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Metal / Death Metal in the most Brutal tradition
« on: May 14, 2005, 08:04:47 PM »
Drawn And Quartered

I saw them perform last thursday night for In Memorium's Cd release party on Moribund records.  Drawn and Quartered do not fuck around!  Very honest death metal in the tradition of early Incantation and Immolation.

Check them out here:


Moribund Records:


Metal / Speaking on the behalf of Gay Midget Fecal Pr0n (GMFP)!
« on: April 17, 2005, 06:45:14 AM »
In Memorium


Metal / 1349
« on: April 08, 2005, 07:59:55 PM »
I've never heard them, or of them. áSo what's the consensus, are they worth checking out? áTom from Celtic Frost seems to admire and respect them completely.

-taken from Celtic Frost.com:

...of 1349:

Dear Ravn

Hail to you, too. You must know that it is always a delight and an honour to read or hear from you. Yes, me and the guys are doing fine, and I hope the same can be said about 1349. You, and 1349, are a constant presence here at our rehearsal studio. Not only do we have your pictures and articles hanging on our walls, but you and your visit are also often a topic of our conversations.

The work on this new CF album has been exceptionally intricate, much more so than any of us anticipated when we began. And we anticipated a lot. That is not a negative nor despondent comment by any means, and we certainly weren't na´ve about it either when we began. We always knew it would be a major challenge to re-envision CF in a way, shape and form which would be as close as possible to what we and the fans love about the band and which would, at the same time, be able to subsist in a modern world. To get to the point where we are now has been the most powerful, demanding, inventive and emotional experience in my entire artistic career. It has been utterly dark, personally draining, exhausting, intoxicating, and fascinating, and it has made the friendship between Martin and me closer and more creatively active than it has ever been. And that is a very significant, given the duration and happenings events of our alliance. My respect for Martin has soared to heights I never knew existed. He has always been a most significant and venerated guiding light in my musical and spiritual world, but he has risen to be a person I humbly and sincerely revere.

And could we have made a true (and "true" is a key word in this context) CF album without any of these experiences? I doubt it. To be as dark and deep as our classic albums have been, CF album songwriting and rehearsal sessions must be sustained by an aura that is radical, demanding, probing and defiant. None of this was contrived, mind you. It is all real, and, often, completely spontaneous. But it is happening, almost by provenience, and it is as inspiring as it is intimidating. For better or for worse, we are creating something truly out of the ordinary here. Or maybe it has taken us over, has instrumentalized us.

Whether we manage to make it possible for our audience to understand what all of this means, and whether they will be able to connect to it, remains to be seen. We believe we have exposed, or rather procreated, disinterred, the urgency and anguish inherent the original creativity common to all genuine CF music. It is no longer possible to be truly pioneering. But it is and will always be possible to be courageous, daring, radical and original. As a matter of fact, I have always believed these are the most crucial requirements for anybody calling themselves an "artist".

And even in the short few weeks since you have been here in Switzerland to listen to our new material (a second ago when compared to the many months we have been contemplating this project), our music has matured and changed drastically. You then said "you will drown the world in heaviness". Never has this been more true.

More soon, my friend. Please don't forget to extend my sincere greetings to Frost and all in 1349.


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