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FireWolfe Releases Debut Album!

FireWolfe Releases Debut Album!
August 11, 2011, 10:41:54 AM
FireWolfe the new American heavy metal band featuring vocalist David Fefolt (Angels of Babylon, Hawk, Masi), guitarists Paul Kleff and Nick Layton, drummer Jay Schellen (Asia, Hurricane), and Zack Uidl (Thoughts Betrayed) on bass, have released their debut cd. The album was mixed and mastered in Los Angeles by John Payne (Asia). Praised for it's "no frills, just kills!" style the self titled 10 song disc has been musically compared to bands such as Dio, Savatage, and Iron Maiden. When asked about the comparisons the band stated: "This album is a tribute to all of our musical heros. It's a throwback to the days when heavy metal meant screaming twin guitars, killer vocals, and catchy choruses. If you miss those early days of metal then this album is exactly what you've been waiting for. Turn it up to 10 and break the freakin' knob off!!!"

"Get more info on the band and a free mp3 song download at www.firewolfe.com"