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Interzone / Re: Wikipedia deletes ANUS, again
« on: December 02, 2008, 07:26:02 PM »
I have personally advertised to trolling groups about the oppression of our people. Sure, it is a misrepresentation by calling ourselves trolls with musical taste, but we must be appealing for other groups to support us. I'm working on rallying people to support GNAA too. It's not working as well as I had hoped for though. Once we set precedence with representation of trolling groups on Wikipedia, I think it will open up a lot more possibilities/leniency. Perhaps having a specific way to promote ourselves on Wikipedia / having well defined goal for promotion will make the more apathetic people come around (i.e. pressing a button, downloading a script, macro, etc.)

Interzone / Re: Wikipedia deletes ANUS, again
« on: December 02, 2008, 12:22:27 PM »

Interzone / Re: Questions About Family, Friends, and Employment...
« on: November 25, 2008, 03:00:21 PM »
I just got my work evaluation (for my university co-op program) back, and my areas that require improvement are oral communication and professionalism. Hah.

I believe university is required nowadays for any type of job. Engineering is likely worthwhile if you're into math and hard science.

To beyond_godlike: I also find quantum mechanics interesting, though more specifically, astrophysics. What theory allows electrons to be in two places at once? I'm quite familiar with quantum mechanics, and I've never heard of such thing. I'm under the impression that it was just light transmitted in the picture at two different times. The particle itself is not in two places, else that would break quite a few laws. I find superfluidity, how time is discrete, quark and preon degeneracy fairly fascinating. I'm looking forward to the LHC figuring out that Higgs boson!

Interzone / Re: Holy Shit, a Chance to "Do Something"
« on: November 23, 2008, 08:36:05 AM »
Also, another effective way searching via Google and other search engines is to do as follows:

Type into google: "<artist and/or album> site:loadingvault.com", which will then give you results from both rapidshare.com and megaupload.com, without being too specific or vague.

Interzone / Re: Good deeds
« on: November 05, 2008, 07:03:35 PM »
I guess it depends on if the person actually wants help then, esoteric.


Metal / Re: Bands worth hearing thread
« on: November 02, 2008, 10:00:47 PM »
I've long ago abandoned black metal and other metal-related bands. I felt I was picking at scraps, and there is so much other great music out there that should be recognized.

Killing Joke
Big Black
Swans: early works and also later works.
Angels of Light: "Everything is Good Here/Please Come Home" album.
Throbbing Gristle
Psychic TV
SPK (early works)

I would like to have some post-punk recommendations. Thanks.

Interzone / Re: Good deeds
« on: November 02, 2008, 08:46:54 AM »
I typically do "good deeds" if I feel I would do someone's task more efficiently. An old man opening a door, who has a cane -- I would rather open the door myself, for example.
I typically open/hold doors open for the general public. I know I dislike having doors close on my face, and it requires extra effort to stop the door, and reverse it's direction. It's a normal part of my life. I typically help out when someone is in need. I really don't feel much satisfaction helping them though; it's more of a feeling that I'm contributing to holistic well-being.

In essence, the thing that hurts me the most is seeing struggle or suffering. I understand helping out the elderly. It is doubtful in my mind that they are parasitic enough to get to that stage in life.

I have no remorse for people born "handicapped". Every time I see them, I just wish I could end them so they wouldn't have to suffer. I try to avoid these people best I can. Some liberal dipshits may say, "it's not their fault they're the way they are". My point of view is: they're living, they're suffering, they're parasites, so fuck 'em. Same with those starving children of Africa. I don't give a shit about them.

Interzone / Re: Archaic video games
« on: October 25, 2008, 01:43:53 PM »
Kohan: Ahriman's Gift. It's about 8 years old now, but still has an online community. Probably one of the most intelligent gaming communities out there. It's a real-time strategy, based in a fantasy world, reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, or Wheel of Time novels. Very innovative, great 2d graphics, and steep learning curve. Using real-world combat strategies such as flanking, ambushes, etc. Very interesting balance between economy and military, and is not micro-intensive. In the online community, there are standards that everyone abides by, to create a balanced game. Highly team-oriented playing.

I would compare it to chess.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for real-time strategy games, but the likelihood of actually finding the game and a cd key are low.

Interzone / Re: Stop useless behavior
« on: October 14, 2008, 09:54:06 AM »
If you have issues with people, resort to private messaging. That's what I typically do, if you can't ignore the bullshit.

If you believe it is a pertinent issue, make a thread about it, and don't go off topic.

I'm fairly certain this has been brought up multiple times before.

Interzone / Re: College
« on: September 28, 2008, 12:02:30 PM »
University of Waterloo for environmental engineering. It is one of the few universities in Canada that have a male population over 50%, due to its focus on engineering, math, and the hard sciences.

I find that the overall ethos is extremely liberal. They push gay and woman's rights up our asses. There are so many scholarships, seminars and shit for females in engineering. Females make up less than 15% of the engineering students here, and are typically those small Asian chicks.

I took an cultural anthropology course last term, hoping for some content on anthropometrics. Sadly, it was about Pygmies and how we are all the same on the inside.

I posted several sodomy fliers around campus, only to find them all removed after about a week. Better luck next time, I guess.

Oh, and if there's anyone else 'round this here parts interested in posting fliers, by all means contact me. I found it fairly difficult to tape them up as I tried to make sure they were hard to remove.

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