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What metal makes you "raise your sword"?

Autopsy - Charred Remains
-While this doesn't exactly "raise my sword", there's no other metal song that would bring such a molar-to-molar grin to my face.
One of my favorite Autopsy songs, if not what I believe to be their Magnum Opus, is Dead from Mental Funeral.

I guess back in '91 some people just still weren't getting the DEATH part of DEATH METAL, so Chris Reifert wrote them a song.

Stiff and cold
In a box
To decay

By the way, speaking of morbid shit that makes you smile, I don't think anyone beats IMPETIGO. I saw a video on youtube of a recent Impetigo rehearsal where they play their classic song "Dis-Organ-Ized". They're still brutal but the singers voice is either extremely shot from years of death metal or its really poorly mixed. Probably a mix of the two.

A lot of 'Battle' metal makes me get riled up! I like Turisas and Amon Amarth for this though mainly.