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« Last post by gabalgabow on May 05, 2016, 09:09:03 AM »
Last distro news:

COFFIN CURSE (Chile) Into the dark MCD. Old styled/ Retro death metal

DISFIGUREMENT (Usa) Soul rot MCD. Digipack. Death metal

DISINTERRED (Bel) Incantation MCD. Old school death

DISRUPTED (Swe) Heavy death MCD. Swedish death metal

DYING EMBRACE (India)/ DUSK (Pakistan) Through corridors of dead centuries Split CD. Death doom

EVOKED (Ger) Return of the dead Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrashing death

GOATZIED (Chile) Hueste encabrizada MCD. Death black

HELCARAXE (Usa) Children of yog CD. Death metal

HOODED MENACE (Fin) The eyeless horde Demo tape. Death doom

HORRID (Ita) You are mine Demo tape. Rerelease of demo from 1994. Old school death

IN NOMINE (Chile) Luck & death MCD. Speed black thrash

INFECTONATOR (Usa) Brainfuckers MCD. Thrash/ Speed/ Black

JACK LORD (Fin) Jack lord Demo tape. Doom

TORTURERAMA (Bel) It begins at birth MCD. Swedish styled death metal

UNDER ATTACK (Swe) The aftermath Demo tape. Thrash/ Heavy metal

UNDERSAVE (Por) Now...Submit Your Flesh to the Master's Imagination CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

COMPOST (Ita) Vegetable goregrind CD. Goregrind/ Brutal death

Metal / Re: Grand Declaration of War discussion
« Last post by vOddy on May 04, 2016, 10:54:47 AM »
Oh, the drumming is good, but the timbre is ass. The drums must be triggered.
Also, if any one wants to borrow the FLAC files, I can loan them to you so you can hear it in loss less.
Metal / Grand Declaration of War discussion
« Last post by vOddy on May 04, 2016, 10:53:23 AM »
I found myself walking home on a street rather far away from home, with a record shop on it.
I walked in and didn't see anything interesting at first. The only metal was core and nu,
except for the used discs section, which had an album by Overkill and an album by Mayhem.

I didn't know Mayhem's discography, but I knew that they were considered one of the great black metal bands, and I'd listened to Darkthrone and Burzum so I knew that the genre had good music in it.

I grabbed the Mayhem album for around $2 - it was Grand Declaration of War, and my first time hearing the band.

It's not really black metal, but it is metal which expresses something that could very well be at home on a black metal album... on the first half. After the techno song it jumps the shark. On one track, it meanders around, dwells for too long without developing. And it's not the good kind of repetition in which it gets more potent the more it repeats. It also doesn't really create a good atmosphere. On another track, it sounds more like some Marilyn Manson rock than any kind of metal.

But the first half really wasn't bad. There's very good poly rhythm between all of the instruments, on "A Grand Declaration of War". It's basically one theme over and over with lots of ornamentation, but it's a good intro to a good track with good riffs, poly rhythms, polyphony, and progression, which create a nihilistic atmosphere of rational hatred.
 Every one shits on this album though, and I agree that the second half is rubbish, but 50% is still like, four good tracks.

So why is it so shit? I assume that you now think of me as a musical idiot, but do motivate that stance.
Metal / Re: Feminist magazine BITCH writes about metal
« Last post by vOddy on May 02, 2016, 06:32:54 PM »
I know a homosexual man who behaves reasonably. I didn't know that he was homosexual until someone told me.

There are some of them who act like stereotypical faggots, and I don't enjoy that behavior. But it's certainly not all of them, probably not even most of them.

This sort of behavior is not "acting like the opposite gender". If a woman acts like that, it's just as obnoxious.
If a behavior is okay for one gender, but not the other, then we're really just holding one to a lower standard. If it's shit when one does it, it's shit when the other does it, too.

As for homosexuality being a mental disorder, I think that it is not. Why call it a disorder when it doesn't cause them any problems?

A depressed individual suffers and may want to kill himself. A trans gendered individual doesn't feel at home in his own body. A retard has lower intelligence than other people.

But what does a homosexual have? He just wants to stick his dick in another man. If that's a mental disorder because it doesn't lead to reproduction, then being a reasonable human who acknowledges over population is also a mental illness. So is wanting to live alone in nature away from other humans (since this prohibits reproduction). And so is not wanting to have children for any reason what so ever.

If no one had children because he was horny, but because he intellectually decided to do it, which is what homosexuals have to do, then humanity would be better off. The idiots wouldn't breed out of control like they are doing now. We could keep our numbers under control, and inseminate women with sperm as needed, instead of having idiots produce more children than they can take care of (they can't even take care of one child properly) because putting on a condom or pulling out is too difficult.
« Last post by vOddy on May 01, 2016, 09:25:30 PM »
I'm going to seem very mean now, but fuck it.
Why can't you just save money from your jobs and pay for it? That's what I'm going to do when I'm done writing my music, and I'm one person with one job, you are three.
You don't ask for money when you are buying, for example, a car. So why should you ask for it when you are buying time in a studio and the time of a sound engineer?

Of course, people who love your music can (and should, if they want to) give you money to speed up the process. But they should do it because they like your music, not to support metal in general.
We should not give money to every metal band in Algeria, or any country, so they can record an album.
« Last post by lelahel on May 01, 2016, 07:38:12 PM »
27 Days = 11%
The campaign is still running
Algerian Metal need your support!
You can send contributions via:
Metal / Re: 10 doom bands that crush / Video compilation
« Last post by vOddy on April 24, 2016, 07:43:51 PM »
Well, you can't say it ain't heavy
Metal / 10 doom bands that crush / Video compilation
« Last post by gabalgabow on April 24, 2016, 01:09:01 PM »

Video compilation of doom bands worth the hear.



New reviews of OSSUAIRE have appeared!

Trades of CDs and tapes are possible, labels/ distros/ bands get in touch at: gabsk(a)wanadoo.fr


It's not much more than a year ago that I had a tape version of this release on my plate. This release means the demo tape of a still too unknown band from France named OSSUAIRE. Originally released in 2005, this demo recording still sounded forcing and convincing when I heard them for the first time. Taking into concern that “Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile” was already about ten years old back then, it is not exaggerated to use the term “timeless” in this case. Brutal Death Metal with a certain bias for the old heroes of US Death Metal of the time around 1990 was the game OSSUAIRE played on “Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile”. The short songs were a little bit technical, but not too technical or complex. Listening to the four songs (and one fine intro) again even was a bigger joy now. Songs like the neckbreaking title track or the brilliantly grooving 'Le Fléau' haven't lost a tiny bit of intensity. So, why am I writing words of praise again? It's just because “Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile” was just re-released again, this time on CD, just the way it was originally done by the band. Everybody who doesn't own a tape deck anymore should now be able to dig this gem. And as I already stated, OSSUAIRE are worth to be checked out. Find them at http://ossuaire-deathmetal.blogspot.fr or visit the label to get “Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile” at http://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr

This is a re-release of the French band, Ossuaire’s 2005 debut demo, which originally was released on a limited run, of only 100 pieces on cd. This is my first encounter with the band, who are apparently still active. But one thing is for sure, they are not a very prolific band, having formed in 2000, and since then they have released a total of 11 songs over three releases in sixteen years! So how is the music on here? It is some solid death metal, in vein of stuff like old Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and that style of death dm. I must say, for a first time demo, the song writing on here is quite good, and the guys play their instruments well. They are not just brutal, but at times create a pretty cool atmosphere or vibe, with their music, that creates a dark and dangerous feeling emotionally. I like that. No, there is nothing groundbreaking here, just a really solid release, which should appease fans of old classic American style of death metal.  - Dale
Metal / Re: Folk Metal
« Last post by Tree on April 23, 2016, 12:19:19 AM »
Thank you, Tree. I'll give serious attempt to your recommendations.
I haven't heard Baltic folk music yet, only Scandinavian folk music, and a tiny bit of Celtic music.

You are welcome. Don't feel any pressure to listen to all of the bands that I mentioned (or any of them at all for that matter, haha). I just wanted to express my thoughts completely.

Vikingligr Veldi is great black metal. I agree with you on that. I haven't heard Graveland, and I should probably listen to more Bathory...

Thousand Swords is the only Graveland album with which I am decently familiar. It has a hypnotic quality to it, and the combination of folkish music with hateful lyrics is fascinating (though I haven't decided whether it actually works well). On the other hand, the songs tend to blend together.

"I should probably listen to more Bathory" is a feeling with which I am familiar. Maybe my age is the reason, but I have trouble relating to or "getting into" any of the pre-Blood Fire Death albums.

Lunar Strain has some melodies which would be at home in a Scandinavian folk piece. One track on the album, "Hårgalåten", is literally an old folk tune from Sweden.

You mentioned the problems with In Flames yourself, and I agree. Lunar Strain is their best / least bad album, probably.
If they had gotten better instead of worse after it, maybe they could have been a good band.

I did not know that about "Hårgalåten", but the fact that an actual folk song fits with the rest of the material supports my proposition that they should have written a folk album instead of a metal album. My favorite In Flames material is probably the Subterranean EP, except for the emo lyrics. I think that the songwriting there is better than on Lunar Strain. I also still find The Jester Race somewhat enjoyable, maybe as a vestige of when I was first discovering metal, but I don't think that there is much - if any - deeper meaning in the music of In Flames.
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