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Metal, classical, ambient: an unholy trinity



I said 'Schubert cs.', i.e. 'Schubert cum suis', so I ment 'the German Romanticists'. But thanks for the recap on the composer's life.

If it's trying to accomplish what Burzum was trying to accomplish, then compare it to Burzum. It wouldn't make sense to compare a new death metal or thrash album to HLTO.

We can, especially when it's just for the sake of argument, compare two artists who didn't have the same goal in their life and art. No problem.
Every time we compare Burzum to Drudkh for instance; one tried to 'stimulate the fantasy of mortals' by creating some highly original music, the other tried to emulate someone else's aesthetics; both succeeded. In an artistic sense, their intentions are pretty much opposed to each other. Still the comparison forces itself upon the listener.

Still, I only wanted to put the German Romanticists in the right perspective. I've seen Burzum being compared to Beethoven too, on this site, and Mozart being identified as God. I understood without running up the walls.

When amongst friends, I think it's better to clearly communicate ideas than write slogans.

I wouldn't characterize this environment as 'friendly' when the greatness of HLTO needs to be demonstrated in geometrical order before I can voice a bold opinion just to point out something else.
In Aspeyland there is no such thing as common ground, hence the oneliners in the first place.

If your panties are in a knot because it doesn't endorse the Russians, deal with it -- that's pop music.

Talking about slogans. Regardless whether it's true or not, most who've heard The Five will know exactly what is meant here. Idea communicated.