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The relationship between deathmetal.org and Amerika.org

I saw people advertising Amerika.org and have read it before so I wanted to ask. Is this site part of that site? What does death metal have to do with conservative politics? If you all are Republicans, how do you explain to your friends and neighbors that you don't go to church but you listen to Satan's metal and read Nietzsche?

Amerika.org has little to do with Christianity, as is currently practiced/understood.
It also has little to do with Republicanism, as it is currently practiced/understood.
It has a lot to do with exposing Liberalism for what it is, as opposed to the way it is currently practiced/understood.
It is a cutting-edge forum of new ideas and modifications, in the endless quest for a form of society that works.
A sort of alt.what-is-society.org for people adrift in the general chaos.