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Interzone / Re: ADD/Ritalin
« on: April 20, 2011, 11:37:33 AM »
Do your homework on this supplement:

This is an amino acid found in tea leaves. Apparently it's good for ADD/ADHD as well, but your mileage may vary.

Interzone / Re: Liturgy: Mission accomplished?
« on: April 10, 2011, 12:09:27 AM »
There must be irony in any group wanting to ostracize something from being a part of it by spreading the word about it in a negative manner, then.

Interzone / How should we approach social networks?
« on: February 17, 2011, 08:51:19 AM »
Roughly equivalent to the jizm produced by 10,000 horse dicks, cascading over one's head.


Dark Legions Archive has a new FB url. Weep, or join the trend and subvert it. If you already have a FB account, we could use more maniacs "liking" this page and then "sharing" it to their own friend groups.

and sodomy

What are you fighting for ?

Hey man, not everything is a fight or a war or a battle. The idea with most of these Facebook groups is passive spreading of memes

Interzone / Re: What is the deal around here?
« on: January 12, 2011, 10:50:49 PM »


Half those doofuses post saying "THIS THRED IZ DUMB LOL" and then don't respond when people call them out on their whining. What a bunch of peons.

Most of the posters remind me of the shouting villagers:
Monty Python - She's a witch!

Interzone / Re: Nootropics
« on: January 03, 2011, 01:36:51 PM »
I and several friends have began dose regimens with nootropics before, and I still use piracetam on a regular basis. Coupled with a good diet, you'll have a sharper mind, definitely. There haven't been any side effects.

As a student, one thing I noticed was that it was much more effortless to recall things, to formulate ideas and to apply them. I didn't notice much of an effect on focus other than your brain seems to be "faster". However I still think nothing helps a person's selective focus more than plain old tea.

The issue about "disciplining" one's mind and taking nootropics is that if you haven't disciplined yourself in the first place, nootropics aren't going to help you much. It's like putting a hot rod engine in your car that you don't even know how to drive.

Interzone / Re: Study shows realities of mate selection
« on: January 03, 2011, 04:51:37 AM »
That, and everyone is a liar and a deceiver.

I disagree completely -- those who trust others are the ones who get exploited nonstop.
I can see where you're coming from if you're talking about Average Joe Nobody on the street, or even people you met in high school.

I think high school was when I learned who could be trusted and who could be incinerated and few would miss them. Trust is an exclusive privilege, not an obligation or a handout.

You're confusing "trusting" with "gullible". How or why would an intelligent, trusting person let themselves get exploited?

A gullible person who has been fooled and exploited too many times may put their minds at ease by using a simple catchall like HUMANS = LIARS. This simply causes a big headache.

Trusting People Make Better Lie Detectors

People high in trust were more accurate at detecting the liars -- the more people showed trust in others, the more able they were to distinguish a lie from the truth. The more faith in their fellow humans they had, the more they wanted to hire the honest interviewees and to avoid the lying ones. Contrary to the stereotype, people who were low in trust were more willing to hire liars and they were also less likely to be aware that they were liars.

"Although people seem to believe that low trusters are better lie detectors and less gullible than high trusters, these results suggest that the reverse is true," write co-authors Nancy Carter and Mark Weber of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. "High trusters were better lie detectors than were low trusters; they also formed more appropriate impressions and hiring intentions.

"People who trust others are not pie-in-the-sky Pollyannas, their interpersonal accuracy may make them particularly good at hiring, recruitment, and identifying good friends and worthy business partners."

On the flip-side of this coin, liars are prone to lying to people who are easily deceived. They can tell who will be most susceptible to their trickery.

If one shows that they are trusting, but easily able to spot liars, they are less likely to be lied to. Even liars will tell them the truth, or at the very least, the truth can be extrapolated from their lies by this person because they're such a Smarty McSmartpants.

After the subjects had finished their poses, they were given $2 with the option of keeping it or gambling it on the roll of a die. Depending on the outcome, the subjects could double their money or lose it.


The high-power posers were more likely to risk their $2 for the chance to double it: Eighty-six percent took the gamble, compared with 60 percent of the low-power posers. They also reported feeling more powerful and in charge than did the low-power posers.

Posture does seem to have a noticeable effect on your mood but holy shit what a retarded test that is.

I suppose it is retarded if you're imagining the high-power people as being reckless like FUCK YEAH I'LL GAMBLE. I'M ON TOP OF THE FUCKING WORLD RIGHT NOW.

In reality, they were probably more like "eh, why the fuck not?" which seems more agreeable to me.

Somewhat related to the quoted study:
Warmer Feelings Flow From Cozy Hands: Scientists

The temperature of whatever you’re holding may affect your mood, HealthDay reports. Two new studies, published in Science, indicate that holding warm objects tends to make people act more generously and see strangers in a kinder light than those holding something cold. “Simply holding a warm or cold object can influence people's interpersonal judgments and decisions," a researcher says.

The studies tested different reactions when subjects held hot and cold coffee, and hot and cold therapeutic pads. What does this mean for you? Well, the next time you’ve got a date or a big meeting, “a hot drink might seal the deal,” National Geographic adds. “On the margin, it might push them to see you more favorably,” a professor says.

Interzone / Re: Study shows realities of mate selection
« on: January 02, 2011, 02:57:21 AM »
[...]considering that the pattern seems to be that the me-tooers jump onto the bandwagon and turn the original idea into shit. Speaking in generalities.

Everything dies and decays after a time. Accept it and keep going. Life is nothing but death and pain in disguise: embrace it warmly or suffer.

I think you're blinded by optimism.
That's if you look at everything through a lens of optimism/pessimism. I look at things purely from a do-or-die perspective, and the "die" part is too obvious and useless to write about.

Anything governed by the masses is cancer.  You try to control or manipulate them, and either they'll stupidly turn it around and bring any good idea into the shitter, or some smart-but-parasitic asshole will repackage "it" to the masses and have that become the de-facto standard.

Don't try to control or manipulate them directly because it's not exactly worth your time without some kind of organized basis, or ability to actually see who has worth.

If you haven't noticed the intelligent people around you in your life, it's because you've blinded and closed yourself to them. If everyone is your enemy, then nobody can be your ally. Not even of your own doing.

The cool thing about cancer is that it kills itself off. Healthy free agents do their best to avoid it so that it dies without much collateral damage.

It's much harder to find good people than what you say: every time I've given people quarter I've been bitten.  I'm much more ruthless now.
There's acceptable people, then there's good people, then there's great people. Treat them with your time and resources accordingly.

People who can't trust others are just unable to read them -- distrust is the result of being exploited or harmed regularly. People who are more trusting of others tend to have a better ability to read the liars and deceivers. If you aren't an aspie, this can come easily with a little more social experience and observation.

Find others who already resonate with the ideas and values you uphold and make good friends with them. There is strength in numbers. Meet people in college classes, clubs, and so forth.

Much harder than what you realize, and the "college classes" advice was poor, at least, for me it was before I dropped out (lol).  I think with college classes you'll find more dumbfucks who think they're smarter than they are and actively abuse their inflated sense of self upon others.

Those are the ones who open their mouths and call attention to themselves to appear important -- I won't disagree with you there. Look for the wallflowers. You're going to look for the people who seem like they're going somewhere or doing something.

It's probably a better idea for you to be alone though if you're willing to give up searching so easily.

Hell, when someone on a metal forum advises others not to hang around metalhead idiots, it says a lot about the current situation.

The general consensus around here is that most metal sucks, like most people suck. Avoid it: tolerate it like you would a fly, but swat it if it comes too close to you or your lunch.

We live in a time where everyone believes in the back of their head that they're equal to everyone else. Underground death and black metal weren't huge phenomena, but once someone lumped it all into a category called "extreme music", you have any number of pedestrians and proles blowing through to bolster their appearance with a "fearful" image.


Anyway, most of the people in your local "metal scene" can consist of any of the following:

  • Pantera/brocore faggots. May be fat due to alcoholism. May be BUFF due to low self esteem and low testosterone.
  • Dumb nerds who like that "symphonic black metal" and "goth metal" bullshit. They're probably fat or weeaboo.
  • Throwback thrasher faggots who listen to nothing but Exodus and Anthrax and nu-thrash like Toxic Holocaust all the fucking time. Also probably fat.
  • "Crust punks" - Hipsters who wear black, patched up clothes and listen to Amebix and WITTR among various underground bands. Emaciated due to vegan diet.

The bottom line is that all of the above are retards and probably just barely got out of high school. The only difference between them is what they're wearing and listening to. They'll probably move out of the "metal phase" after a couple years or until their parents get tired of their shit.

Older metalheads (age 30+) who don't exactly look like metalheads and have a pretty established "normal" life are pretty interesting and fun to meet and talk to though. Go see one of the older underground bands (like MASTER) next time they tour near you and just open up a conversation with someone.

Given the works that classical composers produced as middle-aged and old men, I'm inclined to believe it has a lot more to do with the economic realities of recorded music (strike while the iron is hot or you'll never get another advance).  There's just nothing about the structure of the music business as it exists that is conducive to helping artists nurture and grow their talents.

Very true, which is why there has to be that initial drive for music so to speak. It must remain throughout the career, and the rigors of this business simply kill it for some of those who simply came to play music they love. It's a sad, but all too real conflict in the music world.

I wouldn't doubt if part of the mess were due to the music industry. It must be a testosterone-killer to have to kiss someone's ass instead of following your passion and will.

I also wouldn't be surprised if those musicians maintained their manly fortitude into their later years.

Good thread. I've often wondered this myself. I found myself mellowing after I had kids and what I know about the hormone changes a family causes made me really wonder to the point I've theorized test replacement therapy might benefit metal bands looking to keep the edge.

Testosterone replacement seems a bit extreme. There's some minor dietary and lifestyle changes that can be made to help boost testosterone.

The hormone changes may come from stability and comfort. I believe that as long as you maintain and exert dominance and control in your life (as part of a regular, healthy struggle), your testosterone should be fine.

The relationship between testosterone and attitude is almost reciprocal. If you have balls, you'll have a strong will. If you gain a strong will, you'll gain the balls to back it up.

Mind = matter = mind = matter
Practicing Certain Poses Creates a Sense of Power

Interzone / Re: Study shows realities of mate selection
« on: December 30, 2010, 04:36:45 AM »
It comes down to this: Love is fucking amazing.

^ This ^

WTF do you mean by "mastering" social surroundings/reality?

Getting your peers/family/friends to worship Graveland?

Figure out how to rise higher in the petty social hierarchy without relying entirely on outward status symbols. If you must, study human psychology and sociology, observe and practice what useful things you learn. Your ultimate goal will be to rise up to your place in the true hierarchy and to support it to grow and maintain itself so you and others around you can also thrive off its momentum.

Start by fixing your posture and by exercising a little bit. Nobody like a slouched little basement dweller. Clean yourself up too.
Learn how to speak. Go outside and practice or something.

Find others who already resonate with the ideas and values you uphold and make good friends with them. There is strength in numbers. Meet people in college classes, clubs, and so forth.
I'd avoid starting out with your local "metal scene" since most self-styled "metalheads" and 80's throwback "thrashers" are just fashionistas looking for an identity.

Not to mention, they're retarded. Avoid them like the AIDS.

Learn how to figure out which people are good and which are dumb and useless just by reading them and examining their behaviors and attitude. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Don't expect people to agree with you 100% on every little thing - your music taste is one of them. Keep that (and Graveland) to yourself, and bring it up only when it's appropriate.
Eventually you'll be able to tell the kind of people who will be receptive to the music, but the music is not the priority here.

Interzone / Re: Study shows realities of mate selection
« on: December 29, 2010, 04:42:32 PM »
It really sounds like you've got your path in life carved out for you -- or you suffer from low testosterone. Try exercising more and masturbating less. Chronic orgasms throw off the neurotransmitter balance in the brain and the endocrine hormone levels in the body.

I can't go a day without the feeling of wanting to murder someone, and then eating their body in front of their families.  I don't think it's that.

Men with anger and irritability issues suffer from low testosterone, so that could very much be your case.

Really, master it and manipulate it to higher ends?  I'm laughing pretty hard.  Who here has fucking done that?  WHO HERE HAS FUCKING DONE THAT?

All talk.  

In fact, everyone who "masters and manipulates" social reality are people like Marlyn Manson and Lady Gaga (possibly).  I don't find their output to be very enlightening, either.

They mastered and manipulated it to a degree, but you're probably judging the magnitude of their influence by their media presence, which is independent of social reality.

Social reality is within your immediate surroundings -- friends, family, neighbors, peers. Work with it or continue masturbating alone: whichever makes you happy.

I know plenty of people here who have mastered their social surroundings. You're not one of them.

but I'm also wondeing why we would consider metal or any other profound art overtly masculine in the first place, more likely it's a balance of energy.

The art itself isn't necessarily masculine. A lot of black metal seems to have a "feminine" touch to it (it's probably the ambient stuff) and it's very welcome to my ears.

The artists are, or at least appear to be, in their prime -- hence the vague idea that metal musicians with higher testosterone will be able to produce greater works of art. Who knows how big Beethoven's balls were.

Good works of art will evoke both the feminine and masculine when necessary.

Interzone / Re: Study shows realities of mate selection
« on: December 29, 2010, 01:57:27 AM »
Why is it then that the majority of girls aren't clawing each other to death to sex up hessians?

Degenerate culture/oversocialization? Or are we hessians all talk and no action, or what we can call "private" warriors/vir-men.


My speculation is:
*** "Hessians" tend to be "introvert" and in many cases this means social incompetence and/or asocial tendencies.
 - in addition to the above, some Hessians choose to separate themselves from social reality. they have a desire to "create their own" rather than to adapt and master it, and eventually manipulate it to higher ends rather than to let it fall toward its entropic fate.

*** "Private warriors" is another likely case. Hessians have wild imaginations, and this can be good when kept in check. But the negative "private warrior" phenomenon may be due to low free testosterone levels, which coincides with a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and excessive masturbation. Testosterone is a "motivator" hormone, which is why "virility" derives from the vir root.

*** Cocks in and around every orifice

Metal / Does decline in quality coincide with a drop in testosterone level?
« on: December 29, 2010, 01:40:28 AM »
Is it any wonder why once-great bands eventually have a steady decline and fall? Or why a lot of the greatest musical endeavors in metal are embarked upon by young males in their prime?

Maybe so many shitty indie-metal bands are coming out lately because of something in the water. Birth control hormones? Bisphenol A? Lack of exercise and red meat? Too much beer (containing phytoetsrogens)? Alcohol in general (inhibits proliferation of free testosterone)?

No wonder Wolves In The Throne Room are connected with indie hipsters (fashionista/crusty vegans enjoy this kind of faux black metal) and they came from Seattle.

I think this connection has been made before somewhere but I can't recall the name of the thread.

In the hypothetic:

Let's assume good music (incl. metal music and other styles) coincides with high testosterone levels during prenatal development in the musician(s) who composed it, as well as having higher free blood testosterone levels.

Manning recruited 54 male musicians from a British symphony orchestra. He discovered that these men had significantly lower 2D:4D ratios than controls -- they had a very "masculine" ratio. Even more striking, when he compared the top-ranked "first" musicians with their lower-ranked colleagues -- a measure of their relative ability-the former had significantly lower 2D:4D ratios. Could testosterone really predispose the brain to be more tuned in to music? Manning thinks so.

The vast majority of musicians (especially metal musicians) are male. With the above evidence, this is no coincidence.

Testosterone is a significant "motivator" hormone in men, contributing to mental and physical energy. Highly-motivated and extroverted men have higher levels of testosterone.

This may be independent to the prenatal testosterone levels, since there are a significant number of asocial and relatively "depressed" or "unmotivated" metal musicians - this could be a sign of low testosterone.

Why productivity fades with age: The crime–genius connection by Satoshi Kanazawa, Department of Psychology, University of Canterbury.

Satoshi had this to say...

The age–genius curves among jazz musicians, painters and authors are also similar to the age–crime curve.

Further, marriage has a strong desistance effect on both crime and genius.

I argue that this is because both crime and genius stem from mens evolved psychological mechanism which compels them to be highly competitive in early adulthood but - turns off - when they get married and have children.

Fluctuating levels of testosterone, which decreases when men get married and have children, can provide the biochemical microfoundation for this psychological mechanism.


He mentions marriage and children as the primary reason behind this decline, but as we all know, there are many other causes.

The take home message of the paper is, once you hit a certain benchmark, be it age, marriage, or whatever, T levels drop, and you lose your edge, your drive, and your mental sharpness.

You settle, become complacent, and less creative.

(these statements are based off of this paper. (PDF version with charts)

Another point: Complex music (beyond the complexity of your typical pop/rock structure) takes navigational and memory capacity to process and comprehend. People with high levels of testosterone (males) benefit from good visual-spatial skills. I have no evidence of the connection but I'm sure there needs to be some present capacity for a person's mind to be able to digest and build those musical structures.

But in seriousness: Comments, inqiries or contributions to this thread?

Interzone / Re: Study shows realities of mate selection
« on: December 29, 2010, 01:27:10 AM »
<extended fatalism>

It really sounds like you've got your path in life carved out for you -- or you suffer from low testosterone. Try exercising more and masturbating less. Chronic orgasms throw off the neurotransmitter balance in the brain and the endocrine hormone levels in the body.

I was doing some searching and a similar topic has come up before:

Quote from: ASBO
Sexual selectivity is for the higher man.

You aren't afraid to make a choice, and you do it, and you stick by it unless there's a surprise -- you're not afraid of fate or death. You're making decisions based on real criteria. That's manly.

Screwing around with other idiots, unsure of direction, unwilling to commit but not smart enough to get out of the game, that's for low-testosterone or low-IQ (or both) types.

Quote from: ASBO
I used to think, all the good women are gone, but really it's like reading the news: monkeys are showing you part of the situation, the worst part, hoping you'll give up and be a soulless self-pitying fuck like them.

There are good girls out there. You need to meet them in other wholesome group activities. I don't know you personally, but respect many of the things you've written here, but think it may be probable that you do a lot of things solo. Nothing wrong with that -- until you want a lady -- at which point try group activities:

Secondly, your issues may come from not having accepted the nature of things. Women (as well as anyone else) will manipulate you if they sense some weakness. Betas get cuckolded and used as meal tickets. You don't HAVE to be "alpha". Just don't be a beta.

Lastly, nobody wants to deal with a sourpuss. A true optimist accepts reality, makes the world around him his bitch or dies trying. A pessimist accepts reality but takes it in the ass.

To address the Twilight phenomenon:
Many women don’t really care if things make sense, at all. They just judge if ‘the group’ thinks things are ‘okay’.

So some mercenary authors, like the *bleep* who wrote Twilight, just flip switches. They know, they KNOW, that it DOESN’T MATTER if the whole thing make no sense at all. And that if you TRY to make sense of it, there are only scary answers.

EDWARD CULLEN the Sexually Impossible Vampire from Twilight:
Edward Cullen, Born June 20, 1901, about 100 years old at time of novel.

Older man Attraction Switch FLIPPED!

But isn’t it sad to know that older men have probably had others before you! Don’t worry, that’s not a problem with Edward! He is a virgin!

Way to go! Loves Only Me Attraction Switch FLIPPED!

On the other hand, WTF?

How is Edward still a virgin at 100 years old? Does Edward Cullen have no sex drive? Did he swear an oath to God? No to both. So…….. what exactly is wrong with him that he is still a virgin? *SCARY* Best to stop thinking about it.

But he is physically impossible to!

He is more than humanly possible fast, more than humanly possible strong, and more than humanly possible tough!

Protector/Weapon Against Others Attraction Switch FLIPPED!

And he is SOCIALLY impossible to!

Normally, older, more experienced men DO have some social distance they need to bridge with younger woman. Not so with Edward Cullen! He is COOLZ and Goes To Schoolz! Yes, a 100 year old vampire is ‘learning’ algebra in High School, just like Bella!

I bet he has an easy time on the history tests. Ha. Ha.

He like, really GETS Bella’s like LIFE.

Comfort Established. Attraction Switch FLIPPED!

But….. really…… how can he stand ‘learning’ things he already knows, doesn’t he think he is wasting time? Why does he still act like a teenager…. I mean…. is he *SCARY THOUGHTS* best to stop now. Don’t judge the poor boy… err old man… err virgin super-strong killer… errr… *STOP NOW* *EVERYTHING IS OKAY!* *PONIES!*

Edward also continously Games Bella, Push-Pull, Neg, and all that. So the writer is doing this all deliberately.

And you know what, the completely impossible character of Edward SOLD to lots of girls. It didn’t matter that it was complete nonsense.

And you know what, they are going to compare their boyfriends to a ‘man’ who not only doesn’t exist, but would be a completely insane head-case if ‘he’ did!

Getting women to want utterly impossible men is destructive, and I’m sure the author is well aware of that. If she wasn’t, then she wouldn’t have known enough to flip the attraction switches in the first place.

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