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Metal / as regards camposition; whats beta?
« Last post by rafael on January 17, 2016, 03:47:12 AM »
  • melody as starting point, utilzing rhythms that match the melodic progressions
  • rhythm as starting point, wraping melody, harmony whatever else around it
  • sometimes one, sometimes the other
  • depends largely on the style
  • a mixture of both
  • unanswerable
  • don't care

Metal / BATHORY Interview 1987
« Last post by gabalgabow on January 16, 2016, 08:15:25 PM »
Found it on an audio tape, and got it ripped online.

 The sound is good, could be interesting for some peoples in there...

Metal / FS: CDs and Vinyl - All kinds of Metal, Industrial, Ambient, + Lots More!
« Last post by Max Dread on January 16, 2016, 05:15:10 PM »
Hi all

I am selling the whole of my personal CD collection.  It's all listed according to genre to make browsing easier....  I have a few bits of vinyl too, some of it quite rare and sought after. 

You can find the up to date list of the CDs here: 


The list of Vinyl (and a few DVDs, Videos, Concert Tickets, Mags, etc.) can be found here:


The spreadsheets can either be viewed directly on line, or else downloaded to your PC.  They are regularly updated.

I am happy selling to anyone, anywhere.  Happy to sell a single CD or a job lot.  Just get in touch to discuss your needs, prices, condition, etc.  I am also giving discounts to anyone who buys more than a couple of CDs..  I have a lot of CD-Rs as well and will be getting rid of these.  I'm happy to give some away to anyone buying a few items.

If you would prefer to email me, you will find my address at the top of the lists.

Many thanks

Metal / Re: If you still read or use these forums post here
« Last post by rafael on January 16, 2016, 11:18:21 AM »
yeah Im still hear, so what?
« Last post by gabalgabow on January 16, 2016, 10:46:51 AM »
Last distro news:

ABIGAIL (Jap) Spell of the pentagram Tape. Black thrash

ANAL VOMIT (Peru) Sudamerica brutal Demo tape. Death black

BOKLUK (Spa) Moat realm Demo tape. Swedish death metal

CICUTOXIN (Fin) Delirious excommunication Demo tape. Doom sludge

DEFORMITY (Costa rica) Endless atrocity CD. Old brutal death/ Death metal

GENITAL GRINDER (Ita) Abduction CD. Death grind/ Brutal death

HOWL OF EBB (Usa) The marrow veil Demo tape. Black death

INFERNAL DAMNATION (Usa) Into the crevice of obliteration Demo tape. Death metal

FISTULA (USa) Loser Tape. Sludge doom

RATS OF REALITY (Uk) The art of debilitation Demo tape. Black metal crust

VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina) Southern black demon Tape. Black thrash/ Death thrash

WORMS (Chile) Worms Demo tape. Old school death

FOSA COMUN (Argentina) / TALACTATUS (?) Split CDr. Underground grind

IATO (Ita) Dialektik MCD. Extreme metal/ Death thrash/ Hardcore

BOKRUG (Argentina) Nefandus numine CD. Brutal death/ Grind

« Last post by gabalgabow on January 10, 2016, 07:31:58 PM »

Other YouTube links of French bands, past and present :
-KABBAL/ Demo 2001 :

-FLESH EATERS/ Demo 2015 :

-MORTUARY/ Demo 1992:

Listen to the Youtube playlist « UNKNOWN FRENCH DEATH METAL FROM THE PAST”
to discover French bands from the past:


Like the Facebook page «  DEATH METAL FRANCE »
to get news of French death metal bands :


Metal / Re: Ambient
« Last post by rafael on January 06, 2016, 08:26:11 AM »
da fuck is this shit? seems more liek an echochambr full ov pekkawoodz if u ask me
Metal / Re: Sacramentum - Far Away From the Sun
« Last post by Spinal on January 04, 2016, 12:53:50 PM »
Now, I have only listened to it once, so it's a bit too early to give a fair grounded opinion. I can also hear the ATG inspiration and I'm quite sure some bits and pieces of the demo songs pop up on later releases. I read somewhere that Brolycke thought the demo was altogether bad and immature, etc. - I don't think it's that bad for a demo! Either the drummer has some serious trouble keeping the pace, or else he's into some sort of loose-playing style. It's kind of cool really. Must be the same drummer they had on Finis Malorum.
Metal / Re: If you still read or use these forums post here
« Last post by David_Brent on January 03, 2016, 01:43:12 PM »
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