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The Inside Scoop on the Fake Barf Industry

The Inside Scoop on the Fake Barf Industry
August 24, 2011, 08:12:19 PM
“The other story is that there was a fellow by the name of Ray Suggett, from Arkansas,” Stan continues. “He made prosthetics, like false legs, et cetera, for people who were injured in the mines. He also made joke items for Fishlove. One day some latex plopped on the ground. It looked like barf, and he didn’t particularly like it. He thought it was kind of ridiculous, but he didn’t throw it away.”

“Not long after that, Irving Fishlove stopped by. He asked Suggett if he had any new gags. Suggett opened up the drawer and took out this fake vomit. Fishlove was very impressed. And so goes the second story.”