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Graveland Memory and Destiny remake

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What do yall think of the samples on ?

I liked the old album of Memory and Destiny. The heroic sound. The new sounds much the same but more polished and Lord Wind'ish. We willl see. He continues to produce interessting stuff.

Normally I frown on this sort of thing, but my current copy of Memory and Destiny has some sound issues, like it's a bit too muddled, and possibly even too digitally compressed. I'll be getting this for sure, since musically it's one of my favorite post-Capricornus Graveland releases. I'm also looking forward to getting this badass sweatshirt in the mail:

all Graveland/LORD WIND hoodies/sweaters are of top quality!  I have a Lord Wind zip-up and it is great! I highly recommend these hoods.

im interested to hear these samples, the original production always put me off.

The original marked the beginning of my disinterest in the band so hopefully this re-recording is an improvement, certainly the latest Lord Wind album was top notch.


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