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The Chasm


The Chasm
March 12, 2007, 11:07:33 AM
The Chasm - Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph

Brilliance ruined by affectation

The Chasm fuse 80s heavy metal melodicism with obvious Slayer influences to create fierce and passionate Romantic death metal with cosmic themes. The garishly titled ‘Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph’ marks the point at which Daniel Corchado – fresh from a productive stint with Incantation – was able to make the band's first coherent statement.

These veterans construct songs with an expert understanding of genre dynamics and a penchant for exploring a melodic sensibility they share with Dissection and later Mayhem. The song structures are complex, being comprised of many different riffs that frustratingly alternate between the genuinely epic and the nauseatingly cringe worthy. Sections of this album are very evocative in their brave sincerity, yet others badly expose the limits of the genre when it comes to conveying the emotional, especially when juxtaposed with ropey acoustic guitar interjections.

Frequent hackneyed 80’s clichés rear their head in the form of drawn out, crash endings; indulgent lead guitar solos and cheesy screams. The latter in particular are very melodramatic and leave the listener unable to free himself from the vestiges of cynicism preventing suspension of disbelief. A nadir is reached in the dreadful ‘Apocalypse' and its cloying vocal line.

The lyrics are tongue-curlingly pretentious and the vocals are marred by terrible affectation. This is a shame because the message presented is integral and the music sincere and strengthening. Unfortunately the album is also recorded out of tune, which seriously denigrates the credibility of its conceptual aspirations and, in places, drags it close to farce.

There is evidence of strong material here, and the quality of melody nearly carries it, but it is plagued by distasteful execution and over-stylised delivery. If this band showed some restraint, the praiseworthy elements in their music would place them at the head of the genre.

Re: The Chasm
March 12, 2007, 09:58:32 PM
I think you're pretty accurate with that review. The Chasm have produced some works which I would consider great, but marred with flaws. Many people dismiss this band because their art is too dramatic, but that characteristic helps them stand out from the pack.

What's your opinion of The Spell of Retribution? I think if they mixed the general aesthetic and greater technical proficiency of that album with the dark and chaotic composition on Deathcult, kept the cheese to a minimum and seriously re-focused their lyrical approach to their current themes, this band could create a masterpiece.

Re: The Chasm
March 16, 2007, 06:37:11 PM
I'd rather listen to Spell of Retribution than Deathcult. The off tuning is near-unbearable, sound production awful and much like Opeth it's too eager and impatient, focusing more on the immediate riff rather than the song as a whole.

Re: The Chasm
March 20, 2007, 03:49:18 PM

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Re: The Chasm
March 28, 2007, 12:49:34 AM
I enjoyed Deathcult and felt it was a successful attempt at fusing death metal with epic melody.  Another band that does this well is Arghoslent.  Galloping Through the Battle Ruins is an excellent album in this style.

Re: The Chasm
May 27, 2013, 12:15:29 AM
I thought Deathcult was promising but had serious aesthetic flaws; thankfully, they corrected most of them over the years and are now at the top of their game with Farseeing. It's a long and rocky road to victory I guess. Win or lose, The Chasm always get respect and I eagerly await any new music they might create.

Re: The Chasm
May 29, 2013, 10:21:25 PM
A review of Deathcult I wrote back in 2010:

Rating: B-

Like a crop nearing harvest, Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph shows The Chasm at a developmental stage in their career, green and budding with potential, yet still unfit for consumption.

Awkward vocals display a youthful fascination with high-pitched wails; drums lack the detail and precision of later albums; a garage-band production saps much of the group's energy with its flat, guitar-dominant mix.

Deathcult For Eternity's immature compositions are largely overshadowed by the taller, fuller-shaped form the band displays in 2002’s Conjuration of the Spectral Empire, as multiple cheap fade-out endings and dull weed-like riffs encumber the record's few scattered flowerings.

I still agree with that assessment of the album.

Conjuration is The Chasm's peak performance.

Their most recent CD, Farseeing, is a bit over-indulgent.