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Amerika looks bankruptcy in the eye, then buys another four tacos.

Bring on GFC MK II.

If the share market completely tanks and you've stored enough cash there's no reason why you cannot significantly bring froward your retirement if you pick the right approach.

You are very right. But be very careful here: when you say CASH you mean "physical money" which is NOT dollar bills, as they are fiat currency whose face value is determined by the state of the US economy. Your dollar bills can collapse in value whilst they are sat in your wallet, if the nation's economy tanks.

So you are correct, but make sure that your "cash" is held in an appropriate physical denomination (precious metal).

In the meantime, Good morning America:

I'm Australian too btw. Our currency is still screaming along against the green back. It's a fairly safe-haven too. Either that or gold.

I wouldn't touch the US stock market, but our market has been repressed since the "debt crisis" became headlines again in April. We're tugging alone on China's coattails, in the midst of a massive resources boom, so our economy is fundamentally sound for now even though the market has declined.

America's going to be bad investment until it figures out some way of ending the constant political battles.

Leftism/liberalism is wrecking this place just like it wrecked the Soviet Union.

Electing a liberal darling for his race didn't help things at all.

Obama, Bono and Apple have it all nailed down. Figure out the broken psychology of the liberal and prey on their misplaced emotional desires mercilessly to get yourself wealthy and influential. That's the inner mechanism of the autophagy.