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I want to ask REAL metalheads if this sounds too mainstream?


Does anyone have anything to say about the quality?
This was self produced and we used no money at all.

what could be better? and do you like the song?

THANKS! IM NEW btw! hello everyone! :)


Firstly, the Commerce board is for promotion, not Audiofile. Secondly, just to taper your expectations, I wouldn't expect any kind words from this community.

You're in the wrong neck of the woods thar, mister.

This is Ozzfest-sounding metalcore. No thank you.

Yes, it is too mainstream. It has nothing distinguishing it from all the other 43567 metalcore aids bands out there.

Since the goal of REAL metal is to be different just jazz it up with a vuvuzela horn section with a few clips of Elton John in the mix.

You guys know your way around your instruments.  If you still want to remain within metalcore as a genre, do something unique with it, and get rid of the typical metalcore themes.