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Metal / INHOTTAVUUS - Initiationis... CD / TS
« Last post by NegraNit on March 25, 2017, 02:18:31 PM »

First album for the Spanish / Ecuador project INHOTTAVUUS now in preorder at NEGRA NIT webshop (www.paura.cat). Pure Black metal in the Finish way. CO-released between Negra Nit distro (Catalunya) Soul Erazer records (Brazil) and Tribulacion productions (Colombia).

You can ask for the cd (8€), a shirt (15€) or a pack with both, cd + TS (20€).

INHOTTAVUUS - Initiationis Quod Pactum Apud Luxfero CD / TS

Metal / Pre INGURGITATING OBLIVION Death metal band
« Last post by gabalgabow on March 19, 2017, 11:46:51 AM »
I think not many peoples are familiar with OF TREES AND ORCHIDS

This was a great death metal/ old school technical death band that lasted a couple of years before the existence of INGURGITATING OBLIVION!
Worth to check out for fans of old MORBID ANGEL, old NILE mixed with some old techno death.


Webshop updated

RUTSA (Fin) Häkissä Demo tape.
Sludge/ Hc/ Grindcore

INSTINTO (Spa) Dimonis Demo tape.

DEBONED (Can) Demo 2013. Tape.


VIOLENT OPPOSITION (Usa) Dr evil pays well Demo tape.
Grindcore/ Technical grind/ Jazz

ANGUISH (Malaysia) Abstract decomposition MCD/ Pro CDr.
Raw underground death metal

BERSERKER BARAGE (Malaysia) Demo 2012 Demo CDr.
Brutal death

« Last post by gabalgabow on March 18, 2017, 09:23:16 AM »
Last distro news:
Many new CDs and tapes for sale!

AGGRAVATOR (Usa) Populace destructor CD. Thrash metal

AMORITE (Hungary) Invisible fire Tape. Death metal

DEAD CONSPIRACY (Usa) Dead conspiracy Tape Lp. Death metal. Members of Gravehill, Demise...

DEATH AFTER BIRTH (Philippines)/ SURROGATE PREY (Philippines) Split CD. Sludge/ Doom.

DERANGED (Chile) Defacing world MCD. Old school thrash

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Skeletal lifeforms MCD. Old school death

EVIL MADNESS (Chile) Bastards get rotten CD. Old styled thrash metal

HELLSODOMY (Turkey) Chaostorm CD Black death

ICE WAR (Can) Dream spirit MCD/ Cardboard sleeve. Old school heavy metal/ Hard rock

ORACULUM (Chile) Sorcery of the damned MCD. Obscure death/ Death black

PERSECUTOR (Pol)/ POISONED (Pol) Split CD. Thrash black/ Thrash death

REMAINS (Mex) Evoking darkness CD. Old school death ŕ la early Grave...

RUTSA (Fin) Häkissä Demo tape. Sludge/ Hc/ Grindcore

STAGEWAR (Ger) Killing fast Demo tape. Thrash metal



Doom death/ Death metal from Germany.

Death grind from France, for fans of Napalm death.

Killer french death metal from 1991 !

Great old school metal from the 80’s, between death thrash and doom.

MSG - Live 1982
Super cool hard rock/ Heavy metal from the 80's, with great riffs and killer leads!

Metal / Re: BLACK BLEEDING - The awakening MCD out now! Death black
« Last post by gabalgabow on March 16, 2017, 08:10:45 AM »
The first reviews of the BLACK BLEEDING MCD start to appear,
here are two ones.

The distribution is starting to take shape, many trades worldwide, the MCD should be quite easily available a bit everywhere.


It's getting to the point where I should change the header for the blog to Home of the Reissues since I've been reviewing a lot this month. That's fine of course because then you and I would miss out on past gems that for some reason didn't get their due respect or at least some recognition that fans would want to know about. Case in point right here, BLACK BLEEDING, a blackened death three piece from Belgium but considers themselves a Belgian/ French band.
The band is not new in fact they've been around since the late 90s and have three full length albums under their belts to show for it. Their most recent was A Bright Future which was released in 2014. This one here, The Awakening, was a demo they put out back in 2005. It was originally released on tape by Nihilistic Holocaust back then. But now the original label has re-released it with new artwork, layout and basically making it look like a semi-decent package. Trust me if you've seen the older cover art then you'll be glad at the upgrade.
Of course I had to go listen to their last two full lengths (the previously mentioned A Bright Future from 2014 and it's predecessor The Great Satan from 2009) to get some feeling because this one predates those two. The Awakening is five songs of which I believe the band was in the midst of a re-branding in order to see where they were headed. The albums that came after this are more melodic which is why this is interesting because on here the songs all have an old school feel, yeah there's melody but also more experimentation.
This thing opens with "The Sleeper has Awakened", and uses a soundbite from the movie Dune as well. A good send off with savage blackened death riffage, both cavernous and shrieked vocals. After a barrage of sound the band knows how to throw a segue in before the soloing and blast beat attack commences. That same theme carries through on the next three cuts. I'd say " Lord of the Worms" is a punisher. Then we get to cut five, "Demonic Quantum Boundaries" where the band starts off with some psych blues rhythm and whispers but then kicks into overdrive with a hellish assault. The thing ends almost hypnotically with a jam out and them a atmospheric keyboard outro.
Rating: 4/5

Ještě rozespalý vstoupím do koupelny a tam se umývá ve vlastní krvi nějaká cizí žena. Tváře choré, ruce kostnaté, s popelavou barvou kůže. Popadnu, co mám první po ruce a urazím ji hlavu. Druhý den si pro mě přijdou. Zabil jsem svoji vlastní matku.
Příběhy schizofreniků by vydaly na spoustu tlustých knih. V úvodu zmíněný jsem četl a u toho poslouchal znovu realizované demo "The Awakening" belgicko/francouzských tmářů BLACK BLEEDING. Materiál, původně z roku 2005 nepostrádá ani po těch dlouhých letech sílu a opravdu připomíná podobné zážitky, jako zmíněná noční krvavá seance. Smíchejte death metal (i ten melodický), thrash a black a po řádném zatřepání natřete tmou. Pak pochopíte, o čem jsou prodlužující se stíny ve starých katakombách.
"The Awakening" je pestré, zákeřné album, které vám pronikne do žil pomalu, polehounku. Chvílemi sice získávám lehký pocit monotónnosti a občas se moje mysl od poslechu odpoutává, ale jako celek působí album náležitě studeně, ošklivě a zle. Nebude a nikdy nepatřilo do první ligy. Nevadí to, vždyť i v lize druhé se dají občas nalézt příjemně zahnívající desky. "The Awakening" patří k těm zdařilejším. Pokud bych měl hodnotit procenty, tak bych volil něco kolem sedmdesáti. Možná přeci jen chybí trošku víc síry, žhavých kousků temnoty a špíny. Každopádně, pokud máte chuť na černotou umazaný death metal, tak neváhejte. BLACK BLEEDING jsou jasným důkazem toho, že i v předpeklí bývá někdy pořádně ošklivo. Dobré album.

"The Awakening" je pořádně temným kouskem hudby. Death/black metal v provedení BLACK BLEEDING je nechutný, ošklivý, zlý a pochází snad ze samotného pekla. Oceňuji černou jiskru, kterou zde cítím z každé skladby. Album je to ostré, mokvající a nahrané někde v hlubokých bažinách plných mrtvol. Belgicko - francouzská kostnice byla otevřena a vydává další a další svědectví o zlu. Skladby jsou mocné, krásně gradují a mají v sobě spoustu temné energie. Vítejte na okultní mši, podávat se budou prokleté hostie! Černý death metal, který otevírá dveře do podzemí! Velmi dobře!

Asphyx says:
"The Awakening" is a really dark piece of music. Death/black metal in interpretation of BLACK BLEEDING is disgusting, ugly, evil and comes perhaps from hell itself. I appreciate the black sparkle that I'm feeling from each song. The album is sharp, weeping and recorded somewhere in the deep swamps full of corpses. Belgian - french ossuary was opened and gives more and more testimony about evil. The songs are powerful, they escalate nice and have a lot of dark energy. Welcome to the occult Mass, it will be served cursed wafers! Black Death Metal, which opens the door to the underground! Very good!

Metal / Band Submissions Open For Days of The Dead Fest 2017
« Last post by fistoffreedom on March 13, 2017, 07:50:50 PM »
Band Submissions Open For Days of The Dead Fest 2017 (Red Deer, AB) - October 27-29

Applications Open Until April 1st

Halloween may be about putting on a costume and trick or treating around your city block, but in Red Deer, AB it's about so much more. The rumours in the area describe a mass pilgrimage, a collective gathering from across Alberta and beyond, a zombie mosh pit coming alive. Are the rumours true...? Well during the Days of The Dead Fest, a Heavy Metal Music Festival Costume Party Extravaganza takes over!

Founded in 2014 by local Red Deer resident and music scene contributor Justin Shadows of Shadows Productions plus vocalist of town favourites Leave The Living, DAYS OF THE DEAD Fest celebrates the heavy sounds of metal, punk and hardcore along with the ritual of transforming yourself in to another character during the Halloween weekend in October.
Shadows explains:

"At first it was an excuse for a costume party with the bands I've developed friendships with, but has gradually changed into something that I feel Red Deer deserves to call its own. The crowds here are so supportive and I love giving them a gigantic event they can look forward to. Days of The Dead came to be because the first year we held it, the festival fell on the Day of the Dead - November 1st."

Now in its 4th year, Days of The Dead has grown from a two day event hosting 15 bands for both all ages and 18+ to a three night reunion of friends, music fans and a Halloween aficionados.

"I want it almost to feel like a family reunion, where you come and see friends you haven't seen in a while and even if you're new, you feel welcomed with open arms." says Shadows.
This 2017 festivities will be held with over 30 bands for a weekend of heavy metal bonding, friendship, family, music, and love on October 27th & 28th at The Vat for the 18+ shows and on the 29th their all ages event at the International Beer Haus.

Submissions from bands and support staff/volunteers for the 2017 edition are now open until April 1st.
Please read the following instructions on applying.

Email your info to shadowsproductionsrd
  • gmail.com and in the subject line have your band name & DOTD4 SUBMISSION.

They will review submissions after April 1st and listen to all the submissions and go from there.

Please submit the following:
- Bio
- EPK or links to social media
- Links to your music
- Why should we consider you for the festival?
- Pay expectations

In search of: Merchandise Crew, Experienced Stage Hands
- Relevant skills
- Previous Experience
For more info, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/DaysOfTheDeadRD/
Metal / Emperor Of Myself new song 2017
« Last post by Jim21 on March 08, 2017, 08:38:45 AM »
Metal / Re: DARKTHRONE IS DEAD noisecore
« Last post by gabalgabow on March 05, 2017, 03:27:40 PM »

New songs
Rehearsal 2017:


Audiofile / Re: Claustrum / Clausthome
« Last post by Rotten Ralph on March 04, 2017, 10:07:57 AM »
Temporary bump. Claustrum / Clausthome MP3s re-uploaded.
« Last post by gabalgabow on March 04, 2017, 09:22:07 AM »
Last disto news:

CEREKLOTH (Denmark) This temple is a grave Demo tape. Death metal

DEKAPITED (Chile) contra iglesia u estado Demo tape. Old school thrash

DEMONS GATE (Australia) Demon's gate MCD. Doom/ Heavy

DESERT CRONE (Swe) Distorted solitude Demo tape. Stoner/ Doom

DEVOTION (Spa) Necrophiliac cults CD. Old school death/ Death doom

EVIL MADNESS (Chile)/ INFANT DEATH (Nor) Split tape. Old school thrash/ Black thrash

EXTREME ROT (China) Obscure suffering MCD. Brutal death

GRAVEYARD GHOUL (Ger) Slaughtered, defiled, dismembered Tape Lp. Death metal

HADIT (Ita) Introspective contemplation of the microcosmus MCD. Death black

HELLSODOMY (Turkey)Chaostorm Demo tape. Black death

INSEPULTO (Costa rica) Morbid spawn of resurrection CD. Death metal

INSTINTO (Spa) Dimonis Demo tape. Crustcore

MORBID FLESH (Spa) Dying lapidation Demo tape. Morbid death metal

THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR (Usa) Blasphemic disgust Demo tape. Black metal. Members of Morbosidad,, Blaspherian, Sacrilegious torment...

TORMENTER (Malaysia) Blasting torment Demo tape. Old school thrash

TURBOCHARGED (Swe) Militant Tape. Old school thrash



New release: BLACK BLEEDING "The awakening" pro MCD




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