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Re: MP3s
September 08, 2006, 05:56:26 AM

The industry is freaking out became MP3s are like getting tape copies of an album through the telephone: you can hear it first, and thus you buy less of their overhyped novelty crap.

Notice how Relapse suffers more for MP3s than No Colours, for example.

Relapse offers mp3s on their site, so I don't see the reason for saying they're scared of mp3s...... now Century Media and Nuclear Blast on the other hand do have that problem (now).

Re: MP3s
September 08, 2006, 10:54:50 AM
OGG? APE? FLAC? Fuck off with that BS, especially for jet-setter iPod/mp3 player 'Chocolate' Phone prancing Valley Boiz like me, and the inherent incompatability issues of said formats with said devices.

A couple release groups on eMule release some quality stuff in FLAC, uploading at embarrassingly slow speeds. Overall, why waste your time? (granted... I'm posting on a forum) ... Purchase albums.

For Mp3's: Exact Audio Copy (E.A.C.) using LAME (encoder) and ripping in 192k bitrate is standard. Depending on the version of LAME you are using, and how competantly you can use the program... This  level of rip quality should suffice.  

Otherwise... >>Buy the damn CD/LP<<.

Out of print? Settle for whatever you're lucky enough to download for free.  There are various programs out there that can "refurbish" shit quality mp3's, but I've found non so miraculous as to do more than increase/normalize the volume.

Re: MP3s
September 23, 2006, 01:46:54 AM
Out of print? Settle for whatever you're lucky enough to download for free.

Yeah, like FLACs.

There's nothing more pathetic than an "MP3 Collector" though. I liked the tape traders better.