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Something else on the state of creativity and modernism:

I was thinking more on this topic today and I encountered the realization that young people aren't educated in art anymore. They aren't shown the great works of classical composers, (let alone know the difference between Baroque, Romantic, Classical or Medieval), introduced to higher grade literature (unless you are in your final year in university and can get past the leftist cherry picking), or taught to understand composition or western culture at all. Instead they are just told what to think and who to like and for what reasons they are supposed to be liked.

I blame this entire fiasco on the left wing's march through the institutions, and the massacre of western men that world war two yielded. The only people that won that war were the Soviets.

So on that note, has anyone read this book yet: https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CCoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.ca%2FAmerican-Betrayal-Assault-Nations-Character%2Fdp%2F0312630786&ei=LasWUseaCbL84AOz2ICwAw&usg=AFQjCNGYIMeV3PXiCiwzpneqyPycB7v4_Q&sig2=vaCdlMJlMbpEjyBqi_81fg&bvm=bv.51156542,d.dmg

It outlines a lot of shit that the communists did in a really well researched way.

I read multiple works of Shakespeare in high school as part of the curriculum (extremely common), those that took Latin read Vergil, and those with music theory learned chorale harmonization and basic counterpoint. Art classes would cover similarly canonical historical works. This was public school.

Is there less rigor? Compared to private school, maybe. Ultimately, there still exist considerable number of options that allow anyone to pursue "the classics" even further. With less folks inclined to study those great works, I appreciate them as precious.

"Education" is a general term - specific, academic schooling may be more widespread than in times past.

I see this Communist-infiltration-of-US-universities (or anything) meme pop up and I cant help but think, how besides the point? True or not, is this the source of decay? It isnt the left wing that has marched through institutions so much as leftism that has marched through the hearts of most men. Most people are always told what to like and what to do, they keep their heads down and follow the herd. That is the nature of mass society, and in a way that is maybe a useful thing, especially when adversity comes. Prosperity and godlessness (material wealth + spiritual decay) has allowed those who dont follow the herd to lose sight of their place and descend into passive nihilism, hedonism and with the addition of empathy to that hedonism; utilitarianism. It is the elites that are corrupt, which is something this place used to get wrong (kill all <120 IQ, wow now you live in a world of starry eyed hipsters, videogamers and anime arch-leftists and all the good, ordinary people are dead).

I was reflecting over something along the same lines...
I know a local retard, who I often engage in what you might call conversation, and find his lack of intelligence rather likeable. He seems happy enough, but then he seems to have no pretensions about who he is, or how he should be viewed by others. He has no interest in 'Change'.
Perhaps low I.Q. is not such a problem, in itself, as the inflated sense of self-importance that almost every Western individual has fallen prey to.
Once again, ego shows itself for the destructive mind-virus that it is.

Is he really mentally challenged or just dumb?

Who am I to say? If you saw him, you would think 'retard'. But you'd probably like him, anyway.

In your old home crow, they call them Learning Disabled now. It is funny when such people are described, even professionally. It always comes out as; he has *pause* learning disabilities. Of course no one will come right out and say what they all realize implicitly because you could lose your job or even end up in jail.

It isnt as bad a term as most politically correct abuses of language though.

Amusingly, I know this guy's mother, quite well, but until recently, didn't know he was her son.
So I asked her where he was, you know, that retarded guy...
She looked at me funny, and said that was her son.
So I did a crow and engaged her on the whole business of what we call people, and she realized that no matter what I referred to him as, I liked him, and really, that was what counted.

Considering a Canadian was recently fined thousands for calling a smelly panhandler a smelly panhandler I think you probably dodged a bullet there.

The difference was that the one who got fined didn't 'like' smelly panhandlers.
It's fine to dislike someone for being a wonderful, vibrant, colourful character, as long as you don't show the dislike. It's not fine to dislike a smelly panhandler, and say so.
This is the main reason aliens haven't yet successfully infiltrated us and taken over:
No non-human can ever quite get the nuances between being seen as a great guy or as a nazi bigot.
Even I have trouble.


I find it hard to criticize schools for not teaching art when they don't teach much of anything in the first place.

You can have this guy for a lecture at your university.


or you can attempt to this type of conference


you can also earn a gardening degree

Education has never been so great