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Metal / Re: Metal as outside society's view
« on: August 27, 2007, 05:42:47 AM »
In the most superficial way possible, metal is viewed by the mainstream as the exclusive province of angry white males.  Other than an occasional mention in a television newsmagazine - and never taken more seriously than an ultra violent novelty - the mixture of (what is perceived as) many unstable white men and degenerate art make metal an untenable subject for so-called decent people.  

Metal / Re: Young adults - solipsists?
« on: August 23, 2007, 08:18:33 AM »
Not to be a jackass, but don't you think it considerably misrepresents the function of conversational speech (written or spoken) to view it as being about exchanging information and then judging those speech patterns on their 'efficiency' in transmitting information?

If it were confined to "conversational speech," then yes I agree with you, but that completely misses the point of the discussion.  The issue here is how pseudo-conversational speech has bled into other venues, and how it's apparently more appropriate to use informal, obtuse modes of communication in places that aren't called My Space or Facebook.  

The two old men you referred to discuss the weather because they have very little to say, but undoubtedly posess a vast amount of experience.  To be a young person with almost no experience, interacting purely in vagueries, and expressing nothing but one's uninformed, unqualified opinion is something else entirely.  To say that a young person who's shut out all outside influence in favor of his own self-interest - using a middling social idiom in place of actual communication - is anything but deficient, is ludicrous.  

Metal / Re: Young adults - solipsists?
« on: August 23, 2007, 05:59:44 AM »
Essentially, our relationships with other people have been replaced by a "more efficient," formalized system.  "[The Third Order of Simulacra is] simulacra of simulation, founded on information, the model, the cybernetic game -- total operationality, hyperreality, aim of total control."  At times I think of my actions in life based on how they will affect my Facebook account in some way, rather than the other way around.

If I'm not misinterpreting your statement - and you are just taking the piss, as I think you are - that efficiency and formalization have come at the expense of substance.  A lexicon composed largely of acronyms to describe exaggerated or often dishonest actions (how many people are actually rolling on the floor laughing?) has become the m.o. on sites like Facebook and My Space.  Scholars have argued that the online community has dispensed with flowery language in the interest of speaking directly and succintly - interestingly, many proponents of hip-hop use the same argument to defend that community's rampant use of horrid grammar and diction.  That said, a glance at a Facebook profile might first appear as cryptic cipher, then cut-to-the-bone socializing, and finally as a bunch of gibberish.  

It's the growing endorsement of this non-communication that would seem to remove the glamour of the solipsistic youth.  Without requiring a fine-toothed comb, it be can be determined that this young person has lapsed into solipisim by default, lacking the skills and language to effectively and fruitfully interact with other people.  There's also something fundamentally selfish about using a nonsensical shorthand to communicate, and expecting that (or not caring if) everyone else gets it.  I don't believe that our young online denizens have adapted to a modern, more efficient system of communication, they've just gravitated to a forum that allows for a bilious and unadulterated exchange of bullshit.  

Metal / Re: Young adults - solipsists?
« on: August 22, 2007, 04:12:13 PM »
The fact that we live in an age where most mainstream outlets - particularly the much ballyhooed electronic forums - cater to, foster and masturbate the solipsistic tendencies of our youth should not be overlooked.  

Consider the popularity of mindless social networks like My Space and Facebook.  I'd dare say that an overwhelming majority of the pages on these sites serve no function other than to wallow in the narcissism and self-reference of the user.  These pages are used wholly to promote one's social standing, and since most of the user's so-called friends are either people he's never met or passing aquaintances added simply to boost totals, its basis is solipsistic.  And not to venture off into pseudo-fascist rhetoric, but the accessibility and availability of forums to voice idle opinions that amount to little more than "look how many friends I've got," not only dilutes the quality of dialogue between young persons,  but introduces a hiterto unparalleled level of bullshit into our global community - this board is a(n) (occasional) shining example.  

While I realize the latter part of that statement may come off as borderline hippie dreck, I genuinely believe that emphasizing the social inexperience and empty personal preference our fine admin spoke of are useful agents to make a young person a better, unflinchingly devoted consumer, and blind to any real knowledge of anything outside his rather limited world of faceless "buddies."  This ties in with Heydrich's point about the emptiness of language.  Though there's nothing inherently new about platitudes and mantras, they've somehow managed to blur into so-called legitimate conversation.  If you've ever seen a Kubrick film - scripts famous for their profound use of empty dialogue - you've seen people who've lost the ability to communicate and have thus been reduced to socializing through the triviality of their actions.  In our reality, the signal to noise ratio among the young has become more disproportionate as the internet has emerged as a powerful means of rearing an already average mind in a deepening pool of dullness; at what point is the selfish young person really encouraged to grow up anymore?

Metal / Re: Tonight's Hessian TV listings
« on: September 20, 2006, 05:20:33 PM »

The church burning montage gave me chills, but the Norwegian couple with the Samoan kid made me want to vomit City of the Living Dead style.

Kill Again was mentioned in the lawsuit story a few years back.

I'm not entirely sure of the motivation behind the inclusion of the adopted Polynesian kid.  He wasn't really indicative of the Norwegian stereotype they tried to exploit in the program.  To the best of my knowledge he was there to either show that the so-called evil of death metal corrupts children of all races, or, more insidiously, that the astute boy of color (remember he was the only "metal kid" in the show who made a point of saying he didn't subscribe to any of the metal ideology) is exposed to evil music thanks to the ineptitude of his obliging Nordic parents.  

Metal / Re: Tonight's Hessian TV listings
« on: September 18, 2006, 03:16:10 PM »
The Discovery Channel program had absolutely nothing to do with death metal music, and focused exclusively on angry young white people doing what angry young white people do best.  It was the brand of embarassing low budget shockumentary one normally sees on CourtTV dealing with thrill killers and rapists from the least evolved areas of the lower 48.  In the course of attempting to establish a paper thin causal link between murder and whatever fucking genre of music they pulled out of thin air, it amounted to nothing more than 50 minutes of misfit teenagers desperately seeking a peer group.   Benton came off as a clod because: 1. he is a clod; 2. there's no other way to portray the accidental villain in shows like this one.   There was no attempt made to educate, enlighten, or even really demean in any way.  Forgetting for a minute the half dozen times Slayer were referred to as "death metal," and ignoring a 50 year old Italian man going to Iron Maiden concerts, the program's chief ambitions were cheap shock and controversy.  For that reason, it was every bit as guilty of all the crimes it half-heartedly accused death metal of, except, you know, without the artistic component.  So, yeah, it's really just a bunch of unwatchable trash.

Still eagerly awaiting Discovery's special on "Hardcore Rap."

Metal / Re: Deicide interview
« on: September 08, 2006, 07:09:56 AM »
All allegations of "poseurdom" notwithstanding, it seems that Glen's massive ego has fueled every stage of his career.  Whether playing the role of the drunken suicidal satanist or the drunken superdad it all traces back to his megolamania via whatever vehicle he finds trendy at the time.  I don't doubt that he felt the need to shed most of his early irresponsibilty when his children were born, and I can't really fault the guy for putting the welfare of his family ahead of doctrine, but this constantly metamorphosing evil he claims access to is just laughable.   People like Marilyn Manson use precisely the same rationale for keeping money in their bank accounts.  It's basic marketing, and again, I can't fault the guy for it.   But really, why pay any attention to him at all anymore?

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