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Verified Voting

Verified Voting
December 20, 2011, 06:49:50 AM
Good question:

If I can shop and bank online, why canít I vote online?

There is widespread pressure around the country today for the introduction of some form of Internet voting in public elections that would allow people to vote online, all electronically, from their own personal computers or mobile devices. Proponents argue that Internet voting would offer greater speed and convenience, particularly for overseas and military voters and, in fact, any voters allowed to vote that way.

However, computer and network security experts are virtually unanimous in pointing out that online voting is an exceedingly dangerous threat to the integrity of U.S. elections. There is no way to guarantee that the security, privacy, and transparency requirements for elections can all be met with any practical technology in the foreseeable future.


Currently, the American left wants to make sure that people can vote without identity so that convicted felons, illegal aliens and the mentally insane can vote.

Republicans are fighting this, noting that all of those groups almost exclusively vote democratic and probably should not be voting in the first place. Illegals? Felons? Handing the keys to the henhouse to the fox.

Both sides are fighting over the methods we use to vote, claiming they're unstable.

This seems to me a sub-issue of the bigger issue: when your country falls apart to the point where voting corruption may be widespread and is also tolerated, you're plunging downward into third-world status.