - Underground compilation of Death/Grind/Punk. 20 bands : 7th Nemesis, Fuck The Facts, Malignant Tumour, Despise, Barbarian Prophecies, Agathocles, Dissect...etc. [Label: N:C:U] 2.90 €

EMPIRE OF HATE/MORTHOND "" Tape Split Demo Tape - Raw Black Metal for EOH & good Black Metal for Morthond. Crappy layout. [Label: Heidens Hart] 2.50 €

ENODRE "Eternal Winter" Tape Black Metal limited to 200 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ars Funebris] 1.90 €

EPIDEMIA MORTALIIS "When The Epidemic Arrived" Tape Raw Black Metal. Contains a free button. [Label: Ars Funebris] 2.90 €

ETILIC DEVASTATION "666% Fucking Etilic Devastation" Tape Grindcore. 1.90 €

ETMENNS DEROKWIS "Antapex Of Suffer" Tape Bloody cover - Ultra dark, sick, occult and tormented blackened ambient. Great ! [Label: Offering] 2.90 €

EVERTO SIGNUM "Enneachotomy" Tape Quote from label: Limited to 99 Copies with Artwork on luxurious gold Paper. Mysterious and Occult Black Metal from Portugal. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.90 €

EXCESSUM "Death Redemption" Tape pro-cover - Black Metal with the actual drummer of Marduk. [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.75 €

FAUNE "s/t" Tape Raw Black Metal. Demos 1999 + 2000 gathered. 2.90 €

FERTRIZ "Divination" Tape Demo Tape - Synth Ambient [Label: autoprod] 1.90 €

FOREVER WINTER "" Tape Tape - Melodic Doom Metal. [Label: Swordslain] 2.00 €

FORSAKEN ART "The Awakening of a New Era" Tape Demo - Raw Black Metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Hell War] 1.50 €

FUNERAL INCEPTION "Anthems of disenchantment" Tape The pro-tape version of the album realised by Rottrevore rcs under license of Warpath - brutal death/gore [Label: Rottrevore] 1.90 €

GENOCIDE "Promo" Tape Pro thick cover - Brutal anti-socialist Black Metal. This is a compilation of the demo + the 7"EP. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Heidens Hart] 3.00 €

GOAT THRON "Delight of Evil" Tape Pro-cover - Dark Industrial. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.90 €

GOAT THRON "Kill Invalid Target" Tape Pro-cover - Dark Industrial. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 3.50 €

GOLDEN PYRE "Necroterrorism" Tape Old school underground black/death metal, Morbid Angel's aura has fornicate with lisutanian darkness [Label: Autoprod] 2.50 €

GRAND BEAST SODOMY "Demo(ns) From Hell" Tape Demo - Melodic Black Metal limited to 100 handnumbered kopies [Label: autoprod] 2.75 €

GRIMA MORSTUA "Essence of Demon's Fire" Tape Raw Black Metal limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Drakkar] 2.90 €

GROUP THERAPY / ECOUTE LA MERDE "Split" Tape Limited to 30 handnumbered copies. [Label: Underground Pollution] 2.90 €

HABD "Halls Of Death" Tape Demo Tape, pro cover - Really good ultra crude Black Metal. Limited to 350 kopies, 8 tracks. [Label: Thou Shalt Kill!] 2.90 €

HATESTORM "The Day When Only Hate Has Blossomed" Tape Demo - 2001/2002 - Interesting Black Metal limited to 300 handnumbered kopies [Label: N:C:U] 2.75 €

HEADFIRST "the sound of agony" Tape First Demo of this Trash Metal Band from France [Label: The Ritual] 2.50 €

HEATHEN HOOF "Promo 2004" Tape Demo - Alcoholic Heavy/Thrash assault. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 2.90 €

HELL / VORKUTA "Split" Tape Pro, limited to 150 handnumbered copies - Grim Black Metal. Previously released as "Promo 2005" cd-r / Raw Black Metal. Unreleased tracks. [Label: Stygian Shadows] 2.90 €

HERESI "Psalm I" Tape superb pro-cover - Orthodox Black Metal. Now on EAL productions. [Label: Satanic Propaganda] 3.50 €

HIVER NOIR "Lethal Beings' Musik" Tape Demo, pro cover - Crude Black Metal. 10 tracks. [Label: Drakkar] 1.90 €

HYDROGENIUM "Human Holocaust" Tape Demo - 2000 - This time with a more classical Black Metal approach, the band is come-back still with their ethereal music [Label: autoprod] 2.75 €

ICE DESERT "none" Tape (belarus) - arctic ambient, with folk and weird passages, bewitching [Label: Sombre] 2.50 €

IMPIOUS HAVOC "The Great Day of Wrath" Tape The tape version of this good Black Metal album. Pro-cover limited to 350 handnumbered kopiez [Label: Total Holocaust] 3.00 €

IN DIE NACHT "Eradicum Humanest" Tape Demo - Fast raw Black Metal. 2.75 €

INCRIMINATED "Orgy of the perverted" Tape Limited Pro-tape! Track 1 - song from split with NUCLEAR WINTER Tracks 2-4 are from "Illusion of Love" 7EP Tracks 5-8 are from split with FULCRUM CREAK [Label: Slava] 3.50 €

INFERIUS TORMENT "Ceremony of Godslaying" Tape 2nd Album from this killer Black Metal Band ! [Label: Infernal Kommando] 3.00 €

INFERNAL NECROMANCY "Forgotten Wisdom - Promo Demo 2006" Tape Demo, pro cover - Japanese raw Black Metal. [Label: Shabbathid] 2.75 €

INFERNAL WAR "s/t" Tape Old titles' compilation of the band. Raging brutal Black Metal. [Label: Death Industry] 2.50 €

INFERNO "Fucking funeral attack 1997-2004" Tape 8 tracks compilation tape with all the material from their four first eps. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Ravenheart] 2.90 €

INTERFEKTOR "Fullmoon Antiquity" Tape pro-cover - Raw Black Metal. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. [Label: Drakkar] 2.75 €

INTERFEKTOR "Symphonie Des Grauens" Tape Raw Black Metal with a certain ildjarnish feeling. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Drakkar] 2.50 €

INVOKER "Initiate Mind Regression" Tape Pro cover - Speed/Thrash Metal. [Label: Forgotten Wisdom] 3.00 €

ISOLATION "Striding on the Path of Nihil" Tape Depressive Black/Doom Metal. [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.90 €

ISOLATION "A Prayer for the World to End" Tape Depressive Black/Doom Metal. [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.00 €

IVES / HOT GRAVES / NAK'AY / CELLGRAFT "Split" Tape Black Punk Crust Sludge - Released as pro tape. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Primal Vomit] 2.90 €

KAELTETOD "Wundenextrakte I-V" Tape "Two tracks of suicidal BM somewhere in between ILDJARN, BURZUM and old Doom Metal a la SAINT VITUS, two harsh Industrial pieces and an experimental track that mixes ambient synths with weird metal elements, all of them cloaked by an abyssic feeling that will hopefully ruin your day." [Label: Ashen] 2.90 €

KILTE / FUNERAL MOURNING "Emission Through Self Infliction" Tape pro-cover, black tape - Depressive Black Metal / Funeral Doom. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Choirs of Delusion] 2.66 €
KOJE "Cyanide High" Tape Noise limited to 47 copies. [Label: Black Arts] 2.90 €

KOLTUM "Funeral of Flesh" Tape Satanical and occult black metal, limited to 100 protape copies. [Label: Red Light Sound] 2.50 €

KORIHOR / ABIGAIL "Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers" Tape Raw Black/Thrash on magnetic support! Includes 4 ABIGAIL's live recorded tracks in Tokyo, 18.7.1998. Limited to 500 Handnumbered Copies [Label: Slava] 3.50 €

KORIUM "Mrazivá Noc Prináša Pokoj" Tape (Slo) - 2003 - Raw aggressive Black Metal with some synths. [Label: Ravenheart] 1.90 €

KULT "Submit + Obey" Tape Pro - Dark Indus limited to 200 handnumbered copies. [Label: Death Industries] 2.75 €

KVALM "Demo 2012 " Tape Raw Black Metal [Label: Atavism] 3.50 €

LADO OBSCURO "O Inferno por..." Tape Demo - Raw Black Metal [Label: Intolerant] 1.90 €

LE REVERS SANGLANT "s/t" Tape Special packaging 4 tracks demo in CD cover limited to 100 copies - Minimalistic Martial Ambient. [Label: Blessures Cérébrales] 3.75 €
LOKOST "Chute Mentale" Tape Morbid Black Ambient in the vein of some Black Legions' weird projects, Stalaggh, Abruptum and other tormenting crimes. [Label: Insidious Poisoning] 2.99 €

LORD PROFANE "Mortes Saisons" Tape Extremely raw Black Metal. [Label: Invocations Occultes] 2.50 €

LUBRIK HATE "Negative Destiny" Tape Pro-cover - Fast and depressive Black Metal influenced by Mütiilation. 7 tracks. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.66 €

LUCIFUGUM "The Supreme Art of Genocide" Tape Black Metal. [Label: Propaganda] 2.99 €

LUNARKULT / OMBRE NOIRE "Split" Tape pro-cover - Dark/Black Ambient limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ars Funebris] 2.75 €

LUTOMYSL "Catharsis" Tape Tape with stickers, pro-cover, limited 666 copies. Good Black Metal in the traditional vein. [Label: Propaganda] 2.90 €

MANIFESTO + :KPACHORRCK-26: "s/t" Tape split - Filth injection of noise dark indus [Label: Noise filth & fury prod] 2.50 €

MANTH "A conjuration compelling obedience" Tape total pro-tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies - Occult Black Metal. [Label: kaMpf] 2.75 €

MESLAMTAEA "Illusion" Tape Demo - Heavy/Black Metal [Label: Heidens Hart] 1.90 €

MESLAMTAEA "New Era" Tape Epic and melodic Black Metal. Contains the album + the demo. [Label: Heidens Hart] 2.50 €

MIND ECLIPSE "In The Light of Eclipse Coming" Tape Pro - Black Metal, melodic, powerful and aggressive. [Label: Blacksmith] 1.90 €

MISCREANT "Inside The Beyond" Tape Effective old school Death Metal with a cruel voice. [Label: Blacksmith] 1.90 €

MOR "U spoznaji" Tape Black Metal limited to 257 copies. [Label: Forgotten Wisdom] 2.66 €

MORDAHEOTH "Balder" Tape Pro - (Neth) - Pagan BM limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: New Era] 2.90 €

MORDHEIM "Opus Mortuarium" Tape Black ambient metal. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Dernier Bastion] 2.25 €

MUINAINEN RUHTINAS "Tuskanvuorten Valtaistuin" Tape Black Metal. Ltd 666. [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.75 €

MUTANT APE / SILENT JOURNEY "Split" Tape Pure disturbing black harsh noise. Limited to 70 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ars Funebris] 2.75 €

NAHUAL "Massive Onslaught From Hell" Tape pro cover, stickers - Necro Black Metal album limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Oniric] 2.66 €

NECROLITH "K.G.F.I.D.E.K" Tape Raw Black Metal with discordant melodies limited to 222 handnumbered kopies. 6 long trakkz. [Label: Pesttod] 2.25 €

NEFASTT "La malignité des astres" Tape Black metal with Havoc Vulturus (SOVEREIGN) [Label: Atavism] 3.50 €

NETHEREALM "The Occultist Omnibus" Tape Demo - Melodic Black Metal [Label: Intolerant] 2.90 €

NIDD "Pure Fucking Underground" Tape Demo - Extreme Black Metal "to the memory of 'Pure Fucking Armageddon' Mayhem demo". [Label: Thou Shalt Kill!] 2.25 €

NIHIL / NECROMANT "Manipulation et Châtiment / Le dernier drap de Dieu" Tape Split, pro-cover - Black Metal with a powerful sound and discordant melodies / Raw Black Metal.  2.66 €

NOMMAM ERYTZ / AYMREV ERKROS PREVRE "s/t" Tape Split, bloodstained hard cover - Another extreme dark Ambient projects by the spirit of Dapnom/Etmenns Derokwis. Awesome. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Meurtre Noir] 3.50 €

NON OPUS DEI "Diabolical Metal" Tape Pro-Tape - The re-release of the album originaly out on cd. Melodic Dark Metal, well executed, well produced, with some brutal parts. [Label: Maleficium] 2.25 €
NORACE "demo 2001" Tape Crude Black/Thrash in the vein of Abigail, Barbatos... [Label: Sabbathid] 2.50 €

OLD BLACK "E.H." Tape Black Metal, limited to 300 copies handnumbered. 1.50 €

OND AAND "Chants of the eternal season - Rehearsal 2004" Tape Covered with blood - Black Metal limited to 111 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Strictosensu] 2.75 €

PAGAN ETERNAL "Premonition Of Fell Purpose" Tape Demo - Furious Black Metal spreading dark atmosphere. No flowers here ! Limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: VS Art] 2.90 €

PCRV "Me Tarzan, Eugene" Tape Industrial Noise [Label: Black Arts] 1.90 €

PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING "Lifeless Acts of Attrition" Tape Funeral Doom Metal limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ars Funebris] 2.50 €

PEST "Pest" Tape Pro-Tape released on Oct 31st, 2011 , containing 1 bonustrack: 6. Triumpf des Todes One of the best opus of this german occult black metal horde! [Label: Primal Vomit] 3.50 €

REVELATION OF DOOM "Unholy Goatfuck" Tape album, stickers on tape - Death Metal. [Label: Final Punishment] 2.90 €

RICHARD RAMIREZ "Abrupt Decision" Tape Solo project of BLACK LEATHER JESUS' founder. Limited to 50 copies. [Label: Red Light Sound] 3.50 €

RIDDLE OF MEANDER "End of All Life and Creation" Tape hard cover - 10 tracks of hateful fast/mid tempo Black Metal. Limited to 499 handnumbered copies. [Label: Varjot] 2.66 €

RITES OF CLEANSING "Nemesis" Tape Very good Black Metal with a perfect necro sound.  2.99 €

RITUAL "Panta Rhei" Tape professional pressing, album - Melodic Black/Death Metal. [Label: Autoprod] 2.45 €

SAD JESUS "Aber noch trügt jenes Erbarmen" Tape 2000/2005 - Funeral Doom. Re-release of the unique recording of this unknow band limited to 200 handnumbered copies. Very interesting indeed ! [Label: Offering] 2.50 €

SANGUINARIUM "s/t" Tape Demo - Death Metal.  1.50 €

SARTEGOS "Mortualha" Tape Quote: Excellent second demo for this Galician Band. For fans of Early Demoncy, early Finnish bands recordings, Mystifier, Mayhem... 200 Copies. [Label: Chalice of Blood Angel] 2.90 €

SATANACHIA AGLIARETH "Bafomet" Tape Demo - Satanic Black Metal. Good raw atmosphere. [Label: Temple of Adoration] 2.75 €

SCELDELANT "Compilation Pt 1" Tape Various artists with 18 tracks of UGBM Bandz like : Megiddo, Seeds Of Hate, Svartkrist, Impedigon, Kwelhekse, Faustian Moon.... [Label: Soldiers Of Sudarium] 2.66 €
SCHABE "Nothing" Tape Blackened noise industrial - pure musical nihilism. [Label: Noires Litanies] 2.90 €

SILCHARDE "I love... my Death" Tape Pro-cover - Raw dark industrial musikk for the sick. 8 tracks. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.90 €

SILCHARDE "Les tourments de la Charogne" Tape Pro-cover - Dark Indus. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.50 €

SILVA NIGRA "Cerny Kult" Tape pro cover, album - Primitive and aggressive Black Metal with a huge sound. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Ravenheart] 2.50 €

SKEELTRON "Fortress of Darkness" Tape Ethereal Black Metal with pounding rythmics. Classic, but with a personal approach. [Label: Heidens Hart] 2.99 €

SLAUGHTER THOU "De Psyche" Tape Démo Tape - (Aus) Original Death Metal. [Label: autoprod] 2.66 €
SLAUGHTERED PRIEST "Serpent’s Nekrowhores" Tape limited to 50 copies [Label: Metal throne] 3.00 €

SLAVIA "Gloria In Excelsis Sathan" Tape Demo - Black Metal. Limited to 666 handnumbered copies. [Label: Drakkar] 2.90 €

SLECHTVALK "The War That Plagues The Lands" Tape Melodic Black Metal. [Label: Hrom] 2.75 €

SOMEONE WALKING ON MY GRAVE "s/t" Tape Released by Tour de Garde & Putrescence noire. Tape limited to 200 copies [Label: Tour de Garde] 3.25 €

SOURCE OF DEEP SHADOWS "Source of Doom and Perpetual Night" Tape Excellent extreme Doom with it's own personality. Crushing sometimes, often desolated music with a supreme growling voice, successful song's structures. This album contains a Paradise Lost cover song. Limited to 200 handnumbered tapes with black & white booklet + tape stickers. [Label: Bubonic Doom] 1.90 €

SPEARHEAD "Deathless Steal Command" Tape pro-cover - Black/Death Metal. [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.90 €

SPIRITUAL DEATH "My last moment" Tape Démo Tape - (Fr) metal.  [Label: Hybrid] 1.90 €

STAKE OF GOD "Cumshooting inside... the House of Christ" Tape Re-release of the demo CD-r version. Ultra-primitive Black Metal. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 1.50 €
STAKE OF GOD/VULTUR "Dances Around the Fire" Tape Split - Primitive Black Metal/Melodic Black Metal. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 1.50 €

STIGMA DIABOLICUM "Terror Inside" Tape Pro-cover - Desolated landscapes of death visited through dark ambient musikk by Luck Mertz (ZBT). [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.75 €

STIGMA DIABOLICUM "Terror Inside Part 2" Tape Pro-cover - Desolated landscapes of death visited through dark ambient musikk by Luck Mertz (ZBT). [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.66 €

STIRNER / DOG "s/t" Tape Split tape with two indus/noise bands. [Label: Smell the stench] 1.90 €

SUI CAEDERE "Thrène" Tape Depressive Canadian Black/Doom Metal including members from CIEL NORDIQUE, MONARQUE and FORTERESSE. [Label: Les Productions Hérétiques] 3.00 €

SUPPLICIUM "Atrae Poenae" Tape pro-cover - Black Metal. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.90 €

SUPREME LORD/CHTON "Two Tales Of Terror" Tape Split - Old School Death Metal for the two bands. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies [Label: Time Before Time] 2.50 €

SVARTFELL "Beyond the Realms of Death" Tape Demo - Raw Black Metal [Label: autoprod] 2.75 €

SVARTHAL "Silhouettes" Tape Pro-cover - Grim, hateful Black Metal in the vein of "Pure Holocaust" and "Battles in the North". [Label: Infernal Kommando] 3.50 €

SVARTHAL "Where the Shadows Dwell" Tape Black Metal. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.90 €

TAPHOPHILIA "Sinistres Emanations" Tape Pro-tape - Limited to 100 copies, handnumbered. New Black Metal project of Morne. [Label: Bubonic] 2.75 €

TAUNUSHEIM "Ilmarsj" Tape Demo - Pagan Black Metal [Label: Schwarzdorn] 1.90 €

TERG "You are the pollution" Tape Nihilistic industrial noise. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Antihumanism] 3.50 €

TERRA AUSTRALIS "Invocation of the Infernal" Tape Pure and traditionnal Black Metal [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.99 €

TERRORAMA "Horrid Efface" Tape 25 min 45 sec (6 tracks)of Excellent Thrashing Black Metal, professionally printed bilateral black/white cover & lim. to 560 copies. The Orthodox Flame... [Label: Misanthropic Propaganda] 3.50 €

THE BEAST "Pacta Conventa Doemoniorum" Tape Pro-cover limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Satanic Black/Death Metal originally released in 1996. [Label: D.U.K.E.] 1.90 €

THE END 666 "666 Verses" Tape quality cover - 7 infernal tracks of blackened Speed Thrash limited to 250 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ars Funebris] 2.50 €

THE SECOND COMING "Opus 1" Tape Demo - Raw Black Metal with a huge sound. [Label: Dawn of Will] 2.99 €

THY BLACK BLOOD "A Last Scream Of Human Flesh" Tape Demo - Raw fast and melodic Black Metal limited to 200 handnumbered kopies [Label: Skull] 2.90 €

TOD "Hate Campain" Tape Demo - (Ita) - 2004 - Raw Black Metal, good sound, limited to 333 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Bylec-Tum] 2.75 €

TODESSCHWADRON "Obey Satan!" Tape pro cover - Dark and decadent grim Black Metal in the name of the Black Lord. Obey Satan! Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. [Label: Arma Diaboli] 2.99 €
TODESTRIEB "Ordo Draconis" Tape pro-cover - Black Metal. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.75 €

TOIL "Obscure Chasms" Tape pro-cover - Hateful, dark and eerie black metal. Tape version of the full-length. [Label: Those Opposed] 2.66 €

TOMB OF... "...Those Dismal Moments" Tape Four long tracks of blackened funeral Doom ltd. 500 copies. [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.90 €

TOMB OF... "...The Rotting Break" Tape First demo of funeral blackened Doom. [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.99 €

TRISTE "Audial Suicide" Tape pro-cover, sticker on tape - Cold anf depressive Black Metal with strong atmospheres, some original passages. [Label: Choirs of Delusion] 2.90 €

UNDERDARK "The Truth That Lives" Tape Unholy primitive Black/Death Metal in the vein of early Cult of Daath. [Label: Satanic Wehrmacht] 2.99 €

UNHOLY IMPALER "Belphegore" Tape demo - Raw Black Metal by members of Infernal Goat. [Label: Salem 1692] 2.66 €

VALSCHARUHN "Visions of Our Great Cosmic Destiny" Tape Quote from label: Re-release of the first demo from this occult and mystic Band. Atmospheric and Chaotic Ambient dark Black. Metal from the Abyss! Limited to 100 copies on red paper. [Label: Infernal Kommando] 2.90 €

VANYAR "Reawakened Cultic Practise " Tape Epic Black Metal on Tolkien's universe. Limited to 100 protapes. [Label: Red Light Sound] 2.90 €

VASSAFOR "demo I" Tape Raw Black Metal. Originally recorded in 97, limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Drakkar] 3.50 €

VASSAFOR "Demo II" Tape Limited to 300 copies. [Label: Drakkar] 2.75 €

VEINEN "Black Hypnosis" Tape Hypnotic, hatred Industrial Black Metal. With Xardas from Kaphan. [Label: Todestrieb] 2.90 €

VEXILLUM "Hollenpropheterie" Tape Sinister, chaotic, raw Black Metal. [Label: Heidens Hart] 2.50 €

VTA "Vesuvian Thrashing Attack" Tape Thrash Metal [Label: Tour De Garde] 2.75 €

WAR MASTER "Eternal War" Tape demo - Chaotic raw Black Metal. Project of Inner Helvete's members. Limited to 666 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Lucidist] 1.90 €
WINTER BLASPHEMER / INFERNO "Blood Poisoned by the Glorious Evil" Tape pro cover + stickers on tape - Black Metal split. [Label: Hail Satan 666] 2.75 €

WYRM "Nocturnal Dawn" Tape Demo - Raw Black Metal [Label: Silver Thunderbolts] 2.90 €


BURNING CHURCHES "Issue 2" Zine A4 Old-school and underground zine. Interviews : Desaster, Ritual Day, Destruktor, Azaghal, Impaled Nazarene, Weapon, Anal Vomit, Ritual Carnage, Biterness, Ironfist.  3.50 €

BURNING CHURCHES "Year 2006/Issue III" Zine A4 Underground zine in English with interviews of Ancient Rites, Surrender of Divinity, Arkhon Infaustus, Necrophobic, Mantak, Bestial Holocaust, Loits, Infernal Execrator, Infernal Majesty and Unpure.  2.90 €

BURNING CHURCHES "Year 2008 / Issue IV" Zine A4 In English with Kampfar, Nuit Noire, Barbatos, The Meads of Asphodel, Rotting Christ, Church Bizarre, Asmodee, Chainsaw, Balmog, Wrust + reviews.  3.50 €

L'ANTRE DES DAMNES "Chapitre II" Zine A4 A4 en français avec des interviews de Dark Opus, Eternal Majesty, Straasha, Malleus Maleficarum, Lord, Aryos, Ancêtres + chroniques disques et concerts.  1.90 €

L'ANTRE DES DAMNES "Chapitre III" Zine A4 En français avec TAOS, Antaeus, Himinbjorg, Arkhon Infaustus, Orakle, Celestia, Terragon, Temple Of Baal + chroniques disques/concerts, tribute à Immortal.  2.90 €
L'ANTRE DES DAMNES "Chapitre IV" Zine A4 en français. Interviews de Black Dementia, Fjällstorm, Merrimack, Aes Dana, Christicide, Haemoth, Evohé, Otargos, Alcest.  2.90 €

LA LEGION UNDERGROUND "#4" Zine A4 Avril 2005. Avec des interviews de DARKWOODS LEGIONS, MORPHOSS, HSSH, CHRISTICIDE, FJÄLLSTORM, EWE, TERRAGON, SONS OF FENRIS, GOKSTAD, GERGOVIA, MOLOSSE, DISTORTIONS, OLYMPUS MONS, des chroniques et des live report.50 pages tout en français.  2.50 €

LA LEGION UNDERGROUND "#6" Zine A4 Mars 2006. Chronique, interviews et live reports avec LORD, DER KAISER DER NARREN, NURN, VERATYR, FRONT 242, DESTINITY, MEMENTO MORI ZINE, etc. 52 pages en français.  2.50 €

LES LITANIES INFERNALES "Chapitre 2" Zine A4 French Black/Death zine with Macabre Omen, Seth, Benighted, Horna, Ases...  2.50 €


SNAKEPIT "Issue 14" Zine A4 Certainly the best True Heavy Metal Magazine with big interviews of : Satan, Trouble, Possessed, Deaf Dealer, Destruction, Anvil Chorus, Megaforce Records, Brats, Crystal Knight, Fate, Gutrix, Farscape, Mercyful Fate, Mordred, Onslaught, Pariah, Slauter Xstroyes, Soldier, Strattson, Tygers Of Pantang, Zoser Mez, 90 pages !!!  3.75 €

STYGIAN SHADOWS "#8" Zine A4 December 2003 / January 2004 issue. Including interviews with MORTIFERA, GOSPELS OF THE HORNS, MÜTIILATION, NACHTMYSTIUM, SUFFOCATION, THY FUNERAL... and many chronicles. ALL IN HUNGARIAN.  3.50 €


BLOODAXE "VIII" Zine A5 In english. Still very interesting with int' of Becksvart, Eternity Of Darkness, Enthroning Silence, Nox, Bone Awl, The Voice of the Dark/Widdershins, Zahrim, Old Wainds. Reviews, lyrics for each bands and deep questionning mostly concerning ideology. [Label: Autoprod] 2.90 €

IGNOMINIOUS TORMENTS "Issue 3" Zine A5 English, old school zine with Afflicition Gate, Dead Congregation, Ignivomous, Slugathor, Wintergewitter, Anal Vomit, Mefitic, Daniel Ekeroth...  2.90 €

WRITTEN IN BLOOD "#1" Zine A5 A5 format in English. Deathgate Arckanum, Noemum, Bahrim, Akitsa, Luror, Angantyr, Erhabenheit, Tomb, Cultus.  2.50 €

WRITTEN IN BLOOD "Issue 2" Zine A5 English language - with interviews of Kadotus, Eternity, Impious Havoc, Eschaton, TodesstoB, Har Shatan, Vulvark, Veineliis, Hellfucked and some reviews. [Label: Raging Bloodlust] 2.90 €

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Metal / DIAPSIQUIR "VIRUS STN" CD Repress Out Now!
« on: April 26, 2013, 10:16:21 AM »
The Virus is back to contaminate the new degeneration!


"Virus STN "
CD -  repress out now!

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Their 2nd full length, 110 Gr of Depravations & Nihilism !
One of the most extreme and chaotic band.
Fuck your moralistic values !


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Metal / DARVULIA "Noeud de Sorcières" HS/TS/Girly Out Now!
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Out now on Battlesk'rs!

"Noeud de Sorcières"
HSW ZIP / TS / Girly
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