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Metal / Re: Tangerine Dream
« Last post by Spinal on March 02, 2015, 02:11:50 PM »
I've been trying to find the Coil album. Is it the one where they call themselves TIME MACHINES as well? It's from 1998.
Metal / Re: Tangerine Dream
« Last post by Spinal on March 02, 2015, 01:30:24 PM »
Thanks for the recommendations. I haven't heard any of those records, but I will indeed hear them out. When it comes to the metal stuff, I can hear the drone technique on Filosofem. I'm glad though that Burzum/Varg took another another route on the later ambient/keyboard albums.

By the way, how did you mean when you wrote that TD/Schulze discovered the technique in question by accident?
« Last post by gabalgabow on March 01, 2015, 04:58:05 PM »

Lately the webzine was updated with:

Some interviews:
- VIOGRESSION: The 90's doomy Death metal band is back!

- SKELETHAL: New thrashing death/ putrid death metal band from France.

- SLUGATHOR: The finnish Death metal band was ressurected for the duration of an interview, to clarify some points and matters of the grave.

And some reviews:
-BUTCHER ABC (Jap) Review
-DESECRATE (Spa) Review
-EXANIMATVM (Chile) Review
-MORTA SKULD (Usa) Review
-MUCUS (Bel) Review
-NECROPSY (Fin) Review
-ROTGUT (Malaysia) Review
-SHROUD (Usa) Review
-XTOM HANX (Usa) Review
-CRUSH THE INSECTS (Col) #2. Zine review

Psyosified and macabre clicking:

(25,80697580112788) x (25,80697580112788)
Metal / Re: Entire collection for sale vinyl, Cds, Shirts, Hoods, Patch
« Last post by mickO))) on March 01, 2015, 01:49:35 PM »
Up loads of new stuff added
Metal / Re: Last distro news! Old death metal, old brutal death, grindcore...
« Last post by gabalgabow on March 01, 2015, 10:02:07 AM »
Micro distro update

DEADSHOT (Malaysia) Thrash nyentuk ke parai Demo CDr/ Pro CDr. Thrash metal

IRON DOGS (Can) Ripping torment Demo tape. Old styled heavy/ Old speed metal

SOULROT (Chile) Horrors from beyond Demo tape. Old styled death metal

SPASTIC BURN VICTIM (Uk) Carpathian florist Demo tape. Grindcore with crazy influences (Noisecore, jazz...)

Back in stock: CRAWL (Swe) 1: Serpents Demo tape. Death metal

Metal / Re: Tangerine Dream
« Last post by aquarius on March 01, 2015, 06:53:05 AM »
Regarding metal, it could perhaps be said that doom metal (of the funeral variant) makes fairly extensive use of the technique, though it's not something I can listen to all that much. Whereas an album such as Filosofem by Burzum is more akin to ambient with occassional elements of 'drone'. Even the first two SWANS albums could fit that description quite well.
Metal / Re: Tangerine Dream
« Last post by aquarius on March 01, 2015, 01:35:45 AM »
I would agree with the description of drone and ambient evoking mental landscapes more so than something which appeals to emotion. Indeed, it can be so very 'mental' that much of the appeal of what is commonly enjoyed as music is lost, and thus it moreso takes on the form of auditory illusions, sonic textural-architecture and such. Really, I don't know a lot other than that Coil's Time Machines album is pretty cool. Also Arthur Dent and Deeper than Space made an album called Drift which is quite interesting. And of course almost anything by Maeror Tri (two members of which later reformed as Troum) is good too.
Metal / Re: Tangerine Dream
« Last post by Spinal on February 28, 2015, 07:05:38 PM »
I'm sure it's possible to find information about drone music somewhere, but I tend to distrust sites like allmusic when it comes to exploring genres. What whould be good starting points for exploring this kind of music? I'm not that fond of droning black metal, atleast not the Drudkh-style bands, but I guess it would be possible to make something good out of the metal/drone combination.

I wonder if anybody else takes mental notes or whatever to call it when listening to ambient music? I mean in the sense of mapping out the structures or places this music takes you to, so that you can keep exploring the "world" the music evokes. Some might rather call it emotional reactions, but I find it much more rewarding to try to evoke mental landscapes.
Metal / Re: Tangerine Dream
« Last post by aquarius on February 28, 2015, 12:06:35 PM »
Not sure about the forum. But yes you are right about the parallel with Klaus Schulze's Irrlicht, made roughly around the same time too (to add a further parallel). The style of these albums seems to have been discovered and created by accident almost, as they bare no clear lineage to the style of more recent works in the 'drone' or 'ambient' genres.

At any rate, such genres can be hard to define, or at least are not as clearly recognisable as metal or rock sub-genres for example. The is partly because of the highly abstracted nature of the 'music', and that they are as much descriptions of techniques which could be used in any genre as they are genres in themselves.
Metal / Re: Tangerine Dream
« Last post by Spinal on February 27, 2015, 04:08:02 PM »
Oh, I completely forgot Zeit, listening to that record in the right moment/mood/place is quite the experience. I'm not familiar with drone as a genre (if it is a genre), but ambient/drone sounds like the right tag for Zeit. Totally out of this world, really. I've always thought of Klaus Schulze's Irrlicht album as a twin companion to Zeit for some reason. Might be the drone-ishness.

On another note... is this forum almost completely dead?
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