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Interzone / Winter reviews
« on: January 08, 2013, 12:39:25 AM »
Where did they go?

Interzone / High IQ / Dysfunction link.
« on: September 19, 2012, 12:06:00 PM »

The tortured genius is more than just a literary trope. There does seem to be a link between very high IQ and some sort of mental/social issues. If the article above is to be trusted, at the higher ranges maladjustment is extremely common, afflicting about half of the population under study. It seems to hold true to a lesser degree at the lower ranges of high IQ, with the problem becoming unignorable at the "visionary" 150+ range. I think this can be explained to some degree by modern sensory and information overload, and the misanthropy that is to be expected in dealings with more extroverted, superficial and unintelligent folk. However, for it to exist to this degree, there must be something inherent in high IQ that leads to such destabilization. So how does that affect the sub-120 IQ cull thought experiment? Would, in that vision, a depopulated but not necessarily IQ stratified humanity be the logical end result? Would it be better to reduce the population in every IQ category in proportion, culling entirely the absolute end of the spectrum but keeping alive a large proledom that would be ruled over by high IQ elites? A casted society perhaps, like ancient India, even if the castes are not exactly prescribed.

I think such a future awaits America, with the creation of a large lower block of hispanics and blacks and a high IQ minority of whites (by that time depopulated), very rare jews, mostly East Asians and a smattering of South Asians (of certain subethnies, as Indian origin people have always intermarried within castes even when they have been abolished). Such a population makeup, plus democracy, spells disaster. However, with a different system of government that does not rely on majority opinion, I think this population makeup can work as long as everyone is on the same ideological page. Unlikely though that is, I don't think it is impossible.


Interzone / Anti-Obesity = Homophobia according to Obese Shmuck
« on: September 10, 2012, 03:57:24 PM »
Anti-Obesity: The New Homophobia?

Telling fat people they ought to be thin is about as helpful as telling gay people they should be straight

I'm glad it has finally come to this, I love it when liberals have full retard moments. If you are a bit chubby, that's not an issue, but if you are grossly overweight you disgust most people and should hide until you either die or reduce yourself to a tolerable weight. If you really need to emerge outside, cover yourself appropriately so society is not offended by your rolls, smell and general ugliness. Aesthetics and fat people don't mix.

Fucking fat enablers!

Edit: More on the author here

Interzone / Spiritual Autism
« on: August 13, 2012, 06:35:04 PM »

Building from this, I've noticed at least two distinct forms of religious feeling. There's an outward or interpersonal expression of it, and an inwardly directed, personal form. As an example of the first, it is currently Ramadan. I am fasting, as I have for years, for the mandated 29 or 30 days. After the month of Ramadan is over is the Muslim holy day of Eid. One of the things done on Eid throughout the Muslim world is a special, communal ritual prayer performed usually in wide fields or larger mosques. While travelling (preferably walking) to the site of the prayer, a Muslim must recite a certain platitude to Allah repeatedly. The atmostphere on this day is filled with a sense of power, an electricity in the very air. You feel a more intense love for people and for the world around you. Everything seems brighter, more vibrant and one is filled with joy.

An additional example in my experience is circumambulation and praying around the Kaaba. Discarding your usual modern dress to don a plain garment of tradition and engage in this group religious practice satisfies a part of the soul that I did not even know existed. Many other people have spoken of similar experiences during the Pilgrimage. Malcolm X's account is a particularly good one (his pilgrimage to Mecca was the primary cause of his conversion from the ideology of the Nation of Islam to Sunni Islam).

The inward element of it can be seen in the Sufis of Islam. Being drunk with religious ecstasy, discarding all worldly possessions or losing their senses for days in fits of transcendent experience, Muslim hagiography is full of such examples. Neuroimaging studies on 7th Day Adventists is another example of this potency of religious feeling, though it is also communal. Somewhat similar is the modern Mevlevi Sufi order in Turkey, those funny twirling guys in hats and skirts in Istanbul. However, that like most modern things is a (Kemalist) perversion of the actual truth.

Examples abound amongst Christian Saints and Mystics and in Christian practices. Self-Flagellation in religious ecstasy is a related occurance.

My point is that this is an oft-overlooked aspect of the fabric of society. If not most, then at least a significant minority of people are not only capable of feeling these sensations but I believe they require them for "spiritual" (you can consider it some biological impulse if you wish, it does not change the effect) nourishment. This has been torn from its root in Western nations and the effects of it are gradually becoming apparent (slowly, over the course of hundreds of years). Any competing ideology or system needs to be able to instill in its adherents a similar form of truth of feeling. If its depth is in any doubt, religious art and architecture should provide some evidence of it even to those who have never had a spiritual experience. I don't really find this in  "Nihilism" or "Traditionalism". Perhaps I misunderstand, but an awe of nature, a joy for life and an understanding of the world is just not enough to truly bind people together. Culture and Ethny are surely important, but this is vital. Muslims would vastly prefer the West to be Christian over Liberal/Atheist, we would rather deal with whole people, even if the spiritually dead have a certain dark genius or allure.

Recommended Reading:

Muslim Saints and Mystics: Translated from a Persian work on Sufi Hagiography.
Nihilism: By Father Seraphim Rose. An American Hieromonk who left the world this impressive summary of modern history.
Jonathan Haidt's A Righteous Mind: This should not be new to readers of the forum I think. Linked for chapters relating to how sacred systems bind people and an apt metaphor about how humans share some things with bees more than apes.

Interzone / Audiofile and Megaupload
« on: January 19, 2012, 12:31:36 PM »

McLEAN, Virginia (AP) One of the world's largest file-sharing sites was shut down Thursday, and its founder and several company executives were charged with violating piracy laws, federal prosecutors said.

An indictment accuses Megaupload.com of costing copyright holders more than $500 million in lost revenue from pirated films and other content. The indictment was unsealed one day after websites including Wikipedia and Craigslist shut down in protest of two congressional proposals intended to thwart online piracy.

The Justice Department said in a statement said that Kim Dotcom, formerly known as Kim Schmitz, and three others were arrested Thursday in New Zealand at the request of U.S. officials. Two other defendants are at large.

A good number of the uploads are on Megaupload aren't they :(

Interzone / The Arab Spring: innovation or douchebaggery?
« on: December 28, 2011, 12:10:47 PM »
You greatly misunderstand the Arab Spring if that is what you believe. These people maintain their values, and their youth have looked inward after generations, that is why you will not see "freedom" but a rejection of liberalization everywhere the order has changed there. The ones that do not have it call it insane, as usual. It was inevitable.

The group is the greatest strength. The solitary one is in his own fantasy.

Edit: Since I rose to a defense despite it being off-topic, the least I could do is share something to improve understanding: http://www.lebanese-forces.org/forum/showthread.php/50416-Making-Sense-of-the-Syrian-Crisis?p=716654#post716654 It's a Stratfor article reposted on this forum (because it's behind a paywall, like the article in the first post).

Metal / Islamic Metal - An Alternative View of Traditionalism
« on: December 07, 2011, 02:20:36 PM »
Some thoughts relating to my heritage:

In the tradition of Islam, there is a deep wisdom to be explored in terms of traditionality. It differs from Judaism and Christianity in emphasizing the essential tribal nature of man. Directly stating in the Quran that an external Agency has done so. I don't ask anyone to accept this, even though for me it is utter belief. However, I wish to make a case for an artistic justification for an extreme metal that derives from Islam (both geographically, i,e, in reality, and in ideology and symbolism).

There is a rich vein of profanity to be explored in Islam. There is a lot held sacred. However, Islamic Metal would present these profanities merely to inform. It would also emphasize absolute obeyment, tell tales of kings. Tell tales that are unmerciful. That reflect the realistic nature of the religion. Talk about the emphasis on family values by exposing the alternative version; profanity and destruction (perhaps, an oppressed son killing his father with intent inspired by intelligent evil). When it emphasizes war, it emphasizes "justice" (by its values, which it declares absolute). It would clearly state its intent. It would not profane the symbols of Islam directly; it would use inclusive terms (hence making necessary inclusive change, but I don't think this will reflect poorly on the art. It is somewhat similar to the classicists). No mention of Allah or the Prophet, but God and gods to be destroyed or exalted (by the evil). That would allow it to maintain an essentially Islamic nature while still exploring natural art in riff form.

The geographical spread of mainstream Islam can be divided into some major categories (though I admit to doing so somewhat arbitrarily). There is first the middle east, the Arabic culture. A culture of Bedouins (in terms of history, just moments ago). Lacking in material wealth but rich in understanding. Also of the past glory of Islamic civilization to which this metal would pine to return. The civilization of Baghdad, of early Islam, there are tons to explore. The Arab culture has its own subdivisions that can be emphasized under the broader Islamic vision; civilizations have existed and perished in Syria and Egypt (people already draw on this often, but mostly poorly, as a gimmick). Further along towards Africa you get a slightly different identity, infused with elements of African culture, which can be manipulated into cerebral music if it is vital in spirit. It should not naturally mean it is inferior to some "white" music. That strikes me as ascribing value for no reason, based on rather relative principles. Nevertheless, that is not the main thrust of my argument and I do not wish to engage anyone in this regard (you are welcome to question though, and I will attempt to answer if anyone wishes).

Towards Turkey, we find the Ottomans. Anyone would admit there is much to draw upon here. Sufism exists as a slightly differing ideology as well (still valid in terms of mainstream Islam), and can be explored; I think if it is genuine it can still be extreme, it is only when it is subverted by external gimmicks (hippies) that it becomes meaningless. Iran has a rich vein of Persian culture and post-Islamic culture. Afghanistan is mostly shit, but contributed the Mughals to India, so forth.

The Indians and Pakistanis especially, have a rich vein to draw from (my people). Indian classical music is sublime, and understands the nature of existence. Unlike the despicable Jazz, it is not process worship. It emphasizes a deeper something in structure. By doing so in structure it emphasizes that in meaning as well. It is reflective and powerful music. Nevertheless, it does not explore beyond what it believes to be "beautiful". Drawing from the riff, applying this philosophy, some of this technique; there is great potential here. Even in the sphere of Hinduism, the Vedas etc. which I assume would be more popular here as a supporting ideology.

Continuing on we see a distinct vein of asiatic Islam. Indonesia and Malaysia especially come to mind. These countries have maintained a lot of tradition in spite of Islam (ignorant people have often destroyed things they believe are harmful, without understanding). Any metal that comes out of here that is just directly subversive rings hollow because I have to ask exactly what they're fighting against? What do they want to return to with a rejection of society? Advocating rationalism to an absurd, all inclusive degree is directly against the spirit of metal. They can either find it in Islam or Paganism. The tradition of Islam is more knowledgeable, more informed, deeply philosophical. By merging these they can definitely create fine art.

There are the broad categories I would consider outside regional forms (Chechnya, Albania, Surinam et cetera). I wish I had the brush to bring these paintings to life, but I do not, and I use this message as a call to others who perhaps share my essential values and my love for metal despite them. Lets take it further than if the light takes us. Let the light take us (and the darkness).

P.S.: This is posted here out of academic interest. I fully intend to post it where it may be seen by those it is targeted at. Pakistani metal, my local metal, is mostly shit though. I've stayed far, far away. They have great, great ideas. Great musicality. There is enormous talent. You see stuff like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXmIpbBOSvI and you think they get it; then it's revealed as cheap rock music. A lot of spirit is maintained here. The intent is good. I can see it blossoming, but the vision is absent. There has been too much turmoil to allow it to happen on its own. I don't want to argue this as an excuse for anything though! Coke Studio has generally been in a good vein and is worth exploring for the one who wishes to gain some understanding of the music of the region. It takes from a wide range of examples, many simple, many refined. It also has a distinctly popular bend though, naturally (look at the fucking name, compromises for quality) so a lot of the refinement is absent. Nevertheless, it's there, and its dark side can be explored.

Metal / Understanding Metal Complexity: Visual AIDS
« on: December 07, 2011, 01:20:26 PM »
I was listening to some stuff on youtube, some black metal and western classical (and indian classical, incidentally), and it occured to me how difficult it is to get people to understand complex melodies, or "phrase", whatever you call it. I say in advance that I lack a vocabulary in music, so I apologize if I ascribe the wrong word to something; I hope the meaning comes through. Anyway, there is a lot of western classical in a similar spirit (perhaps more refined in a sense) that emphasizes structure in the same way as some metal. I think that's widely agreed on here?

On youtube I was watching the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipzR9bhei_o and it occured to me how trivial it is to at least recognize each element as a separate musical "stream" when presented in this way. I wonder what the result would be if this was applied to a song like "Lost Wisdom", a simple and directly stated (yet deeply complex Edit: I should clarify, what it evokes is complex) black metal work. Should this be attempted in addition to purely academic notation? I believe it would assist in making people who are already interested take the next step into understanding. Perhaps people who wish to create their own works. Some people learn better through doing, some through seeing. I think it could be done, I don't know where to start going about it, thoughts?