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Metal / Re: Band logos
« Last post by Spinal on October 31, 2014, 09:08:16 AM »
It's funny when a band like DEATH gradually adjusts its logo in accordance to the increased amount of bad music inside the record sleeves.
Metal / Re: Extreme music for extreme people? a paper by Michelle Phillipov
« Last post by Spinal on October 31, 2014, 09:05:13 AM »
Now it worked! I was using my stupid Ipad when I first tried. I'll read the pdf soon-ish.
If i remember correct Herr Helmkampf of Order from Chaos was one of the interviewees in the book, so I guess she didn't just ask questions to the average so called metalheads in her neighborhood.
I read her 2012 book when it came out. I appreciated that she made an effort to analyze the actual music, but as you said, the defense she put forward was kind of lame. Can't say I remember much else though! Still, it is definitely one of the better metal related books I've, which speaks for the poor state of metal writing in book form. Atleast the

Metal / Distro News: ACxDC, Fuck I'm Dead, Drop Dead, Extortion, etc
« Last post by bonesbrigade on October 29, 2014, 05:13:56 PM »

First of all;
New Bones Brigade records website is on line, easier and more simple than before, reduce to the principal amount of new products and news about our bands. No commercials / links bullshit! waste of time!

Here now lot of news for the distro side, enjoy it at: http://grindshop.bonesbrigaderecords.com/


Slipcase CD ACHERON “Kult des Hasses” (US) 10 Euros
New Album, Dark Death Metal, evil vibes and black atmosphere!

CD ACxDC “Discography 03-13” (US) 9.90 Euros
Complete discography from 2003 to 2013, 52 tracks, ten years collection, pure Grinding Violence!! A Must!

CD AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE “Relief” (Aus) 9.90 Euros
Awesome new album! One of the most crazy Tortured Grind in Australia, for fans of Discordance Axis, Narcosis etc…

CD EXCRUCIATING TERROR “Expression of pain” (US) 9.90 Euros
Grindcore album  Masterpiece!! Classic, legend, cult…! + extra unreleased Live tracks!!

CD FUCK I’M DEAD “Another gory mess” (Aus) 9.90 Euros
Filthy and Repulsive Grind! 21 Assaults of Blasting Death Grind. New Album.

CD HATRED SURGE “collection 2008-2009” (US) 9.90 Euros
The 2nd collection . Contains all tracks from the DECONSTRUCT 12 and both the ISOLATED HUMAN 7"  & the 2 track SERVANT/BESTIAL 7". FastcoreGrind.

CD ROSKOPP “Mutation voodoo…” (Aus) 9.90 Euros
Grindcore Madness, fast, intense and 100% new songs!!!

CD THE KILL “Make em suffer” (Aus) 9.90 Euros
Amazing album, fast  and pure grind energy, don’t miss it!!

7” EP

EP ATOMCK “Whitewashed” (UK) 4.50 Euros
Cool grindcore band from Bristol, South Wales, UK since 2006, in the vein of Discordance Axis. This is their latest 7" EP.

EP BACKSLIDER “s/t” (US) 5 Euros
The seminal two-piece stop and go blast boys from philly. 13 songs of relentless defecation Fastcore in your audio canal. Second / final press. Last copies.

EP BARGE “No gain” (US) 5 Euros
Richmond fast hardcore. members of Tarpit and Dry Spell, for fans of Coke Bust.

Split EP CONVERGE / DROPDEAD (100% US) 5,50 Euros
These two legendary New England-area bands team up on this split 7"... with a new song from each band!!! Purple / white marble vinyl.

Split EP CROW / SEE YOU IN HELL (Jap/Cz) 4.50 Euros
Dark Crust Metal / Punk Hardcore Thrash. The record comes in special fold-out sleeve.

EP D.O.C. “Demo” (US) 5 Euros
Heavy black covers with screen printed yellow ink. Third / final pressing, 400 copies. Blistering grindcore from DC. DxOxCx contains members from the ranks of MAGRUDERGRIND, COKE BUST, JUICE TIME, SICK FIX, etc…

Split EP D.O.C. / MIND AS PRISON (100% US) 5 Euros
D.O.C. split 7" w/ Mind as Prison. Second / final pressing with red covers. 500 copies.

Two of Australia's top powerviolence purveyors meet in a death match to decide continental violence supremacy on this split!
Transparent Vinyl.

EP FAMINE “s/t” (UK) 4.50 Euros
Grind / Fastcore from Leeds with The Afternoon Gentlemen member. Intense, anger & in your face!!!

Split EP FULL OF HELL / CALM THE FIRE (US/Pol) 5.00 Euros
FULL Of HELL are a harsh, noise power electronics infused hardcore band / CALM THE FIRE are on the flipside with powerful crusty d-beat hardcore. White Vinyl.

EP GENOCIDE PACT “s/t” (US) 5 Euros
Death metal band from Washington, D.C. with members of D.O.C. Mastered version of the demo recordings.

EP GOD’S AMERICA “Our bones will bleach in the sun” 5 Euros
From Las Vegas, NV play extremely short bursts of brutal, lo-fi power-violence / grindcore.

Featuring former members of INFEST, NO COMMENT and LACK OF INTEREST. 10 tracks of straight forward hardcore.

This third output from Low Threat Profile features Infest's Matt Domino not only playing guitar and bass but doing all of the vocals as well, with the band being rounded out by Bob from Deep Six/Lack Of Interest on drums. Fast, intense hardcore.

Split 7” MACHETAZO / HEADLESS DEATH (Spa/Aus) 5 Euros
New!! Sick Horror Evil Death / Pure Raging Blast Beats , great split!!

EP MIND AS PRISON “s/t” (US) 5 Euros
Second and final release. One of the most consistent and thoroughly impressive grind bands to come out of baltimore. Solid.

Split EP RUPTURE / BRUTAL TRUTH (100% US) 5 Euros
Reissue of the 1996 "KINDBUD" series split from Rhetoric and Deaf American Records. White Vinyl

Split EP SPAZZ / BRUTAL TRUTH (100% US) 5 Euros
Powerviolence / New York city Grindcore!!! Awesome split, awesome release!!!

EP TEETHING “Ralph” (Spa) 4.50 Euros
Hateful Grind Violence 4 tracks 7”, comes with maggot etching B-Side.

EP TRIAC “…Always meants to hurt you” (US) 5.20 Euros
Baltimore’s TRIAC blast through four tracks of furious grindcore, Pure audio terrorism.

EP WEEKEND NACHOS “Black Earth” (US) 5.2 Euros
Crushing 4 tracks on this EP, 2 of which were later re-recorded for their 'Worthless' LP on Deep Six. Yellow Transparent Vinyl.

EP WEEKEND NACHOS “Watch you suffer” (US) 5.2 Euros
Limited Pink Vinyl! Chicago's WEEKEND NACHOS are back with a brand new single!! NEW!!

12” LP & 10”

LP ACxDC “Antichrist Demoncore” (US) 12 Euros
Powerviolence, Grindcore, Sludgy breakdowns amidst blast beats, dark riffs all culminate into a violent spastic concoction!!
This debut album rules!!

1 Sided LP BITTERNESS EXHUMED “Desperate and miserable” (Ger) 10 Euros
5 fucking heavy new songs (tortured heavy hardcore) pressed on an one-sided 12“ EP with screenprinted B-side. Limited to 300, hand numbered. Transparent blue vinyl, full coloured sleeve on coated paper, black innersleeves.+ A2 poster.

LP CHAROGNE STONE “Basic core instinct” (Fra) 10 Euros
New album, Limited to 300, Old School Grind with punk riffs and angry vocals!

LP D.O.C. “Decomposition Fantasy” (US) 14 Euros
Second press, raw grindcore grit doped up with elements of off kilter powerviolence and angular noisey sludge. Screaming feedback pierces between damaged blasting fury!! Screened B-Side, Feat. Members of ex-Magrudergrind and Coke Bust.

LP EXTORTION “Degenerate” (Aus) 12 Euros
Fastcore Powerviolence!!! A Must have!! Splatter Grey / White / Black vinyl.

The first full-length and the second release from Los Angeles, CA's Low Threat Profile features 15 tracks of blazing fast hardcore/powerviolence played by Bob from Lack Of Interest, Mike from No Comment and Infest and Andy of No Comment, who all helped pioneer their scene.

LP NAUSEA “Condemned to the system” (US) 12 Euros
D-beat at its best crossbred with grind and crust and just a tinge of metal. Los Angeles' Nausea, spearheaded by guitarist / vocalist Oscar Garcia.

Split 10” PICK YOUR SIDE / TO THE POINT (Can/US) 10 Euros (Ltd. To 100 Brown Vinyl)
What a killer release. If you don’t know To The Point yet, you’re wrong. Hyper speedin’ blasting power violence with members of Spazz, Lack Of Interest, Fetus Eaters, Actuary etc. Pick Your Side is another new ripping band with old fellas involving most notably some Haymaker personnel. And this Canadian band rips as much as Haymaker did, Crust tinged hardcore anger with one of the most aggressive and politically inspired vocalist ever.

Split LP Gatefold TEETHING / RAVAGE RITUAL  (Spa/Fin) 10 Euros
Total Grinding Violence for both bands!! Pure anger and pissed off sonic aggression !!! a Must!


T-Shirt D.O.C. (US) 12 Euros
Sand color shirt, black print both sides.


Tape PUBLIC SUICIDE “s/t” (US) 4 Euros
Washington D.C. SxE Hardcore band! Full power energy HxC and furious!
Metal / Band logos
« Last post by aquarius on October 29, 2014, 12:36:14 PM »

Saw this while out and about the other day and thought it resembled the Demilich logo or something. I love it when stuff like that just springs out at you. If I think back to the time when I first got into underground metal, I remember this as seeming like a part of metal tradition i.e. there's always got to be the unreadable logo that resembles some man-made or inorganic form, neatly tucked away in the right or left hand corner depending on the overall cover design.

Of course a lot of the appeal is going to in some way depend on how well the aesthetic elements fit in with the music, but it might also be the case that aesthetic acts as a vector for a given meaning based on how moving the music is on the whole.

Some favourites of mine have been Summoning, Beherit and Darkthrone I guess. You see the logo and then it just springs out and hits you. You know it's the mark of quality!
Metal / Re: OrthodoxBlackMetal webzine
« Last post by Mpastardos on October 28, 2014, 04:45:27 PM »
The review on the interesting third full length album of Ars Macabra from Italy, "III (2013)", is online.

English http://www.orthodoxblackmetal.com/arsmacabra-iii2013.php

Greek http://www.orthodoxblackmetal.com/arsmacabra-iii2013gv.php

Metal / Re: Extreme music for extreme people? a paper by Michelle Phillipov
« Last post by trystero on October 26, 2014, 06:11:48 PM »
The link works fine for me Spinal. Try using some kind of internet proxy or downloading the pdf if it doesnt work for you as a link.
Metal / New melodic black metal track "Repent"
« Last post by randya on October 26, 2014, 01:35:08 AM »
 Let me know what you guys think!


Thanks everyone!
Metal / Re: OrthodoxBlackMetal webzine
« Last post by Mpastardos on October 24, 2014, 05:59:26 PM »
The review for the very interesting, live album of Night from France, "Made in France (Live 2014)", is online.

English http://www.orthodoxblackmetal.com/night-madeinfrance2014.php

Greek http://www.orthodoxblackmetal.com/night-madeinfrance2014gv.php

Metal / Re: OrthodoxBlackMetal webzine
« Last post by Mpastardos on October 19, 2014, 04:09:25 PM »
Sacerdos from the U.S.A. offered their most recent full length album, "Divinativa (2014)" for free downloading from our pages. Check it out.

English http://www.orthodoxblackmetal.com/downloads.php#S

Greek http://www.orthodoxblackmetal.com/downloadsgv.php#S

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