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Re: Spiritualism
September 22, 2013, 05:27:18 AM
I'll jump in here uninvited to add the following:

Interesting comment by Imposition on christianity, I actually read a book called Fosforos, very good occult treatise, that touches on this ( while also quoting the gospels all along the book ). But the problem is, with all the escapism and drug-offering that is available today and corrupting the youth, transcendence through sacrifice and helping the family may be the best way to go.

If not, a too-subjective "peak experience" "ecstasy", etc... is offered that may be harmful and illusory, especially if mixed with the false ecstasies of drug Abuse.

I agree with you - especially in protestant faith a more transcendental "realm" is needed - but one must be careful not to promote escapism and too much seeking for experience or ecstasy without hard work. I was in this mistake until quite some time. I still am actually, but now I'm aware of the bullshit.

I hope I made myself clear.

Yep, thank you.

What is this hard work you speak of, which is required?

Thank you for understanding, I am the last person you want to ask stuff for, but at least I can tell about my mistakes, because this one I talked about can be very pervasive.

About the hard work, of course I'm talking about... whatever you need to do in your life. Just to do right with your family you gotta make sacrifices, obey, work, etc... and to try and contribute to society. If you're a writer, lawyer, mechanic, teacher, factory worker, etc... I don't know! I actually do 0 hard work in my life really. I'm just saying it like I see it. It is not because I'm not a hard worker that I'm not gonna see the truth. Luckly I don't base my life on this, I have plenty to look for.

So it is basically the life well lived, to be a good man, that's hard work enough. I don't know what it's gonna be for you, but in the circumstances of your life now I'm pretty sure there is plenty of hard work to do.

Secondly, there is of course the work with new attitudes and states of mind promoted by some people, I know nothing about it really besides theory. I just know it works and that it shouldn't be played with without supervision and I can't really say anything about it other than, I'm interested in reading about it.

Below is the quote from the book fosforos:

"The purifying rebirth first requires death. What is death? Death is consciousness' escape from a form with which it has worked in long enough to be identified. Identification is one of the great mysteries of spirit and well worth examining. It is a means for manifesting creation and power, but also an excellent method to become bound to unbearable agonies for great periods of time. The fundamental axiom of the Buddhist philosophy is to be liberated from the identification with its form, but this, like all limited points of view, tumbles at a certain point in its own striving if understood in a unilateral fanatical or prejudiced way. So-called Christian doctrine, on the other hand, sees identification as a given reality, and the transcendent either as a delusion or as some sort of faraway fantasy having no impact at all on the everyday life. A monumental mistake! A stable interpretation of life in which thoughts are never sacrificed to change or death allows for amazingly little true happiness (although false pleasures more than enough) and also few possibilities for realization. Some seer or artist, although not understanding the nature of his vaster world philosophically, can possess much greater knowledge than all the arrogantly proud modern academies. "Child's wisdom, woman's recall" is what these endlessly dividing hatcheries of sophism have. The rottennes of modern science is visible precisely in that it does not recognize any kind of morality or spirituality, but instead a superiority of rationalism with a kind of justice of the strong. The morality and the spirit that is needed is not the sanctimonious hypocrisy and arbitrary narrowness of the churches, but the voice of meaning  naturally felt within the heart of a healthy soul."