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hackers shut down multi-billionaire dollar corporation Sony's PSN

You have no thoughts of your own about this so all you do is post a link? Pappa bear is disappointed...

These hackers are probably dead meat, since by offering to sell this they've committed a huge crime which many people are pissed about.

But Sony? They really screwed the pooch. 2.2m leaked accounts and counting, with the possibility that they were not so well encrypted, meaning personal data is leaking everywhere.

Then again, who the hell pays for a monthly video game service... morons. Or is there more that you can do through this service?

I think it doubles up as an intranet, where PlayStation players can make blog posts about their achievements or whatever.  Still primarily geared towards gamers and gaming, so ultimately worthless.  PC gaming is better, anyway - we have Planescape: Torment and Dwarf Fortress.