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Interzone / Re: The Dunning-Kruger effect
« Last post by Petrarca on April 25, 2014, 03:06:49 AM »
This worries me too. Low self-esteem seems pretty pervasive.

How do we instill confidence in the intelligent? And if not confidence, hope?

One contributing factor is that our credentialing systems are shit. People don't have a reliable means of affirming their competence. As such, some hope might come from the obsolescence of academia. There's good reason to be optimistic about MOOCs (Massively Open Online Course) being a viable replacement.
Interzone / Re: The problem with rationalism
« Last post by Petrarca on April 25, 2014, 02:58:39 AM »
To me, the problem with rationalism is that it's very low level construct. It doesn't take much to be rational, to be able to come up with means of achieving your goals.

LessWrong is a community blog that dedicates itself to the "art of refining human rationality". It's all about overcoming biases and hacking your brain to becoming more productive. One of many problems I have with it is that they conflate values with biases, so a person who thinks in terms of ideals is considered "irrational".


If rationalism is pragmatism, then count me out. Compromise is for cattle.
« Last post by Caligari on April 25, 2014, 02:11:23 AM »
HEAVYDEATH is a doom death metal duo formed by Johan Backman (Necrocurse, ex-Runemagick) and Nicklas Rudolfsson (Necrocurse, Rapid Terror, Runemagick, The Funeral Orchestra) and this is their first recording.

Demo I was self-released in early 2014 in an initial tape run of 35 copies. Subsequently, Heavydeath released a second run of 30 copies. The recording was conceived as a four-track demo; an intro, two dense doom death metal tracks and an instrumental at the end. Heavydeath's sound is highly idiosyncratic; obscure and almost spacey. There is a strange and unique vibe to these songs and there is a melodic undercurrent that infects their music and seems to want to escape the conventionalities of the metal genre.

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Metal / SKELETHAL - Deathmanicvs Revelation Out On Tape
« Last post by Caligari on April 25, 2014, 02:07:01 AM »
Following their auspicious Morbid Ovation demo from 2012, comes Deathmanicvs Revelation, SKELETHAL's seven track EP and a confirmation that this duo from Lille are true inheritors to the most putrid of sounds.

Pro Tapes Pro Covers

Limited to 100 copies

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'breathing, sleeping, drinking, eating, working, dreaming, everything we do is dying. to live, in fact, is to die.'
Guy de Maupassant

Limited wholesale & trades

Contact: CaligariRecords@gmail.com

Coming Soon: HEAVYDEATH Demo I - Post Mortem In Aeternum Tenebrarum
Listen: http://caligarirecords.bandcamp.com/album/demo-i-post-mortem-in-aeternum-tenebrarum
Interzone / Re: Is our society worse for smart young women than men?
« Last post by Tree on April 24, 2014, 11:21:00 PM »
Thanks for initiating this topic; it crosses my mind often. In my experience, sane women are more rare than sane men these days.

I think that the answer to your question is yes, Dinaric Leather. Men have collapsed. They have largely morphed into either hyper-macho jerks or skinny nerds. They lack respect, honor, responsibility, integrity, and other important values; they are the opposite of proper role models. These common male personas pressure women to act unnaturally. Romance decays in turn and women retreat into hardened shells, fearing further disappointment. The societal expectations for women have also changed; more schooling, work responsibility, etc. Motherhood has been devalued, and maintaining the home and caring for the man are shunned.

When men are worked to death, anger and vigor build within them; when women are worked to death, their spirits wither. They fold under all of these pressures instead of blooming into beautiful creatures as most of them would uninhibited. They become men, they become whores, they become lifeless robots, and they become aggressive, pretentious, bitter liberals. Women do what they can to survive, I think; they are resourceful in that way. Men will die on the battlefields, but women must survive. Their current status is a reflection of the times, and I think that with a healthy society they may return to their equilibrium state of beauty. Or maybe not. Darkness is upon us.

Some thoughts on why women are more affected than men:
*They are more emotionally-geared thinkers, which is a virtue but leads to easier brainwashing
*They want to nurture things, by their nature; unlike males, they are not capable of active participation in sustained warfare and rebellion
Interzone / Re: Is our society worse for smart young women than men?
« Last post by crow on April 24, 2014, 09:14:07 PM »
I am reporting what works, no matter what you may think about it.
My wife has made her life work. It works. I describe how she has done this.
Apparently it is something of a mystery to everybody else.
It's about service, which in other words, is worship.
She doesn't worship 'me'.
She worships the Reality of which I am a part.

Mysterious stuff :)
Interzone / Re: Is our society worse for smart young women than men?
« Last post by Dinaric Leather on April 24, 2014, 08:59:06 PM »
If it is, indeed, 'a man's world', she is very wise to take that into account and learn to deal with it.
Rather than claim 'it's a man's world', then go demanding that it shouldn't be.
What? This isn't some feminist diatribe, quite the opposite. It's just about how living in a corrupt soulless society might be harsher for girls than boys. Because it might be a mans world, but it aint a mans society anymore, and that leaves most girls directionless.

You'd be well advised to think about how it is for women, with women men are nothing, without men women are nothing. The disconnect between the sexes is one of the worst things about our broken society.
Interzone / Re: Is our society worse for smart young women than men?
« Last post by crow on April 24, 2014, 08:28:53 PM »
Happily, it's not my problem. I am a man.
I have enough problems of my own, to spend time wondering how it is for women.
My wife takes a canny route: she defers to me because I am a man, and she is not.
If it is, indeed, 'a man's world', she is very wise to take that into account and learn to deal with it.
Rather than claim 'it's a man's world', then go demanding that it shouldn't be.

Interzone / Re: The problem with rationalism
« Last post by crow on April 24, 2014, 08:23:06 PM »
This is the intrinsic problem with 'communication'.
Everybody assumes it is taking place, without ever adequately determining what 'communication' is.

Experience proves that it almost never is. Especially when someone 'agrees'.

If any of you ever wondered what DMBM sees in me, and why he would even dream up such a crazy idea of having me make like an admin, on a deathmetal site, when I don't even listen to deathmetal, it is this:
He and I are One. Different carbon-based units, scuttling around the continent, physically discrete, yet connected by an invisible thread called 'communication'.

And it is this, above all, that permits us to cooperate.

Metal / --
« Last post by wwr on April 24, 2014, 08:20:16 PM »
ANTIHUMANISM 10 Years Compilation CD
(ANTIHUMANISM Records 10 years celebration compilation. 12 exclusive tracks from bands associated with label. Raw black metal and noise. GRUNT, DEAD REPTILE SHRINE, CULTUS, MYSELF, CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, MAXIMUM PERVERSUM, PAGAN, MONS VENERIS, VATFER, THORNS BLADE, PROFANE CONGREGATION, AMES SANGLANTES and 2 bonus tracks from GOATMOON taken from "Death Before Dishonor" tape version (bonus tracks originally featured only on that tape version). Simple cardboard cover. Ultimate uncommercial & untrendy rawness.)
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