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Getting back on track and ahead on my death metal (false) vocals?

Hey everyone!
So My topic at hand is obviously about my vocal talent. I can recall off hand a few years ago when I was actually very good at doing false vocals, but through my high school career I picked up the habit of smoking, thus bringing damage and stress to my vocal chords.
I'm very interested in seeing if anyone has any suggestions for motivators to help myself quit smoking, as well as any tips on how I can restrengthen my voice to its former glory. Any input is fine, thanks!

 Man, you are a step ahead so long as you have the desire to quit smoking.

I only quit buying cigs last year and it was one of the most strenuous challenges I've ever faced, so I'm not going to lie or be unrealistically encouraging. Several times I stopped buying cigs and then started buying them habitually again. For almost a year I went through stages of about 3 months of "quitting" only to start up again.

For better or worse, I had friends that smoked, so I would bum smokes from them when I wasn't buying any. You would think that delayed my process of quitting but actually I think it helped, because not smoking for a week or more would drop my tolerance way down and I would buzz much harder than usual from one smoke. Because of that, I smoked much less than they dide, and after less than a half-year, I was having difficulty enjoying the cig.

Firstly I started noticing how strongly my sense of smell was. It was encouraging that I took such full notice of how wonderful my neglected sense of smelling became. The same thing happened with taste right afterward. Soon (about 8 months after my final "quitting") I could not stomach the odor of cig smoke and could not comfortably smoke one. The taste was unbearable and the buzz was nauseating.

Now this is probably not the same way other people should or will quit smoking. I purposefully forged a huge web of negative psychological associations with smoking. That helped me in some way, but everyone's mind works differently than mine. A girl I know told me that her aunt and uncle were hypnotized to react negatively to smoking, so "different strokes for different folks" in this case.

Still, I recommend trying and trying again, even set records for your non-smoking streaks, to see how long you can go without. It will only get easier and easier.

Just imagine that cigs are black peepees. If you're not into puffing black peepees, then you can convince yourself that you're not into puffing on cigs.

How good is your imagination? Can you envision black peepees at will? Make a habit of envisioning black peepees to your bad habits.