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October 04, 2010, 06:27:09 PM
"Pure" (?) Black Metal project of mine.  Here's the only 2010 release, free of charge, in shitty mp3 quality (buy the tape, motherfuckers):


It's short and sweet, and was simultaneously a way for me to wrap up a load of Metal ideas I had for this now Ambient project, and a chance for me to try out a new (horrific) vocal style.

I think someone uploaded a profile for this project to Metal Archives, you can check out the full list of releases on there.  They're all 2009 except for this one, as 2010 has mainly been devoted to Wiht (most of you will probably know that), Hundred (local band), Daghkagg (the best Blackened Speed/Deathdoom project ever), Formicator (formerly "DSBM", now something completely different), and a large amount of "soundtrack" music.