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Interzone / Re: Hessian Hobbies
« on: June 16, 2010, 04:09:55 PM »
This video appears to be going viral. Sofiana, if this is your content, or another ANUS member's content, perhaps some propaganda should be created in order to ride the 'viral wave' in essence of Hessian hobbies. A link to hessian.org may be appropriate, too. Anyway, I enjoyed the video. Thanks.

Metal / Re: Industrial black metal fails
« on: June 12, 2010, 11:37:37 PM »
The name "Eric Freisen" sounds familiar to me. At one point, was he on the BBS? Anyway, I appreciate the recommendation although I wouldn't classify it as industrial metal.

Interzone / Re: Marduk vs. Lady Gaga
« on: June 12, 2010, 05:31:50 PM »

She likes Doom. I'd take her cock in my ass any day for this reason only. That's what we're talking about here, right?

Metal / Good Industrial
« on: June 12, 2010, 04:44:10 PM »
Good news:

New release of Streetcleaner, along with Godflesh tour dates! Possibly a new release in the future.

Swans plans on touring and releasing a new album, reminiscent of their earlier work. You should probably expect to see JKB at the Supersonic Festival.

For further consideration: Check out Godflesh's album "Slavestate" if you haven't already. I'm appreciating it more than "Streetcleaner" as of late.


Interzone / Re: Scheduled for demolition to make room for wilderness
« on: June 11, 2010, 05:22:23 AM »
I've always liked this flier too. Anyway, remediation and decommissioning of brownfield sites definitely seems a career that people here should probably consider. I, for one, plan on using my degree in environmental engineering to do exactly this sort of work, or perhaps work on environmental emergencies (Gulf oil disaster, groundwater contamination, etc.). All environmental disasters from anthropogenic sources can be attributed to these disasters being extraneous: when determining whether a project should be undergone, the costs associated with disasters are not considered, as the chances of them occurring are low and far into the future (time value of money).

A documentary relevant to everyone's interests: Life After People (2008). You can probably watch it on Google Video.

Interzone / Re: Less attractive fish have 'better sperm'
« on: June 02, 2010, 06:12:07 AM »
I would say that your understanding of how fish mating works isn't accurate. Neither types of males are inferior to one another. In fact, some of these sneaker fish mimic the looks of female fish in order to act as a decoy in order to get closer to the female fish so they can fertilize her eggs. In other words, fish use many different methods to fertilize eggs. These are methods to "bypass" sexual selection and it's barely related to natural selection. There is no difference in quality between the sperm; one may look better and one may be faster. It's simply a fitness trade-off.

It doesn't work for humans, unless you either plan on: 1. Sneaking into your room mates room while he's having sex and ejaculating instantaneously into his girl and hope they don't notice, 2. Rape some girl before someone has sex with her 3. Sneak sperm into her some other way. Doesn't happen.

Metal / Re: Hemorrhoid Awareness Week: June 14-20
« on: May 31, 2010, 05:17:31 PM »
Well, I know I will be raising awareness on this very important issue. Admittedly, I have never had hemorrhoids, but it is an international issue that people must be aware of, to bring those that suffer justice.

Metal / Re: YOUR metal timeline
« on: May 30, 2010, 12:05:50 PM »
1989: Discovered sentience.
1990 - 2000: Hated music.
2001 - 2002: Discovered power metal such as Manowar, Domine, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian.
2002 (approx. four month period): Listened to nu metal, hated life.
2003? Discovered Satanism and fallacies of morality. Discovered Iron Maiden, Iced Earth. Abandoned nu metal. Embraced power metal to an extreme.
2004?: Dimmu Borgir. Still loved my power metal. Found ANUS.
2004 - 2005: Burzum, Immortal, Emperor, Mayhem, Dark Funeral. Read every article on ANUS. ANUS BBS.
2005: Symphonic black metal briefly? DLA.
2006: Abandoned my power metal roots. Raw black metal and ambient. Ildjarn, Brian Eno, Klaus Schulze, Jaaportit, Biosphere, Tangerine Dream.
2007: Abandoned all symphonic black metal, including Emperor. Listened only to Godflesh, Dead Can Dance and Biosphere? Well-versed in all forms of black metal.
2007 - 2008: Industrial and classical. Swans, Big Black, Killing Joke, Beethoven, Schumann, Schubert, Saint Saens, etc. I believe I began listening to Autechre, AFX and Aphex Twin somewhere around here.
2008 - 2009: Doom and funeral doom. Began listening to hardcore: Black Flag, Discharge, Amebix, DRI, etc.  Mostly Swans. Tried drone stoner shit, didn't like.
2009: Crust punk, AFX, VNV Nation, Swans. Began to discover Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, Siege, Totalitar, Sarcofago.
2010: Godflesh, Swans, AFX, VNV Nation. Trying to get into death metal.
Right now: first two albums and EP of Godflesh for the past week.

It's very descriptive because I've had my life sectioned into discrete time periods of four months from school. I've indicated various stages in my life. Swans, Godflesh, Dead Can Dance, VNV Nation, Doom, and AFX have been the largest staples of my listening experience for the past three years.

This was fun.

Metal / Re: Funny fact about newbies in metal
« on: May 25, 2010, 05:43:01 PM »
Back in my teenage years (I'm 20 now), I tried to like symphonic black metal. Didn't happen. I kept sticking with my raw black metal, crust, and ambient. Before smoking, I tried get into death metal, didn't happen. Then I tried Swedish death metal, which typically is more punkish than most death metal (imo imo), and I loved it (still haven't smoked cannabis, 'cause I don't wanna turn gay).

Quote from: mr marcus
Anyone ever went througt this stage of wanting simpler metal just because the other stuff is too complex or challenging or whatever?
I've always enjoyed the more "simpler" types of music but I also understand why people enjoy Demilich or Gorguts. I give them occasional listens. Perhaps I'm just not br00tal enough to be methulz.

Perhaps you enjoy listening to tech. death on cannabis because it's trippy. If so, you're listening to it for all the wrong reasons. Don't listen to stuff if you don't like it.

Quote from: mr marcus
This preference for simpler, more average (but no mediocre) metal, is when I do not smoke it
Just because its simpler doesn't make it "lesser" music (if you mean in a minimalistic way). If you meant "simpler" as to "music for simpletons", then perhaps you're not quite ready to dive straight into the "higher music" or be categorized as a "transcendental anus elitist" as so many of us here are (haha). Take the music with time. You're not going to like everything. And if you do, maybe you're just trying to "fit in".

Metal / Re: Where did it all go wrong?
« on: May 23, 2010, 04:08:34 PM »
Encyclopedia Dramatica provides an accurate history of crabcore.

Interzone / Re: Running and other Physical Activities
« on: May 21, 2010, 10:03:43 PM »

I thought this was of interest. This e-book offers a contrary opinion and a case against long-distance/endurance running for regular exercise.

I like to think of it as a "paleolithic" exercise routine.

Thanks for this book. Although the book reads as a gimmick, the little portion regarding ATP, energy, protein, and carbs was useful information, assuming it is accurate, but it does make sense. Anywho, this link likely disproves those arguments regarding long distance running -- It's completely obvious why marathon runners have atrophied muscles: the extra weight of muscle is not effective at long distances.

Anyway, I did a 2.5k barefoot run about a week ago. Had a pebble lodged in my foot. Other than the pain on the bottom of my feet, it was a very enjoyable run. By this one run barefoot I was able to nearly perfect my gait and it made me realize that the cause of my heel-strike was indeed from my shoes. I'm going to try to buy a pair of durable wet shoes, as Vibram Five-Fingers are unavailable in my area. I'm looking forward to running again without the use of over-engineered footgear.

I await your response, Bereft! By the way, I would recommend a pair of Five-Fingers Bikila over Sprints or KSOs, they were made just for runners. I believe they have higher durability and minimize abrasion between the skin and the footwear.

Interzone / Re: Creating life
« on: May 20, 2010, 09:55:03 PM »
I like how the ethics professor shares his opini0nz.

Anywho, prokaryotes are far different than eukaryotes and multicellular organisms. With understanding of biochemistry the definition of "life" can be defined through chemistry and math, and it does not seem that fantastic as a layman might see it. However, it is a giant leap in science, just because it hasn't been done before and has a lotta potential in the near and distant future in biotechnology.

One example is synthesizing Gram-negative bacteria that can turn into spores and be transmitted through water and air would definitely cause problems if released into the environment. Some sorta necrotizing bacterial spores could do some damage too, but I think scientists would avoid creation of such things because of "ethics" and other "moral" and "lawful conduct". I don't think we're at the edge of biological warfare just yet, but you never know. If it took them 15 years to do prokaryotes, I would say perhaps another 30-50 years for eukaryotes, but I'm just pulling numbers out of my ass. We're a long way from synthetic multicellular organisms, which will definitely not be developed in our lifetimes. Plus, we already have nasty things crawling around already, so it likely wouldn't be effective to synthesize something just for killing humans. There have existed viruses, bacteria and parasites that have been doing that for hundreds of thousands of years already!

To ponder: Compare research done by Monsanto and by this scientist. Draw conclusions.

Relevant: http://www.masshightech.com/stories/2009/03/30/weekly15-George-Church-creates-building-block-for-artificial-life.html

Interzone / Running and other Physical Activities
« on: May 12, 2010, 10:05:06 PM »
I, for one, enjoy running. I recently noticed that having leg pains while running is not a normal condition: I have been running with my heel striking the ground all the time, due to the horrible design of my footwear. I've ran in boots and several types of running shoes and always I've ended up in pain after around 5 kilometers. I've recently read a great deal on Chi running (I believe it has been brought up in the past) and also barefoot running, which I am very interested in doing. I've decided that buying running shoes again is a futile attempt to prevent injury to my legs and it is costly to constantly look for better options. Some guidance from Barefoot Ted piqued my interest, as his philosophy bears many similarities to nihilism.

I've also been interested in buying a pair of Vibram Five Fingers shoes for rougher terrain, but I realize the product has had increased popularity and I would prefer not to hop on the bandwagon, but I find the concept to be ideal for my circumstances. Does anyone have these or similar footwear?

Furthermore, I've increased my interaction with the "sheeple" and have joined a running group, intramural soccer team and partake in other running activities, such as parkour and manhunt. Anyone else do activities similar to these, and what would you recommend? I tend to avoid sports that require teamwork as it requires "groupthink" but I plan to just have fun, whatever that may mean.

I seem to engage in more "open" environments when it comes to interaction with people: I tend not to be walking in solitude in a forest or discussing/listening to music with fellow metalheads or any other stereotypical behaviours of metalheads. Can anyone else attend to this? Perhaps I am more hippie than metalhead.

Other relevant topics:
Non-meaningless social activities

Interzone / Re: Office work
« on: May 09, 2010, 09:44:22 AM »

Just completed my work term. I can safely say that I cannot do desk work for a prolonged period of time, unless it involves thought and I enjoy it. I'll plan on doing fieldwork in the near future instead. I cannot recommend working at a government institution.

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