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Metal / HI.ARC.TOW: Programmed Cell Death new album free
« on: May 20, 2008, 02:12:31 PM »

Pale Reflections by Programmed Cell Death released for free

The new album from Programmed Cell Death is available for free download from HI.ARC.TOW. Through the forest of lights, the concrete wasteland and the masses of soulless beings, the album is a journey through a living hell. Cover artwork for the album is provided by the excellent Apostol, who will also be responsible for the accompanying visual art to Cryosyncopy's new album. FLAC's should be up soon.

Download Pale Reflections (MP3)

Programmed Cell Death page @ HI.ARC.TOW

Download images: Front cover & Back cover

This work is released under a Creative Commons license.

Metal / Re: ABHORRENT needs bassist and guitarist
« on: May 20, 2008, 11:06:26 AM »
It's tough to make definitive comments on incomplete projects like this, but I think the tracks here suffer from sounding more like a random assemblage of "parts " than cohesive "songs."

It also hurts their cause when many of the "parts" sound like they belong to generic tech-death band #01030405.

It just about avoids becoming riff salad. There is organisation there but its not always instantly discernible.

There are too many modern riffs in there for my liking too.
Its apparent though the band are ascending -getting over their more troublesome parts and growing into something very seriously interesting.

Metal / Re: Averse Sefira
« on: May 20, 2008, 10:55:46 AM »
This beings me to my next point, which is that the interpretation of Deathspell Omega as a 'hipster' band could not be further from the truth.  If we ignore their fanbase for a moment and concentrate purely on their works, a greater degree of clarity would be achievable.  Firstly the comparison to the avante-garde post black metal wave is unfair, I would say the criticism of the Gorguts comparison is even more valid here (its based purely on harmonic structures).  I agree with Nile577 here, Deathspell Omega's extended style of composition and interelationships between different sections closely mirrors the compositional techniques used on that Gorguts album, I'm thinking specifically of Kenose here.  

What Deathspell Omega do is develop the purely negative possibilities of art to their greatest intellectual extreme.  While this can only ever have a relative value, it is certainly of interest to the modern listener.  While it may not possess the transcendent unity of early classical music, it rises above (or rather sinks below) nearly all metal in formal structure and narrative.  The reason Deathspell Omega are able to achieve this is that, like Gorguts, they have a greater understanding of metaphysic than has been witnessed in metal since its conception.

Averse Sefira have the potential to be what was just described, and possibly to go even further, because their song-writing is already tempered by intelligence without the actual possession of it in its completeness.  All it would take is a greater realisation on their part, of the nature of reality, and their artistic boundaries would be significantly widened.

...and yet they're still boring. novel, pretentious, but ridiculously dull. AS are less novel, but interesting and exciting.

(oh no! i'm being "subjective" again!)

Metal / ABHORRENT new song sample
« on: May 18, 2008, 12:35:58 PM »
New song sample on their myspace:

just a short extract, but very impressive stuff.

Metal / Re: Averse Sefira News
« on: April 28, 2008, 05:52:12 AM »
This has turned up a lot in my rotation lately, which is quite a feat for an album of such recent vintage.

I find it fascinating just how well this works given that the purely aesthetic terrain this maps is not radically different from wannabes like Deathspell Omega, Satyricon and Blut aus Nord.  But then again, like all real artists and warriors, Averse Sefira are clearly interested only in results, while self-conscious (and self-inflating) 'experimenters' are basically process oriented (kind of like bureaucrats and bankers).

I've found this too. There is less focus on creating outstanding individual content (riffs, tracks) and much more on the overall structure/context/effectiveness. Its slightly unbalanced in this regard but I'd still say it works, as an album.

Audiofile / Síol Na Gréine
« on: April 20, 2008, 04:59:58 AM »

Metal / Hessian Music Conspiracy/hi.arc.tow news
« on: April 19, 2008, 10:16:59 AM »
Síol Na Gréine - Incandescence

As part of its commitment to separating culture from profit, hi.arc.tow releases Síol Na Gréine's "Incandescence" under a Creative Commons copyright. It is free for anyone to download, to distribute and to copy so long as the attribution remains intact. Additionally but not contractually, its authors ask that anyone who enjoy the album acts to strengthen their local culture and its language, customs, values and people.

Síol Na Gréine ("Seed of the Sun") takes the listener away from a modern world of categories and numeric values to look at the playful will to thrive permeating all objects living and unliving in the universe. From the tiniest molecular structures to the vastest bodies of the universe within a singular organic network, this will is crafted from impulse signals and matter. Ten aural depictions of this process remind us of the underlying beauty of existence even in its ugliness, so that we can transcend the fatalism that brought us to a low point of selling art for money.

Download here


HI.ARC.TOW are an emergent artistic community based upon the shared values of meaningful creativity and practical integrity. United by common vision and not petty divisions such as style or popularity, artists include Beithíoch, Cryosyncopy, Abhorrent, Programmed Cell Death & Síol Na Gréine.

HI.ARC.TOW Homepage

Metal / Abhorrent: new band @ Hi.Arc.Tow
« on: March 30, 2008, 05:29:19 AM »
Abhorrent - Technical death metal from Texas

Resembling Deeds Of Flesh in both its wealth of riff-variations and athletic rhythmic assault, this music surges constantly forwards referencing itself only tangentially, as brief glimpses into parallel dimensions of organic possibility that pass by with a deathlike unstoppable certainty. The intensity is almost overwhelming and following the more intricate details of pieces as they unfurl requires attentive listening, but at the same time there is a simplicity of epic motion ingrained within this music at its meta-level keeping it enganging for more than merely technical reasons. Abhorrent is like the amoral and violent force of nature, realizing itself through pure will and power both in spite of death and echoing it vitriolically all the way to its end.

Abhorrent Myspace

Interzone / Re: Tara
« on: March 23, 2008, 05:21:49 AM »
Shouldn't the IRA/RIRA/PIRA/pissed off Irishmen with guns do something about this?

RIRA are ineffectual and obsessed with restarting open conflict with the british, PIRA are disarmed. the IRA also have as a policy not attacked the free state/republic since the civil war.

Or don't they care about Ireland as long as the Irish are the ones destroying it?

See Sinn Féin's policy towards multiculturalism and mass immigration for an answer on that.
Republicanism is dead: failure to adapt.

Tarawatch unfortunately have no emphatic political supporters of any sort. The green party, who promised to stop the m3 if they got into govt, went back on their support for Tara as soon as they got into power. The other two big opposition parties mildly picked up on the matter when it was of use to them (election time) but have since been very quiet.

Ireland is rotten to the core.

Interzone / Re: Tara
« on: March 23, 2008, 03:02:37 AM »

Metal / K.Schulze & L.Gerrard record album
« on: March 07, 2008, 10:19:24 AM »
Klaus Schulze recorded a new album with Lisa Gerrard. The Australian singer Lisa Gerrard (former Dead Can Dance) enter Klaus Schulze's studio in late November 2007, to record her voice for her collaboration with Klaus.
SPV will release this recordings under the title 'Farscape' on the 27th June 2008.

KS' Myspace

Schulze has for years been mediocre. However, naiively perhaps, I can't help but be a bit intrigued and excited.

Interzone / Re: Is democracy really the problem?
« on: January 24, 2008, 02:20:04 PM »

Fight individualism with individualism. Brilliant.

Both of you miss the point entirely.

No, fight individualism and the rest of the modern rot by promoting the things that actually have meaning. promote those things that actually foster sane life values and outlook.

Interzone / Re: Is democracy really the problem?
« on: January 24, 2008, 02:01:04 PM »
As well as playing in a band, I spend up to 2 months per year (full 60 days) teaching people survival in the wild. Everyone comes back changed, with skills to build themselves accommodation, to hunting and seeking food, climbing difficult terrain, keeping active in harsh conditions etc, with good fun thrown in, like games for people to play once they have successfully built a boat or skied to a specific point with their handmade skis.

Someone who thinks they are helping out by wasting resources online for hours all week and helping some charity who usually end up spending the money on new chairs is fooling themselves. And "campaigning" to regulars does not help get new people involved (and no I am not new, I've been here for a long time for the metal element, not the idiots who read a Nietzsche book and think they are "nihilists" while still posting away the pointless rubbish on here). Do something with an impact. None of this secondary nonsense leaving the rest of us to do things while you "help out". I think that is the main problem with democracy. People are too stupid to choose what they want with any sort of sense. And those who want to rebel from this read books by philosophers and just emulate their way of thinking, instead of developing their own, and become part of obscure groups that never expand yet never die, making them just more pointless sheep. If you want to defeat democracy, go do something.

I'd say the internet is not quite as useless as you suggest but I do otherwise agree with you. I think the relative success of Ron Paul in the US recently has proved that internet activism actually does get you somewhere, when you're denied a voice by mainstream media (television, radio), which its fair to say anyone who criticises the present establishment is (need only look to the Irish media's bias towards the blatantly corrupt leadership here). The extent to which tv and radio glean their material from the internet is increasing also.

The problem with activism confined only to the internet is that unless you're working on a tangible, real world front as well you aren't presenting people with a real alternative to make in their lives and so are just contributing to that growing fantasy world that is the internet.

If you want to defeat the stagnation of the present time (which is what democracy ultimately embodies) do something that counters stagnation; do something that's adventurous, bold, strikes to the heart of the tedium by going beyond it, whether thats art, survivalism, spontaneous vigilantism or gardening.

Metal / Free album from Cryosyncopy/HI.ARC.TOW
« on: January 05, 2008, 04:01:00 AM »
Psychedelic industrial ambient from HI.ARC.TOW

"Cryosyncopy's first album Recollection Of Lost Fragments can now be downloaded from HI.ARC.TOW completely free. Written in 2005, production overhauled in 2007, ROLF is a journey through a dark, mysterious dream world"

Recollection Of Lost Fragments

HI.ARC.TOW website

Interzone / Re: World Peace
« on: December 30, 2007, 09:47:39 AM »
Irish: urlacanaim ar páiste dé

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