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Male Supremacy

Male Supremacy
February 27, 2012, 06:39:10 AM
It is a glorious time to be alive and be a male. For too long we have heard dystopian fantasies about a future where men are no longer "necessary" for the future of humanity, and many witty types have suggested that this would be beneficial to the stability of the planet too. Scientists had predicted that whilst sperm could be artificially cloned - leaving the male role in reproduction essentially redundant - the Y Chromosome (only found in men) was decaying at a rate that would mean no men being born within 5 million years.

Now, new research has proven that this is not necessarily the case, and that decay of the Y chromosome has all but halted.

And now on top of that, further experimentation has successfully observed that stem cells can be induced to replicate human eggs on command. For those who do not know the biological make-up of us mammals: women are born with all their eggs already generated at birth; they create no eggs during their life. So this is a great improvement on the biological, organic and free range female livestock that we currently keep.

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