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Metal / Re: Old Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, and Kvist.
« on: May 02, 2012, 09:09:42 AM »
Kataxu Hunger of Elements was bad from what I can remember, but I like Roots Thunder. The case is, it is not so solid - it plays tricks with you. There is nothing like ITNE, either in aesthetics or execution. But similar thread could be opened for Burzum or Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger etc., which theoretically should be easier to recreate than ITNE, yet somehow nobody managed to succeed at it. Kitsch, and utilization of artificial associations on lowest level is what often prevents this style from being what it wants to be . In order to work, it must force such condition, when you know that you should associate certain motifs with beauty, but on basis of very facile convention, more than those motifs to be really beautiful out of themselves. Limbonic have good moments, but they always make some mistake in their songs - be it stupid sample, voice, synth, or whatever which makes it pompous and stupid. The first two Legions of Doom are good but they are not on the same compositional level as ITNE, and they are rawer, more like Emperor's demos. Gehenna's first got one good track, second about three, and third none. I've got first Setherial and it's quite good, truly similar to Emperor and Kvist albeit also have rather few standout tracks, and production which definitely makes reception of its subtleties difficult. There are few nice tracks from Nocturnal Mortum, but they are more on folkish side, while rest clearly reveals their Russian soul. Or, to be more precise, vices and deficiencies commonly associated with it. And Satyricon, much like Behemoth, never created a good record - they were always molested by various problems. As well as that part of Polish scene, which were spoiled by Spiritual Black Dimensions and Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia worship, or by being typical Polish death metal with keyboards, ending as a grotesque circus.

I think that important elements of style is present on first Sacramentum, and maybe Vinterland's Welcome To My Last Chapter.

Interzone / Re: Humanity 3.0
« on: April 29, 2012, 04:49:41 PM »
(1) Getting rid of the threats.

This includes destructive quasi-superpower contenders like China, the Pan-Slavic front, and the Middle Eastern Oil Axis.

There is no such thing as Pan-Slavic front, however I know that such claims are presented by American rightist thought. For what purpose? Especially when it's as always the West, which shortsightedly pushes Eastern Europe into clutch of this Russian pest, to secure its own interests? Slavic countries: Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania (Baltic), Belarus, even Czech Republic to some degree, are divided or overtly conflicted and there's lot of mutual loath if not outright hate, mainly because of complicated, ambivalent and often genocidal history, whose issues were never properly resolved. In region, there is some unofficial influence of Russia, because of insufficient/false/no decomunisation, through various agents and part of elites composed of former nomenclature and supporting it part of society (victims of post war conditioning, opportunists or low-lives), but it's not connected to some Pan-Slavic idea! I assure you, that either as a interaction between nations or some kind of political entity, such thing does not exist. I suppose that what you got on mind here is Russia exclusively (and maybe by extension grotesque Belarus) as it never dropped its militant stance and neo-imperialistic aspirations. But that's just one Slavic country. And it always got its own front.

Interzone / Re: What will quantum physics research do to Atheism?
« on: April 29, 2012, 03:21:32 PM »
Take a man and place beside him a light source, so he throws a shadow.
Then place another man closer to the light source.
With the second man's shadow superimposed over the first, how many shadows are there?
one plus one equals one.

I was trying to describe paradox, the other day, and came up with that.
Difficult thing to describe, where 1+1=2 OR 1.
I'm still working on the AND 1.
Maybe you intellectuals could assist?

May I propose? You can recognize it accordingly to most basic interpretation of Platonic ideas in order to decipher it better than by deceptive and unable to give whole experience senses. To know, that there are in fact two shadows, same as that there must be two objects to project them. Either that, or that the shadows are without meaning at all.

Interzone / Re: Underclass
« on: April 29, 2012, 01:02:13 PM »
Germany had the right idea, they were just over ambitious, and they got side-tracked by racism.  If they had been smarter, they would have taken the American route and created a nation for the Jews, thus moving them out of Germany and gaining an ally in the Middle-East.

What infuriates antisemites so much, including Hitler, was their cultural influence aka degeneracy, which proved hard to fight in developing at the time social, moral and ideological context .As you can see this influence is far from cease long after creation of Israel, not to mention their still very large physical presence outside of its borders. And Nazis, as many before them, got plans to relocate Jews, as someone already mentioned, and at some point supported Zionist parties to convince their people to leave, so it was disagreement among Jews, their reluctance or other difficulties which ultimately pervaded that. While their influence is inferior, artificial and harmful, no, they don't fit the picture of underclass suggested by OP.

And there are those theories, that it was their internal eugenicist practice. Probably most of victims in death camps were those poor, uneducated and dirty Jews from shtetles - ones which likes of Goethe and many others, before development of this modern European inferiority complex, held in highest disregard.

Not to mention all of the Jewish resistance groups which popped up around Europe, further seeking to undermine the Nazis. Completely stupid idea; getting rid of all the Jews. Never mind there might be smart people in there that the Germans could use in their society; nope!

That scale of Jewish resistance is your newest trend in media so don't take it too seriously. Note that their portrayal as a nation is quite dynamic, accordingly to changing times and needs. From passive slaughtered sheeps to wartime heroes. Biggest and most organized resistance during WWII was made by Poles, but unsurprisingly it isn't widespread knowledge - even first reports of Holocaust, about which West wouldn't even want to listen were made by them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilecki - ironically, guy was later "judicially murdered" by Jewish communist. They were caught lying in so many instances, from initial exaggerated numbers of victims of Holocaust (I remember cruel satirical depiction of it - hailing Nazis standing on top of pile of bodies reaching beyond high orbit, with small distant Earth below) to deceitful or made up personal wartime testimonies, that skepticism now seems rational.

Interzone / Re: Equality -- how can anyone believe this?
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:05:37 PM »

Particle Physics notes, to its bewilderment, that reality changes, depending upon the one observing it.

Does somebody could elaborate more on it? Describe it maybe?

Metal / Re: Mgla
« on: April 21, 2012, 02:06:19 PM »
Maybe it could be described as such. Because feminity isn't inherently bad, it just shouldn't be carried into some areas of life as it's poisonous there. While ITNE has got soft and beautiful aesthetic, I still wouldn't call it feminized. What is important is still in place as in every other good metal. It has will and proceed in usual manly manner, while Mgła have on its place vanity, passiveness and psychoanalysis.

Metal / Re: Mgla
« on: April 20, 2012, 08:41:03 AM »
It contains emotionality, which can be found elsewhere in modern music, with better expression, while, which is absent also on this recording, metal individualism and emotionality is (almost) nowhere to be found outside of genre. Composition isn't anything exceptional and is, also on level of particular riffs (why they are so weak?), outright effete - like everything else from Twilight to Drudkh. So what's left? It isn't presented in proper way, as I think, that such way, in order to achieve precise goal arbitrarily exist, or at least there were much better attempts in the past. What is presented is not what should be to be relevant, nor even for what it is, if such was its goal, is particularly absorbing. More of a drag und dregs than sturm und drang. It doesn't take enough time to look into what made idea of metal great, while took too much time to look inside modern effete individual and it's "problems", assuming that metal can be what such feminized, deviated and apathetic (not stoic!) individuals wants it to be and that it's theirs to serve their purposes. Their values are different and alien, hence their music must have same traits.

I really don't know how you still get caught by such music, while most of you are clearly familiar with what it's used to, or should be. However, relation of quality of metal to condition of culture is parallel to that of canaries in mines. Metal simply cannot sound differently now.

Metal / Re: Black/punk
« on: November 29, 2011, 05:17:19 PM »
Wondering if anyone here could rec me some good blackpunx. I'm looking for a similar sound to Bone Awl, Syphilitic Vaginas, Ildjarn, etc.

Terveet Kädet.
Those new hipsters could be better without their "black" pretense and they could end with something like that, something closer to them and with more honesty. Sound is a gimmick.

Metal / Re: Burzum - Belus
« on: November 29, 2011, 04:28:13 PM »
I know what you mean, I understand pragmatism of New Right. I also think that there is no future in Nazism, I know that it was flawed, not to mention that it is completely discredited today (even if not always its critique is legitimate). As always, I'm doing this for the sake of discussion and clarity and strictness of meanings, ideas and definitions:

Nazism is not that. In fact, everything it touches turns to waste. Once people step into the mindset of viewing life by race-only, all becomes skewed to that obsession.

Is it because of the very idea of National Socialism or because it places people in bitter, defensive and reactionary position (not much back then, it is rather a problem of today)? Because I think that failures you mentioned aren't inherent to idea itself. Yes, people seem to have hard time with its burden and probably they should be deprived of it. But then again, the same problem is with freedom - understanding it is also too much for most of people, which may led some of us into being pro-totalitarian. And to deprive all of us of all of freedom (including in its sane manifestations).

Nazis played that card most as a populists, but I don't find RABID racism (expulsion of Jews, not necessarily extermination, at that point of history is understandable - sorry) as a necessity to fill definition of National Socialism - concept of race should be there but it can be placed with some dignity. After all, books and studies, which inspired inception of that movement, weren't written by Nazis.

Metal / Re: Burzum - Belus
« on: November 27, 2011, 07:57:41 AM »
Mostly agreed. There is a real problem with finding something worthy within neo-nazism. However Jews are problematic and destructive to things you proposed as ideals, at least as long as they are operating within other societies. It repeats over and over again, but some still claim that remedy is even more of what created this unhealthy situation. It is - if you want to sacrifice something important or if you are a propagator of unlimited mercifulness. Either we are traditionalists and we know how to take clues from history or lets ignore it entirely and abandon pretense. Nazism didn't destroyed either Absurd, Veles, Graveland or Darkthrone, it helped to reorient spirit of metal from christian dualism. Agree that it was on lower levels of emanation of greater ideas as Reich itself was such simplified and institutionalized lower form. What destroyed their relevancy (Graveland is still solid, it just happens that I don't want to listen to it) is metal life span. As in case of Burzum and Morbid Angel it was conservated/suspended for long time and now it strikes with double force. Carcass, At the Gates, Atrocity, Celtic Frost (there were worse cases but somehow I can't recall them now) - it's the same story but without such hiatus. Darkthrone tried to fight against that. What you're talking about is more similar to problem with skinhead, christian and extreme leftist music. Take all positive inspiration which Third Reich (as more modern connector with the past) could possibly give and leave the rest.

I would say that what it takes to make a change is both love and hatred (full spectrum as many nationalists of 20th century noted) and being social outcast, at least on some spiritual level, but not as a result of weakness, incapability or sociopathy, in a manner of basement dweller. Rather simply as a result of being member of other, smaller caste placed within vast ocean of mediocrity, without cultural tools or social mechanisms to organize it. I think it's unavoidable and natural proportion, let's not pretend anything. They must however work within such context despite of being of other breed. It's also natural and it's their proper function. Fact that you don't love Jesus or thinks that people aren't equal also makes you a social outcast, especially when your surrounding happen to be inferior, which doesn't necessary means that you don't have a point.

I liked that back then:


And I think that NSBM.org was a great testament to absolutely last relevant movement in black metal and a handful of bands (who needs more, after all it was always like that) representing it. And we know that bands originally, actually quite exaggeratedly, maybe maliciously, called N.S.B.M. were different than today's mass produced simple minded nazi/pagan propaganda. It should be brought back. Maybe as a tool against Der Stuermers and Nokturnal Mortums or satanist "nihilists".

As always, sorry for my gradually weakening skill in language.

Metal / Metal without equality
« on: November 24, 2011, 04:24:46 PM »
There's an interesting matter which may create another argument for placing ANUS entry on wikipedo, or at least getting it mentioned as a long time historians, cultural researchers, philosophers, contextualizers and simply as one ULTIMATE source on metal. In Wikipedo entry on heavy metal, which by the way became more and more stupid and inclusive, there is a cite note (no. 38) from article now accessible only through web archive since its native site is dead. I think that article itself was discussed or at least linked on this forum few years ago.


It's a paradox that they mentioned younger (than Anus/DLA) source which in turn mentions Prozac, when primary, superior source is nowhere to be found on whole damn entry. Yet there are plenty articles of lesser significance from short lived sites to support various stupid claims. We know that's because Anus actually evaluate movements and outputs in genre, reject false and irrelevant and simply refuse to distort definition for those unable to fulfill prerequisites for "metal". For them it is everything noisy and distorted (or at least with that certain makeup) and any distinction seems impossible to their rationalist minds, yet they somehow manage to miss composition.

Mr. Prozac, maybe you should finally write a book?

Metal / Occidental Observer writes about Metal
« on: November 08, 2011, 08:07:26 AM »

As always with such people, they just don't get it - they need to be fooled by iconography or explicit themes to consider something worthy or of importance to whites.

And somehow idiots in comments section seem to prefer white trash Anselmo and uninspired, hollow music of Amon Amarth or others from irrelevant viking sub genre (probably simply because it's supported by something they actually can understand - over the top, trivial imagery) over the "real" metal.

Interzone / Re: A theory on pedophilia
« on: October 02, 2011, 02:21:34 PM »
Do not try to legitimize urge by claiming that if it's capable to reproduce it's ready to go. It's complex. Even if your theory is right (I have heard about similar experiments few years ago), those other factors, even excluding those, which you may perceive as facile - social, moral etc, should castrate you in a second. And that's what ultimately matters. Whole process may or may not be detached in some specimens, I think that necrophilia among animals is explained that way. Also, from what I know, ages when girls was inseminated after their first period (and even few years after their first menstruation), resulted in very high lethality of both, mothers and their children, complications and diseases. Remember all those kings without descendants? So it's also complex. How you could expect developed child from underdeveloped mother? And we have got some standards to be met, right?

You may be skeptical about that, but best offspring, on both aspects, is said to came from people, while I can't remember exact intervals, much older than teens.

Interzone / Re: Your choice of Holocausts
« on: September 15, 2011, 05:36:45 PM »
Take your pick:

    Obvious. A bunch of Nazis and their inflammatory leader rail against you, blame problems on you, call for your extermination, and then begin a slow encroachment on you with laws that scream out YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE. Eventually, they invade the rest of Europe and help local populations enslave you. The disadvantage of this is that it is brutal, but the advantage is that you can see it coming from miles away, which is why the net contribution of Hitler to Jewishness was (a) an increased awareness of the need for Jewish nationalism a.k.a. Zionism and (b) a giant IQ filter that slaughtered off the stupid, oblivious, insane and impoverished Jews while sending the wealthy and intelligent to America, the UK and Israel.

    Cryptic. Everyone talks about tolerance, peace, love and keeping you alive UNTIL it is discovered that you are (a) rich and (b) having a bad relationship with your neighbors, who happen to be brown, e.g. objects of pity and symbols of altruism for those in the West. Suddenly, you are the Nazis in their minds, and they will not stop at anything short of forcing Israel into compromising positions, while discriminating against Jews at home.

You think I'm full of it? It's what happened in the Soviet Union. Lenin and Trotsky were Jewish; 40% of the Soviet high command were Jewish. A few years later, they were all gone, many dead. The social fashion that is liberalism shifted against them once they were seen to be a privileged population, e.g. a successful one. The same thing has been noticed in the West.

Liberal resentment knows no bounds. It has one agenda: equality, by punishing the successful and giving to the unsuccessful. Reversal of evolution. Decay. That's all.

    Republicans jumped on the Democrats’ Tuesday loss of the congressional seat given up by disgraced U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner as a sign of eroding Jewish support for President Barack Obama and his party.

    New York’s heavily Democratic 9th Congressional District, centered on Brooklyn and Queens, is one of the most Jewish in the nation, and the Democratic candidate was an Orthodox Jew.

    "This Republican win in an overwhelmingly Democrat district is a significant indicator of the problem that President Obama has in the Jewish community,” Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks said after Republican Bob Turner won Tuesday’s special election, an outcome that few had predicted a couple of months ago. - CNN

Jewish voters have figured out the obvious:


They have realized that while Hitler was a hateful goon, he was at least an honest one.

Not so with liberals.

Smile, stab in back. Repeat.

And they do it all with a justification: "Well, if Jews are rich, and Palestinians are brown, then the Jews must have oppressed dem Palestinians!"

Liberals aren't very bright. They are the party of the prole. And the prole is good at nothing, except blaming other people for his problems.

All nationalists should stand with Israel and the Jewish people. Defend them against this slow but certain indirect genocide. Support them in their quest for a nationalist state. The rights we want are the rights they want and we can help each other. Maybe we can even mend the scars of WWII, and finally bury that fratricidal fucking war.

To the author of "Your choice of Holocausts", as I don't want to post serious data in such comment section as you got there.
It's a very weak reasoning complete with americanized simplified "I don't care" knowledge about history. You are in serious need of data to improve accuracy of your conclussions. I feel same sensation as when encountered about metal by a total outsider who know only mainstream, facile perception of phenomenon or listens to modern simple garbage without essence but with lot of imagery. It's also a grotesque situation when you insult other nationalists either by your ignorance or typical western carelessness, suggesting, that they should made amputation of quite recent memory. Memory which is crucial not only for every sane person but especially for those seeking to build upon tradition. I know that history of your country don't combine with Jews in such drastic way, but there are many others. You should remember and know something about them if you are also addressing to them such calls as in the article. If you care of course.

Your reasoning about only early communistic cadre being Jewish is wrong, as well as supposed reason of assassinations between them. Also calling stalinism, responsible for many purges later on, liberal is a dubious interpretation. There are also other than materialistic or other populist (proletari's despise against those better than them) reasons for antisemitism. They were hostile, alien and disloyal. Parasitic, because they were working toward their own particular goals on organisms of other nations. Finally - genocidal when encountered the local elites:

One Jewish elite was often slaughtered by other (Zinowjev and Kamenev were also Jewish), as in case of mainly Jewish communists dropped on parachutes in 1941 near occupated Warsaw to form a competitive to sovereign, protected by invading Red Army, government, which gained legitimacy when West short-sightedly traded this part of the world to Stalin. While Polish communistic party was before war illegal in Poland and totally marginal (Surprised? I know that common perception of Eastern Europe is that they were pro-communistic proles. People hated them or was at least suspicious - probably remembering Battle of Warsaw 1920, to which they found enough motivation to win), Jews got legal, relevant parliamentary force. They also got legal, mainly socialistic but also communistic and zionist organizations and parties. Certain Polish nationalists got programs similar to early German plans, focusing on deportation Jews to place where they could be themselves. Of course for most of them it was an example of unacceptable antisemitism and, having proper apparatus, they opposed such initiatives. It's worth to mention, that their communities also breed faster back then, which brings on understandable ethnic anxiety of Poles/Slavs in newly reborn Poland. Those Jews were cheerful and joyous when 17 September 1939 Red Army attacked nation where they had such good conditions to live and one can hear them saying then, that it's their people coming. Before war Poland was a center of world's Jewry and was famous for its tolerance/blindness, Jews called it their place to live. Also through history Poland gave shelter to Jews banished from other countries many times. From Russia after Great war, and for the last time in 1939, from Germany, right before World War II). Then holocaust of remaining Polish elites begun as well as force fed propaganda and famous social sovietization which last for almost half century. However you must know, that through first years after war, remnants of old society was reluctant to new authorities. Similar to Russians - it wasn't that happy prole revolution as it is often carelessly presented. Maybe because uneducated people were stubborn or simply suspicious, communism was still weak and uncertain in Russia, even after 1917. In Poland terror, deceit, and Russian occupation finally established new order. Then, a new generation was created. Made by institutions of which you can knew only from Orwellian 1984 (you know that when we say about todays American or liberal/secular fascism or totalitarianism it's merely a silly word play compared to regimes behind red curtain), by new, one and only allowed ideology of Marx and Lenin interweaved with cult of Stalin. A generation comprised of people either truly committed to ideology or simply cynical and opportunistic and of those living in fear and apathy if they choose to doubt in sovereignty of Poland and rejected official ideology. Also ethnically it's a wreck to a point when nobody knows who is who.

You made your statement like someone still in power to distribute privileges to minorities, while you're not:

To this day Jews fights against every form of Polish nationalism and tradition. It's totally preventive, because believe it or not, despite deceptively created, popular image of this country, nationalism is non existent as a significant mindset let alone political movement, unless you want to mention some marginal, reactionary and embarrassing radicals who are undoubtedly convenient as a role models to distort overall image of nationalism or conservatism. It's a divided society, defined by path choosen by their post war ancestors (plus modern, liberal products of rabid westernization to which future belongs I'm afraid). And since Jews got their influences and creates various pressures, they doesn't have to be militant, they can just resort to passive aggression now to create moral standards of what is right and what is wrong. Because nationalism consists also of tradition and history of people - it's hard to forget  their double standard, but it's easy to understand why their nationalism can't be similar to that promoted by Anus - because their is more realistic, darvinistic and hence often bloody. In some sense they just know better and you are, with such stance as in the article, merely a descendant of European liberal tradition of which modern world is logical consequence. Let's be honest - you propose some liberal, western and compromised form of nationalism while Jews got more proper and effective version. Of course forbidden if someone is against them on any level as can be seen by their anti-national policy everywhere outside of Israel. So I don't buy your kumbaya stance on nationalism, and i think it can be harmful. There are animosities between nations analogical to animosity between individuals. I hate some of them either because of their actions (often it's connected to concepts of what is proper, just and desired in my culture) or I "hate" their presence near me because they are too incompatible with me (again it's about standards). Never because of envy or because they are successful on some level. On the other hand I know that you probably know all of that but tries to promote nationalism "with human face", which would be beneficial to all, but I think that this time it should be truth and only truth from the beginning, without some sort of catch revealed later.

They are overtly hostile to my country. They are opposing every will of others to have nationalistic state. I can't have nationalistic country because of either direct actions of their moral authorities or because of pervasiveness of ideas they were stressing so much over the years. It doesn't mater if it would mean mutual cooperation between our nations. It's simply not their policy for others, because it's better to have net of influences than clear physical division. I can't have it because it could obstruct their influence over it and that's precisely against the policy of Israel toward rest of the world: To concentrate there foreign profits. Germans for example, with Siemens and few other also done that quite recently. It's just those double standards which prohibits others from creating goals based on national identity, by recalling moral imperative (distant but still, derivation from Jews own religion), and misconceptions of justice, lined with disdain for others written in their cannons. Everyone seem to disdain revenge, but of course in case of Israel it's justified, as a form understandable revenge or righteous retribution for holocaust. It also weakened our ties with reality as can be seen by condition at which West seems to be. Some assume that they are doing it to prevent violence against them, that they got enough of persecution through ages. Do they really believe that, for example some weak, small European countries, if nationalized, will attack Near East atomic power subsidized by USA and UK? Not to mention that most of those countries will be dependant on one level or another to members of their diaspora? I seriusly doubt that. It's just obvious that ethnocentrism is permitted only for them. So the rights we want are same rights they want, for sure, but they already have them and decided that we aren't supposed to. It's of course not within my power, but how can one gave more support for Israel as a nationalist state (they ALREADY got it, on they own terms, yet I, as I presented in my historical argument, thanks to their, also most recent "support", can't) if THEY don't want to be there?

If I wrote something historically inaccurate - go on correct me. Let's discuss.

Interzone / Re: Female vocalists
« on: September 11, 2011, 02:29:19 PM »
Might be of some interest to you:
Most of their contribution is in vocals here, but there are some exceptions and inconsistencies - if there's Gehenna on this compilation, there should be also Aeternus. From the 90s it's also worth to mention Derketa, Sinister and Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (very late 90').

...Or maybe something like that?

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