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Metal / Re: Ambient
« Last post by aquarius on January 12, 2015, 11:26:09 PM »
The ultimate ambient musik is just some guy from a failed civilization wandering through the woods humming melodies to himself; trying to figure it all out, but often-times just too blissed out (to try and figure it all out).
Metal / Bones Brigade Records Label's News / Pre Order + Distro.
« Last post by bonesbrigade on January 12, 2015, 07:10:00 PM »

Hello and First of all, wish you a Happy New Year, Lot of good shows, good shit to listen to!
Thanx for your support during the last year, yo guys keep buying stuff who is one of the greatest help to keep the scene alive, Thanx!!
To start in good condition, i'm excited to annonce the new album of EVISORAX,  this bomb of violence will be out on the 26th January!
Also many good releases coming like the TAG Crew flexi 7" limited to 250 copies, it's a rap song feat. 3 guys from the afternoon gentlemen band. The result is better than good, that's a pure hymn of rap 90's style, beats & samples done by Singer of Sylvester Staline (out beginning of February)
The Split 7" COFFINS / BUTCHER ABC as well will out on Bones Brigade Rec. in co. prod With Naru of Obliteration Records, should be out begiining of March...
So yes! sounds like 2015 is a good year about releases, much more to confirm ;)

Here the list of the last good stuffs we received the 3 last weeks: Enjoy!!!!

Compact Disc

CD CULT OF OCCULT “Hic est domus diaboli” (Fra) 9.90

Slow Dark Doom with tortured screamin’ intsense voice. Good shit!!

CD GENGHIS TRON “Dead Mountain Mouth” (US) 8.90 Euros

Dead Mountain Mouth moves beyond the rapid-fire electro/grind genre-splicing of Cloak Of Love, and forms something more fluid and cohesive.

CD LORDS OF BUKKAKE “Desagravio” (Spa) 9.90 Euros

The band changed abit their style, it’s more like listening Today is the Day who play kind of The Bastard Noise in a sludgy way!

Digipack NOISM “+” (Jap) 8.90 Euros

Crushing instrumental Death/Grind, Tech-Death complex Hyper-Speed! To blow your mind!!!

Digipack UNSU “Kiai” (Fra) 10 Euros

New full length album from the Grinders of the north of France! 19 songs of Grinding madness!!

CD WEEDEATER “Sixteen Tons” (US) 8.90 Euros

A masterwork of southern fried sludgecore. featuring Dixie Dave of confederate metal legends BUZZOVEN.

7” EP


7” with Yacopsae / Slight  Slappers, Both bands uncompromised PowerViolence + Fanzine with Gride Tour Report + TFD / Idiots Parade Tour Report + Despise You Summer Euro Tour 2013 Tour Report, Backslider interview etc…

EP MISLED YOUTH “s/t” (US) 5 Euros

Pure anger!!! Nonstop intense fast Hardcore Punishment!!

EP PUBLIC SUICIDE “s/t” (US) 5 Euros

Fast SxE Hardcore !!!

EP PURE DISGUST “s/t” (US) 5 Euros

Crushing Fast Hardcore!

EP SEX PRISONER “State Property” (US) 5 Euros

10 songs of purely demented powerviolence in the vein of Crossed Out and Despise You with a healthy portion of Marauder on the side!!!

EP SPINE “Subhuman” (US) 5 Euros

Debut EP from Kansas City's SPINE. 6  songs of early Boston style hardcore.  Featuring members of Sorry Excuse, Weekend Nachos and Kicked In. Fast HxC !!

12” LP & 10”

10” BACKSLIDER “Consequences” (US) 10 Euros

Backslider return with a 10" packed with powerviolence in the same vein as Iron Lung and Weekend Nachos.

Split 10” GRIDE / SIDETRACKED (Cz / US) 10 Euros

GRIDE core commando back and serve 7 songs of sonic fastcore / grind madness. / SIDETRACKED: Short, fast and loud!!! Their side contains 15 songs inspired by early 90´ power violence bands!!!

LP SPINE “Time has gone” (US) 12 Euros

14 new songs of pure rage including a new and improved re-recorded demo track. While the previous SPINE material was slightly more Boston HC influenced, this material heads more in the direction of INFEST and YOUTH OF TODAY ! ! !

LP SPLITTER “Avskrackande exemplar” (Swe) 12 Euros

Fast right to the point Grindcore, in the vein of Nasum. Transparent red wax.

LP SVFFER “Lies we live” (Ger) 10 Euros

Svffer play a killer hybrid style of hardcore, grindcore, and powerviolence. Musically, Svffer features buzzsaw guitars, rapidfire drumming and caustic/scathing woman vocals.

LP VIVISICK “Respect and Hate” (Jap) 12 Euros

Great hardcore / thrash band from Tokyo / Japan. Fast powerfull songs with choral vocals which reminds me legendary bands like Systematic Death or Gauze. Brown Vinyl.



Written in English interview with: Sakatat, Massgrav, Dead Instrument, Prmitive Man, Gets Worse, Lycanthrophy and many others… + Reviews. Very goos zine, Pro Copied, Black and white.


T-Shirt GRIDE “Banzai Logo” (Cz) 10 Euros

Fruit of the Loom / Super Premium / Olive shirt, Black Print. Size S and M

Cassette / Tape

Tape KYLESA “s/t” (US) 4 Euros

Their debut album, indescribable hardcore with metallic sound, absolute dark atmosphere.

Split Tape LYCANTHROPHY / NENI UNIKU (100% Cz) 4 Euros

Czech fast grindcore hell and crustcore with metal parts and male/ woman vocals.

Audiofile / Infamous
« Last post by death metal black metal on January 12, 2015, 05:51:13 PM »
Metal / Re: Last distro news! Old death metal, old brutal death, grindcore...
« Last post by gabalgabow on January 11, 2015, 09:35:20 AM »
Last distro news:

-ABATED MASS OF FLESH (Usa) Brutal death MCD. Death grind/ Brutal death
-ABYSSUS (Gre) Summon the dead Demo tape. Old styled death metal.
-ASTRAL SLEEP (Fin) Astral sleep Demo tape. Death doom
-DESTROY (Portugal) Inside out Demo tape. Death grind. (Demo from 1999)
-GOAT SEMEN (Peru) Holocausto Demo tape. Black death
-GODLESS (Chile) Dominion Demo CDr. Death metal
-KATHGOR (Malaysia) The lord of infernal blasphemy Demo tape. Thrashing death/ Death metal.  Malaysian rerelease.
-MARGRAVE (Swe) Acid spell Demo tape. Swedish death metal. Members of Genocrush ferox, Interment, Insision...
-MUTILATION (Malaysia) Massacre on bodies Demo tape. Old death metal from 1990. Rereleased.
-NECROPSY (Fin) Psychopath next door MCD. Old school death
-PATHOGEN (Philippines) Visceral infinity Demo tape. Death metal
-PULVERIZED NECROBRAINS (Usa)/ PATISSERIE (Jap) Split CDr. Goregrind grindcore/ Goregrind old brutal death
-SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Fin) A birth in death MCD. Old school death
-SEXORCIST (Peru) Sexorcist / Single Demo CDr. Old death metal
-SLUGATHOR (Fin) Circle of death Tape. Death metal
-SOUL ASSASSINS (Bra)/ MERCILLESS (Bra) Get thrashed split CDr. Thrash metal
-SUFFER PAIN (Swe) Face of doom Demo tape. Death metal/ Crust
-SWORN (Swe) Global demise Demo CDr. Death metal
-THRONEUM (Pol)/ OFFENCE (Pol) Split tape. Death black/ Death metal
-VOMITOR (Australia) Bleedin' dublin Tape. Thrash death

-VA - DEFENDERS OF THE NOISE - A tribute to anal cunt CD. Grind: Necrocannibalistic vomitorium, Bestial devastation, Rectal smegma, Insomnia isterica, Oxidized razor, Serrando codos, Cannibe, Pulmonary fibrosis, Mixomatosis, Vomit putridity, Fecalizer...

Metal / timat cover
« Last post by bisim on January 11, 2015, 04:44:59 AM »
Metal / Re: Band logos
« Last post by aquarius on January 11, 2015, 01:56:11 AM »
The Summoning logo originates in the simplest of ideas and results in that ever-familiar crest of honour stamped upon their noble offerings (to the likes of which only a snare drum the size of existence itself could do justice).
Metal / Post metal 2015
« Last post by aquarius on January 11, 2015, 01:33:37 AM »
A friend of mine has gone so far past metal that he can barely even listen to it anymore. It's become more so about where it's taken him than whatever youth culture it started with. In fact only around 15% or so of what he listens to could even be called 'metal' anyway and perhaps in his shallow mind only that which retains a certain 'spirit' could ever really qualify for such a definition. Add to that, that he simply doesn't listen to much music anymore full stop anyway. But because the entire experience of living can be made light of in such a similarly beautiful way, there is no loss. When he walks in the woods, that is metal, when he tries to interpret the forms and movements of clouds, that is metal, when turmoil is crushed in the human heart, even that is metal. And when he gets excited, he could probably kill most of you with one punch.
Metal / Re: Ancient Sumerian Electric Tremolo black death Technique
« Last post by aquarius on January 11, 2015, 01:17:11 AM »
Where inspiration comes from is a great fascination of mine. Quorthon it is said to have listened only to Wagner at one point in his musical career. While Vikernes cited Tchaikovsky, The Cure and Future Sound of London as influences on later works (go figure?).But your idea sure is curious and I'ld be even curiouser to see where it takes you in the end ... .. .
Metal / Sickening - New song from the third album and opening of pre-orders
« Last post by Claudio_Sickening on January 10, 2015, 06:50:31 PM »
THE PROPHECIES OF EIBON, new song from Sickening upcoming album "The Beyond", is online:


At the official site (www.sickeningofficial.com) it's available the pre-order of the package deal (cd + t-shirt + sticker) at a special price.

"The Beyond" is the third album of the band, will be released via Amputated Vein Records on March 10th 2015 and it is a concept based on the so titled movie directed from the master of horror Lucio Fulci.


01. Into the unknown
02. Crucified by preconception
03. The passage
04. Condemned blind
05. The slow pace of suffering
06. ...And then new light
07. The prophecies of Eibon
08. Beyond the threshold
09. Descent into the abyss
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