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Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« Last post by Dylar on April 23, 2014, 02:37:38 AM »
How about if I said I love questions more than answers, or that success without failure leaves me feeling more empty than anything else?

It's impossible to love questions without loving answers. Answers are often new sets of questions. To love questions alone is to commit the eternal leftist sin of wanting to conjecture but not validate with reality.

I enjoy finding an answer, but it's the questions that keep me engaged.  My sense is that most folks are very uncomfortable with not knowing, and they go to great lengths to convince themselves that either A.) they know things that they don't or B.) that there was nothing to know in the first place. 
Interzone / It could be worse.
« Last post by crow on April 23, 2014, 12:37:46 AM »
Here is a post I made on another forum, after receiving two warnings about using line breaks.
I figured it would get me banned, and sure enough, it did.
See, on other forums, even the formatting you use can attract the Gestapo...

"Have you ever noticed how, in order to type anything on a forum, you have to do it inside a box?
If you use the post-quick-reply box, it is a very small box.

I tend to arrange what I type, so it fits inside the box. It looks better, to me.
This involves using line breaks, to make things fit.
It is also a matter of style, and the overall appearance of the text.
Long, long lines, confuse the eye, and one's place gets lost, when flipping to the next line.

Some people become upset by appearances. Sometimes, very upset.
In fact, so upset do some people become, that I will soon be banned for typing in a way that suits me.

Such is life, and if you don't hear from me again, well, good luck, and all that."


The post was deemed illegible and very hard to read.
Which left me wondering who was trying to read it. Maybe a cockroach?
So think yourselves fortunate to be members of such a forgiving forum.
It could be a lot worse!
Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« Last post by crow on April 23, 2014, 12:12:46 AM »
Sure. by learning how to listen to it. Not that that improves it, beyond at least allowing it to function.
Intuition is what led me to my wife. No way would I have done a complete U-turn in my life, solely on the basis of a lucid dream, had I not trained my intuition to speak, and kicked my ego into a corner.
Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« Last post by Wild on April 23, 2014, 12:10:07 AM »
Do you think it's possible to improve the intuition, beyond removing the ego?
Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« Last post by crow on April 22, 2014, 10:44:51 PM »
Crows play, without having to have anything to play with.

Intuition is probably of the mind. But it works instantaneously, undirected by the 'I'.
Ego is the director. The manipulator. Nothing it does, it does for free. It always has its own interests in mind.

Intuition is neutral, and very much more perceptive than ego. It is always the first thing to happen.
But overly-used ego ignores, and eventually becomes oblivious to, intuition, blanking out its messages.

Once in a while, ego and intuition reach the same conclusion, but if that happens,  ego always gets the credit.

Intuition is really nothing more than the ability to see what is there, which is why it happens so fast.
No processing has to take place.
Ego decides what it can do with what is there, to better serve itself, and sees only its use, rather than what it is.
Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« Last post by Wild on April 22, 2014, 10:39:26 PM »
I've started to consider intuition and intellect to be the same force, distinguished by speed and perhaps by how it is accessed.

When intuition manifests itself, it usually seems directed by a part of my brain that does not fall under my ego-program. It has to be injected into the Wild World before I'm cognizant of it. But, once I am, my thinking process can get to work on either it or its corollaries, before I shelve it for the time being. Then, sometime later, it will re-enter the conscious world with those enhancements packaged together by further development in the ego-less realm.

Perhaps the ego-realm is supposed to deal with problems like "Make tool, dig hole" whereas the intuition "force-process" can work underneath this without distracting. Then when the ego-realm is confronted with another situation, the intuition can suggest a method to do the action the ego-realm wants to commit.

I would consider both to be a type of thought and I don't see how one is really possible without the other. Intuition does seem superior in the sense that its conclusions aren't directly effected by ego, but it needs something to trigger it - and occasionally, to check it.

I occasionally reach states where both seem to be happening simultaneously - i'll think on a topic, something connected will enter my mind, the first will vanish, then I'll move on from the second and something combing both will enter my mind, ad nauseam.

The problem is I'm not doing anything else productive during these states. I tend to pace. Socrates stared at the sky. crows probably fly.
Interzone / Re: Contribute to deathmetal.org
« Last post by Wild on April 22, 2014, 10:11:27 PM »
On that note:

From now on, those who are blatantly moronic in the comment section on our news page are getting blocked. While our site cultivates a certain curmudgeoness, comments that attack our authors or other commentators do nothing but turn the discussion from the topic at hand to playground posturing.

If you want to do that, do it somewhere where the topic is irrelevant.
Interzone / Re: Contribute to deathmetal.org
« Last post by crow on April 22, 2014, 10:04:14 PM »
I would add: a 'contribution' does not necessarily entail writing essays, although that is good, as much as it means contributing something of value.
A comment that does no damage, a one-liner containing insight, even a word of praise, from time to time.
Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« Last post by crow on April 22, 2014, 10:00:52 PM »
Aha! We're not all zombies here then. Not quite. Not yet.
Intellect does nothing if it fails to inform intuition, which does nothing if it fails to inform action.
The notion is to be what you regard. Toss out any separation between it and you.
If you're sitting in your brain, where, exactly, are you?
Not in the world. Not in Reality.

Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« Last post by Wild on April 22, 2014, 09:57:06 PM »
Tell me about your education.

Well, one day I decided to visit a black metal website calling itself ANUS, because I was frustrated with the lack of seriousness being shown to the genre anywhere almost anywhere else. I didn't know anything about the site's thoughts on any other subject other than metal, which I instinctually grasped immediately.

I started reading the site's other articles and had an emotional gut-reaction against it, due to its blatant contradiction to my left-humanist conditioning, but (intellectually!) I grasped that there was something that made sense here.

This started a long process of internal questioning and reading and re-reading of everything on the site, before I decided that this was worth supporting.

Oh, I also did the college shit too. Didn't learn much.
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