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Tonight's Hessian TV listings

Re: Tonight's Hessian TV listings
September 21, 2006, 06:16:32 AM

I'm not entirely sure of the motivation behind the inclusion of the adopted Polynesian kid.  He wasn't really indicative of the Norwegian stereotype they tried to exploit in the program.  To the best of my knowledge he was there to either show that the so-called evil of death metal corrupts children of all races, or, more insidiously, that the astute boy of color (remember he was the only "metal kid" in the show who made a point of saying he didn't subscribe to any of the metal ideology) is exposed to evil music thanks to the ineptitude of his obliging Nordic parents.  

Along with your points, I also think he was there to show how liberal and caring these parents are. A pat on the back for removing this kid from the dirty hellhole he undoubtedly came from.

It's the same reason why Steven Spielberg adopts all these black kids: To make himself feel better and rub it in others' faces that they haven't adopted a black kid yet, since it's everyones' duty to help poor Africans.   ::)