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The icy winds of black metal's logic


Re: The icy winds of black metal's logic
June 04, 2012, 11:02:38 PM
I don't see how it blurs the LHP / RHP dichotomy. In my post I was speaking in polarized LHP / RHP terms, but in my paradigm I believe both paths exist and I firmly walk the LHP. I believe the middle way is at the essence of both paths.

I believe they differ in methodology alone: while the LHP disregards the external in trying to acheive Non-Serviam, they end up creating a Servitor of the self, which ends up playing an identical role as the RHP's external Deity.

On the LHP the 'ego' and the 'higher self' can be a single spectrum, experienced at different points through different states of awareness, understood thoroughly and explicitly, navigated always via a conscious control agency (that's me, Transcix, who you're talking to) aware of both the subject and the vector.

On the RHP the 'ego' and the 'higher self' are contrasted, an 'innate sinfulness' on one end and an 'ideal' on the other end. Through symbol, intuition and faith, what's in between is never concretized but is always the lucid animator of the show, going with the flow.

True, in both cases it's a spectrum--in the latter case it's not recognized as a spectrum rather it's recognized as a polarity, since explicit knowledge of the whole situation is not at play--so true, the two may be similar in that sense; a person is always their 'higher self' in essence. But on the LHP one chooses (if one can achieve it) to recognize one's self as such, as the higher self, whereas on the RHP one recognizes one's self differently (I'm not completely clear on the nuances of the RHP experience since it's not my path and I have less experience of it!).

I believe that the difference between logic and faith, as modes of operation, is axiomatic.