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"I am tired of living in a failed civilization."

"I am tired of living in a failed civilization."
December 05, 2011, 02:08:24 PM
This is a failed civilization. Not a failed state; that implies that if we just fix our politics, everything is OK. Our culture is wrecked. Our demographics are shot, both from a flood of people too foreign genetically to integrate into our culture without destroying them, and in our home-grown Idiocracy. Our values are blown and with them, our ability to learn. Every discipline is a false dogma.

In fact, this entire society appears to be a tacit and unintentional conspiracy to hide our decline and the types of thought that might reveal it. Academia, religious leaders, politicians, commercial messages and social fashions press against common sense so as to strangle it. Their goal is not to reveal the man behind the curtain.


Me too, but most people like it. That way their own shortcomings are not revealed.