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AMERIKA: new right, traditionalists, paleoconservative and deep ecology words

I love America, but I fear Amerika: the globalist society formed of consumerism, liberal democracy and a hedonistic society.

Amerika is a type of civilization that absorbs every nation on earth because it seems like liberation of the individual, and few remember the value of what we lose, like culture, heritage, religion and learning. Like a cancer, it works invisibly to destroy us from within.

We have trouble fighting Amerika because (a) it is composed of things that seem like freedom and compassion and (b) our societies in the West have no central principle since we threw away God and the aristocracy.

While Amerika sounds compassionate, its result is total destruction of the good things in life and replacement by a hollow, plastic, insincere, soulless civilization.

We hate ourselves for living in this type of world, and so we self-destruct. This pattern has been ongoing for centuries but picked up after 1945, when the USA decided to spread consumerism and liberal democracy as a means of ruling the world.

In contrast to consumerist liberal democracy, we offer a vision of a new society:

    * Futurism: use technology wisely with minimal impact on our environment and selves.
    * Traditionalism: keep the wisdom of the past, and deny utilitarianism. Cause-Effect is more important than appearance.
    * Divinity: we need a new center, a religion based on science and existential searching for beauty and meaning.
    * Conservationism: we cannot have zero impact, so instead, create zero impact zones for nature taking up 2/3 of earth.
    * Existentialism: instead of living for material ends, live for a positive experience of life in which we overcome our fears and improve ourselves.

Our method is to integrate ourselves with conservative groups because conservative philosophy stresses achieving ends (goals) no matter what the means (methods); liberal philosophy is the opposite, a fear of some methods that avoids them no matter what the consequences, leading to bad consequences through inaction.

Our view is that liberalism is a mental disorder characterized by narcissism, victimhood and paranoia. Its end result will be the apocalyptic Nanny State and a long, slow collapse into third world status.


The troglodyte undermen are so out of touch with civilization, they believe a six figure income in USD qualifies someone as "rich" today.

Also, example of Baudrillardian hyperreality: "I refuse to read any of the content but I am going to extensively comment about it regardless."


Right now:

What? the modern nation-state bubble from what is probably fundamentally thermodynamic entropy as a distant first cause

How and Why? bureaucracy bloat, where "victory goes to the buttocks rather than the fist"

The growing blog Amerika: New Right, Green Conservative, Conservationist and Traditionalist Politics is now open to additional bloggers and essayists for coming expansion.
PM Minister of Propaganda or myself and I'll relay the info request for more.

By the time most of us were born, 1968 had become a trend and it had become clear that it never had a soul: it was hollow, cashed, emptied and faked.
The Boomers have problems of their own, such as the the Social Security bill finally coming due. But what about their children?
At any given time in history, most people are oblivious to what is happening because they are focused on what has just happened. They are after all doing what is normally the smart thing in civilization, which is to look at what has succeeded and emulate it.

Stevens' comprehensive series on conservatism, 1 and 2 of 3 parts:

Some right winger long ago titled his book Which Way Western Man. The amerika blog and two to three other sources are the only efforts thus far to make a reply. This fact in itself tells us much about our present state.

For us humans, except for the dormant retard or medical vegetable, there are two opposing types:

1. joyful slaves of life's truths
2. wretched emperors of their own imaginary self-image





Leftists want you to think that you either think multiculturalism is Double Plus Good, or you're a fascist. No middle ground!

Taylor's newest, White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, will dispell these spurious claims because it does not just focus on white identity. Rather, it explores nationalist and identitarian politics and viewpoints in four racial groups: African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and whites.

Through meticulously researched content, Taylor proves that (a) diversity is failing despite massive government efforts (b) each racial or ethnic group seeks its own self-rule and identity, and in fact most prefer segregation (c) that racial identity is healthy for members of all ethnic groups and (d) that "diversity" and "multiculturalism" not only are failing now, but portend a future of continued failure that will harm all ethnic groups.

+ "White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century", by Jared Taylor (examiner.com)
+ "White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century", by Jared Taylor (amerika.org)
+ Buy the book $25

A balanced book, for anyone who wants to explore this issue.