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Metal / Re: 666 MAKE WAR NOT LOVE 666
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:14:54 AM »
Anyone? Ok, here's what I gathered. I hope it provides for some exchange.

At some point slogan was used on Burzum t-shirts.

Earlier, there was a compilation featuring GISM among others:
Perhaps related ideas:
Japanese punk/hc was highly idiosyncratic and totally over the top. But they never seem to get it entirely. I guess they just could't - delightfully mad to a point of utter nihilism, but still as much confused. But I digress.

If it actually came from punk/hc, then it may be pointing to Euronymous. Especially given his other inversions. For some reason however, I'm still inclined to associate slogan in question with some ascpect of art established by industrial/neo-folk circles.

Metal / 666 MAKE WAR NOT LOVE 666
« on: April 08, 2017, 10:13:16 AM »
Can some evil spirit trace first use of slogan MAKE WAR NOT LOVE/PEACE in black metal, as well as outside of it (I blelieve it came from something industrial related), and perhaps provide graphics or sources? It proved to be very influential for BM ethos so it is for the just cause - for scientific research!

Audiofile / Re: Requests/Report Dead Links
« on: May 28, 2015, 03:36:28 AM »
Is there any chance for Nox Intempesta - Die Lieder von Tod und Ewigkeit? It seems to be a rarity now.

Metal / Re: Ildjarn Split was written by Nidhogg
« on: March 21, 2014, 12:51:35 PM »

The two unreleased songs I mentioned sound nothing like each other, and nothing like the ambient or metal iLDjARN - NiDHOGG. One is classical orchestral piece and the other I would perhaps classify as Psychedelic Necro Ompa. This last one I'm about to upload when I get the gear up and running. The other, the orchestral one, was one song of a project I started about the same time as "Hardangervidda". But since I relocated from Notodden, I have become a dad and haven't picked up songwriting since.
Yeah, I hope the new "Hardangervidda"-release is a double-vinyl or at least vinyl. I had very little time to talk to iLDjARN, since I commuted with trains and busses. I wasn't too happy with the CD-release of "Hardangervidda" on Season of Mist, myself. It looked tacky with the artwork changed with red borders and stuff.

I've got a sincere reason for you to participate in collaboration with iLDjARN at least once more. Hardangervidda ends when something majestic, yet mysterious is awakening. Briefly hinted and then gently muted. It is exactly the same reason, why you may want to leave it at that, nevertheless it would be wonderful to wander further into those nocturnal landscapes, with some special time at night to end the journey (as we have already witnessed sunrise). 

Interzone / Re: Crimea 2014
« on: March 21, 2014, 12:10:58 PM »
I know that stalinist Russia is often associated with some conservative principles, but pure power should have certain content for that to be true. It's common western misconception since.... when? "Scratch the Russian and find the Tartar", that decadent West must be warned about its delsions?

A hint: Russia claims, that she is fighting there against fascism and for a world peace. It is exactly same propaganda as in 1939. One may say, that it is purely cynical, But In fact, at its core, Russian oligarchy is after same things as western liberals. That is, if you can see past their rhetoric. Westerners of course are conditioned to tremble before any traces of fascism, so this strategy is effective on many fields. Westerner thinks: it would be better if Putin take care of that barbaric land full of such disgusting rabid dogs.

I'd also add that the Russians have pretty much been an imperial people since the day they first emerged into conscious existence as a nation, while the Ukrainians have pretty much always been a subject people.  That's one of those iron truths of history, and it's why Ukraine has no real history as an independent state: it is and has always been an appendage of the Russian Empire.

Are peasant origins of Switzerland or Finland also so important? Do you believe that it would be somehow better if Finns were governed by Russians? Nevertheless, they were trying to do that. Didn't it occur to you, that maybe it's Russia which represents crowdism in that conflict? It's brutal oligarchy vs people, which I would call "primordial". Right wing, paramilitary organizations (even C18!) showed some spirit there. They have won skirmishes with regular militia squad, then forced captives to make vows of loyalty. Now they are calling for renewal for whole Europe, with Ukraine as a starting point. Unprecedented chance for something entirely different. Of course it's very unlikely, that people of merit will play any further role. New elites are already saturated by liberals, who wish to open Ukraine for financial colonization by UE.

Fuck Russia. 
Every Ukrianian I know wants them out of their country.  No matter what you intellectuals say about their roots the fact of the matter is Ukrainian people want their country to be free.  The fact that their government has been ridden by corruption and always influenced and sabotaged by Russian power and other foreign forces is a different matter.


They sure look like they hate those awful, imposing Ruskies.

Ethnic Russians are the majority in Crimea.

Yeah, but not only that. Let me explain.
Russia's policy at least since Stalin's time is a vicious ethnic management. Ethnic blending and transfers of people loyal to them and usually placed on privileged positions, in order to disrupt unity within native population. So, they import contingent of ethnic Russians to some place, and then, they can even resort to democratic instruments to maintain their influence. Not to mention, that they often install paid elites comprised of traitors in order to secure Russian interest. With time, thanks to such socio-political engineering, identity of common people is withered, they became misguided, demoralized and somehow they start to identify with foreign interests, often with pretense of some abstract justice and universal ethic. Such nations are forever crippled, with enemy within impossible to overcome. At the same time, identity and interests (be it ideological or purely financial) of collaborating elites remembering about their obligations to their principals remains stable.

Metal / Even more Sadistic Metal Reviews?
« on: December 10, 2013, 05:00:54 PM »
Testament - For 20+ years, this band has survived by parasitically leeching the last dregs of credibility from dying subgenres.  When Testament makes an album in a given style, you know it is over.

Truly sadistic review deals with entire discographies. Some bands don't deserve anything better. But then, fun might be way too short. I believe that is why Deathmetal.org reviews Satyricon's album one by one. I'll give it a try however.

Satyricon - semi-relevant years (1992 - 1996)

To put it in one sentence: something is played and it's mainly black metal. While nothing is gained here, the time is lost. There's no sense in writing about how it supposedly goes nowhere (because often that might not be the case) or how it even fakes its intent to say something meaningful. Every other band at the time had some ambition and took their freedom to define styles within genre. Even if there were vast differences in artistic abilities and even some misunderstandings, you could take anything from Burzum to Gehenna and still hear different approach. But Satyricon starts already as an imitation. This music is as hollow as look on Satyr's face. It is hard to experience anything other than boredom here. Satyricon serve as an example, that nailing the blueprint of black metal, either with cynical or honest intents, is a short sightedness and too "intellectual" creation of orthodoxy turns out insufficient despite dramatic attempts to create interesting interactions between riffs.

Condor - Nadia is a definite, just had a pretty good front page interview. The first metal by the self-aware metalhead post death of metal that is actually good? Despite being maudlin in the extreme sometimes its beautiful stuff, and that comes first. I can forgive any aesthetic faux-pas if the end result is still beauty.

It's nice to read, that they are interested in such themes. It sounds promising and I believe, that they are honest people. But they made too many false steps, like their list of bands crucial to metal development. Their perception of metal is signum temporis - they can only approach to it as to a historic phenomenon. Such situation occur because everything labelled at some time as metal had to be included retrospectively into "definition" by any honest researcher. We know, that what should be perceived as "metal" differs from such perspective substantially. However, younger listeners of course want to grasp it in its entirety. It's all inclusive, because it's all past and it doesn't feel appropriate to declare some ideological war against artistic styles of the past, while back then metal was simply at war in order to set proper definition. Now they are choosing forms, same as bourgeoisie 100 years ago, when they tried to build present through historicism.

As for the music of Cóndor - their influences, their nationalistic views and all they are trying to be are absorbed by their natural hard rock sensibilities.

Probably Graveland if it's good (haven't heard it)
Birth A.D. - I feel that nothing important was built upon their EP

Metal / Re: Too much metal, by Keith Kahn-Harris
« on: December 01, 2013, 01:03:51 PM »
In his piece about success of metal he gave it skin deep analysis.

After a post on Deathmetal.org I checked some of his writings. He tread carefully, because he walks into into wasp’s nest, but his thoughts are a standard set of fixed topics and “problems” to popularize within metal, to made it aware of them. His opinions indicates that he is first and foremost a Jew, and that goes beyond his overexposed national identity. I wouldn’t fell so low as to celebrate weak and essentially un-metal (unless metal means being rebellious to any common consensus as a rule) band only because it represents my culture. Thanks to being open with his intents and psychological attributes, he avoids potential accusations about dishonesty or promotion of irrelevant and distracting, not to mention transgressive. His primal, hostile “otherness” in dealings with chrisitianity is clear as well. He praise secondary cultural additions to otherwise universal and basic heavy music. That leaves impression, that he got a pop-listener perception. He only “thinks” that he understand, thanks to spending time on it and feeling some affinity. It seems to me, that one cannot be academic researcher first and foremost, because in fact professional distance prevents from recognition of subject in its whole magnitude. There’s always aftertaste, that while you can’t say about certain thesis, that they aren’t true, they are still somehow insignificant and shallow. Paradoxically professionalism demanded by academia is infantile.


It’s a crawling in trivialities and trying to derive from them higher meanings, the rationalistic way. He’s right on some points. Reality can’t be denied in its entirety even by most clueless. They stumble on it, but then make wrong conclusions.What he said about strength of small communities, or regional scenes is true, but one must first realize what Keith-Harris know - that they are always unified by some big principle.

Interzone / Pig-chimp love
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:03:14 AM »
ANUS posted:

Not only this backward thinking is futile, because we don’t produce our future from it in any way, but it gives common people more justifications to degrade themselves. I believe, that West is the only culture, which uses its past to deconstruct itself. Europeans and their descendants are the only people fixated on such things and coincidentally the only ones already without “protection” provided by religion. “Science” became proposed as one, albeit only if it’s not defying liberal conventions. Such theories will be in the end felt only by Europeans/westerners/whites/whatever, while other cultural/ethnic/religious group will perceive it in such way: “See? Now Europeans acknowledged, that they came from pigs”. They won't perceive it as a "truth" about them as well. It’s fascinating how this is identical to some of the rabinic teachings about goyim being nothing but a pigs.

Now, from nihilist point of view, such fact cannot be offensive in any way. Nihilism will not place universal attribute to given phenomenon, but define its meaning in given context and by its interactions. Is what I’ve done above valid then? Whoever posted that news was bought by line about machiavellian and greater good from something seemingly repulsive, hence “bad”. There it was order in state in a very traditional meaning, albeit achieved through oppression and morally questionable tactics, but how one could attribute “good” into creation of human from nihilist standpoint? It’s also a moment, where it loses its conservatism, because there everything is created from above. Of course you could place there “reality” but that won’t resolve everything. I think, that’s where every nietzscheanism meets its dead end and while initially liberating in order to find greater, holistic meaning, it starts to strip itself one piece after another. Liberals claimed that science can only brought harm to those unable to stand truth it uncover. Nihilism brought here new “objectivity”, because liberal became outdated and narrow (excluded intangible). Nihilism exclude human perception if it's unrelated to reality. But some aspects of human perception would be difficult to explain on basis of philosophies inspired by darvinism, yet maybe as such they are still a functional (which means "proper") part of reality? Nihilism could be effective method, but only potentially, while blunt force of masses, oblivious to higher truths and don’t asking questions became closer to ideal of cosmos in motion.

Metal / Re: Horror movies related to metal
« on: November 15, 2013, 05:41:42 AM »
Most obviuosly Night of the Living Dead and Cannibal Holocaust. Metal music achieved more than its, mostly aesthetic I believe, influences. It seems that such movies were rarely above the level of leftist social critique.

Early Max Cavalera were seen with Poltergeist T-shirt.

Metal / Re: Moonsorrow
« on: November 15, 2013, 05:21:38 AM »
Of course I'm familiar with work of Moonsorrow, but I've listened to your excerpts. There are melodies which I "like" on most basic level, as they are pleasant. But what's more importat is that they play, play and play and none of it is able to evoke something in me.

Metal / Belphegor - The Last Supper
« on: November 13, 2013, 03:02:47 PM »
Belphegor on The Last Supper shows growing avareness of black metal paradigm and gradual adaptation of some of its melodic ideas, before the band took path of which Marduk is infamous. At the same time its nature is transitional, incosistent in its artistic goals. Similar to their first Ep, which is like demo material that wasn't practised by sufficient amount of time in order to discern only those parts which are usefull, we can hear some stylistic quirks here. It sounds a bit random on song level and a bit directionless on album level. It's not brutal death metal. It's more of a phrasal variety. It borrows solutions and aesthetics of Sepultura, Deicide, Malevolent Creation and maybe Obituary. Unnecesarily, more advanced stylistics of Emperor and Morbid Angel are superimposed on their own aesthetics which ends up in conflict not only with nature of this music, but also with production which they, I'm sure, carefully and intentionally choose. Separate riffs and even whole sequences are good in my opinion and while it may be a matter of sheer luck, parts at which they work are great. Usually whole piece is a bit too disorganized but instead of achieving eventual genuine chaos they end up with merely incompleteness. So the case is, I won't be listening to this because mentioned parts tend to appear out of nowhere (of course in relation to older styles, as we learned what tech/math/core proved to be capable of) and end prematurely, so the whole experience, instead of being about following narrative became waiting for such parts in similar manner as one waits for hooks in pop music. It's really a matter of ratio. It's not constant as on one of those boring realeases out there. What constitutes an average here are its undeniable heights and lows. Belphegor on The Last Supper is better than many, but in the end will fall into obscurity because of incoherence. However, I think that there is a room for such realases. They can be beneficial from musician's point of view as a kind of repository of ideas - to took the good ones (and some of them can't be found elsewhere) and compose something more meaningful out of them. Those later albums of Belphegor are entirely vapid to me.

By the way, is there any really brilliant band/album in that style? Sometimes Niden Div is mentioned in that context, but I think that it is entirely different entity - at least partially because of haunting and ever present ambience of grey trench-like monotony and sensation of inescapabilty they managed to create there. Maybe there is a general misconception in approach to such music (blackened death). They aren't quite there with techiques they utilize, as one expects something "deeper", while in fact they should be listened in a same way as works which are overtly primitive?

Interzone / Re: What could be better, what can be done
« on: January 27, 2013, 04:23:07 AM »
(1) This place must always stand for the radical truth. However, when we extend it to politics, we lose a lot of the music audience and lose a lot of the focus on the music.

Ok then, let's start with the music. But uploading to rapid, deposit and mediashares may be a waste of time. So what about those donations and aquiring our own space? Do you think it's possible at all, taking into account number of users/their will towards financial involvement?

Interzone / What could be better, what can be done
« on: January 26, 2013, 09:27:12 AM »
Loosely related to:




Im not very oriented in recent situation, because of my long absence, but it seems that forum is withering. Topics are uninteresting and non-stimulating. I know that there are not much new material to discuss, and we know most of our opinions, but there are other problems as well. I'm against much of DLA evolution since mid 2000's. It was often gruesome and provocative back then. Now, with new, more serious layout, artwork and more mainstream political direction it's somehow inapropriate. I really liked the old, longer articles, which were instrumental to conceptualization of DLA's platform, even if time wasn't kind for some of them, instead of those recent blog posts. Especially when they are short and vulgar comments takes most of space. I think that we should cut off comments section. They really doesn't bring anything "recyclable" to our table.

Audiofile should be reformed. There are problems with hosting services, so maybe we could somehow get our own space (I'm just asking as I'm quite illiterate in computer science)? Maybe we could aquire some goods by a means of users donation? Then maybe we could expand it to other fields of arts instead of just music? Those few movies, reproduction of certain visual arts, important texts of high literature as well as good, even more recent articles/journalism?. It would be projected as a more universal repository for those seeking traditional values, mostly Indo-European with selected works from other civilisations (because at first we should secure what is closest to us) each with it's own entry and appropriate description. Of course resources should be in various languages, but we can agree that layout/description could be universally in English. Why bother? Even if some of those resources are available elsewhere, here they would be tied to specific identity, which would be instrumental in creation political entity. What could differentiate us? It should be organized better than on those other sites. Resources digitalized, prefferably by us, according to standards set beforehand and with not-so-open-for-discussion context. Besides what we perceive as our more or less common and well formulated cannon, we could discuss less obvious inclusions on the forum, without haste but with bit of arbitrariness provided by Anus staff, veterans, or maybe some external authorities. It sounds ambitious and more like life-long project, but why not? Everything is open to debate here. But first, we should get our music back because it's not so easily obtainable, as one could think. Problems with hosting services eliminated large part of musical blogs, boards etc.

And what about Wikipedo's entry? Or maybe we don't want such attention?

By the way: I personally need two things from users.

First: we are deprived of non-FLAC Ildjarn Landscapes. I would be much obliged if someone could upload that for me, in reasonable mp3.
Second: Can somebody provide scans of everything but the main content of Ride the Tiger? By everything but main content I mean parts absent from version available for example here http://www.kathodos.com/ridethetiger.pdf, such as preface or foreword, edition notice and especially notes and index (in English of course). Could anybody recognise this edition? Is that edition of Inner Traditions, translated by Joscelyn Godwin and Constance Fontana?. Are there any other editions in English?

Interzone / Re: Anti-Semitism
« on: May 04, 2012, 05:12:27 AM »
You actually think the crappy movies/tv/music/academic literature they make/promote are actually designed to make us degenerate? Like, they're not just stupid because that's what the public wants, but there's a specific ill-will involved?

This whole thing sounds like an escape to me.  A fantasy.

Slogans. If you tend to look on it in such intentionally simplified way you could also apply it to liberals with ease. But we know that's not the case here. It should be stated, that presence of both groups implicates some circumstances - they are shaping our surroundings in ways we perceive as inappropriate. It's as simple as that. We know that our problems won't end if we simply get rid of those groups, because we got our share of fault. But their efforts in politics, academia, art, their influence over lower castes, which after all are also a part of nation, tend to perpetuate our problems. It's a way for their causes to self-reproduce.

Many people on this board talk about the Jews as if they are some simple, linear group. They are like Whites, in that some need to be shot, some need to be convinced, and some are crucial to progress. No need to bash or support them as a whole.

As there are no two things equal, maybe Jews are not the same everywhere, it is that small recombination. But their defenders should also take that into account. My experience with them is that they are not faithful to their popular (relatively recent) portrayal. They are pedophiles/retards/liberals(formerlycommunists)/deceivers of this land and I'm not talking about ZOG-like conspiracies but about outspoken, declared Jews or ones of such heritage and their overt and transparent actions - almost never "out of character". They can be merely an individuals, but somehow they are behaving in that stereotypical way, attributed to them as a collective. Sans for few individuals, honorable exceptions maybe, underneath their fairly upstart identity they still seems to be that same unwashed disgusting rabble as many Europeans, against emerging trends, saw them.

If someone, because of ever difficult situation of Israel, our agent in the Middle East, wants to turn his head from problems we are having with them in our homes, it is his choice, but he should not pretend, that it's complete experience. But don't get me wrong - I'm not using your typical American (also German recently) pro/anti-Israel rhetoric here. Israel is a fact. I'm not against Israel as a country, while, I must say that, I think that its modern origin is at least controversial and open to valuation. But since they have established a national country in such hostile surrounding - the only reasonable action now it is to preserve it.

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