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DARK FUNERAL to re-issue first six albums starting in September; new vocalist se

DARK FUNERAL to re-issue first six albums starting in September; new vocalist search announced


After recently signing to Century Media Records for their upcoming studio album, DARK FUNERAL is now ready to present a series of stunning re-issues for their previous six albums that offer melodic yet blasting satanic hymns in absolute perfection. Created with the band's close cooperation, the first batch of DARK FUNERAL re-issues covers the self-titled MCD (plus bonus material), The Secrets Of The Black Arts (including the re-mixed/re-mastered 8-track Unisound mix as a bonus), and Vobiscum Satanas (including live tracks). These titles will be released in Europe on September 9 and in North America on November 12 via Century Media Records.


In regards to these upcoming re-issues (plus DARK FUNERAL's new vocalist search), the band's mastermind, Lord Ahriman (guitar), comments:


"I'm proud to announce that we are finally doing proper re-issues of our classic albums through Century Media. And to really spice things up, I have dug deep into my personal photo archives to come up with some killer photos/flyers, previously mostly unseen by the public eye. These will be the definite versions of our classic albums, especially the nice vinyls! Each album also contains detailed liner notes-- and besides myself, Themgoroth, Dan Swanö & some other old friends that were present at the time I formed the band contributed to this. Unfortunately, I could not finish off these re-issues with Blackmoon, who sadly passed away earlier this year, but he was fully aware of them and for 'In The Sign...' and 'The Secrets...' we at least added a tribute page to commemorate him.

We've just ended our festival season with a killer show at Germany's Summer Breeze festival. Now, my/our main focus will be to resume writing the next masterpiece, tentatively set for release in 2014. More news to come...

DARK FUNERAL is currently looking for a permanent new vocalist - preferable from Scandinavia. Serious applications can be sent to vocalist@darkfuneral.se!"


All re-issues will be available on black vinyl, in addition to a limited transparent blue vinyl (only 100 copies!) at CM Distro. With previously unseen photos, extensive liner notes by Olivier "Zoltar" Badin (Terrorizer / Iron Fist), bonus material and revamped layouts, these re-mastered classics are essential for every black metal maniac out there! See below for each album's track-listing (all bonus tracks are also included on the respective vinyls).


In The Sign... (re-issue+bonus) track-listing **available as CD, LP (plus poster), digital download**

1. Open The Gates (4:36)

2. Shadows Over Transylvania (4:22)

3. My Dark Desires (3:52)

4. In The Sign Of The Horns (3:43)

5. Equimanthorn (BATHORY cover) (3:21)

6. Call From The Grave (BATHORY cover) (4:34)

7. Open The Gates (live 2003) (3:54)

8. Shadows Over Transylvania (live 2003) (3:16)

9. My Dark Desires (live 2003) (3:48)

NOTE: tracks 1-4 are taken from the self-titled MCD (1994), tracks 6-7 are taken from 'In Conspiracy With Satan' BATHORY-tribute sampler


The Secrets Of The Black Arts (re-issue+bonus) track-listing **available as 2CD, Gatefold 2LP (plus poster), digital download**


1. The Dark Age Has Arrived (00:18)

2. The Secrets Of The Black Arts (03:40)

3. My Dark Desires (03:46)

4. The Dawn No More Rises (03:58)

5. When Angels Forever Die (04:06)

6. The Fire Eternal (03:54)

7. Satan's Mayhem (04:52)

8. Shadows Over Transylvania (03:41)

9. Bloodfrozen (04:20)

10. Satanic Blood (VON cover) (02:12)

11. Dark Are The Paths To Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal) (05:56)


1. Shadows Over Transylvania (Unisound version (03:39)

2. The Dawn No More Rises (Unisound version) (03:40)

3. The Secrets Of The Black Arts (Unisound version) (03:26)

4. Satan's Mayhem (Unisound Version) (04:48)                                 

5. Bloodfrozen (Unisound Version) (03:36)

6. My Dark Desires (Unisound Version) (03:21)

7. Dark Are The Paths To Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal) (Unisound Version) (05:39)

8. The Fire Eternal (Unisound Version) (03:38)


Vobiscum Satanas (re-issue+bonus) track-listing **available as CD, LP, digital download**

1. Ravenna Strigoi Mortii (04:26)

2. Enriched By Evil (04:40)

3. Thy Legions Come (04:11)

4. Evil Prevail (04:28)

5. Slava Satan (03:56)

6. The Black Winged Horde (04:37)

7. Vobiscum Satanas (05:00)

8. Ineffable King Of Darkness (03:38)

9. Enriched By Evil (live 1998) (04:43)

10. Thy Legions Come (live 1998) (04:14)

11. Vobiscum Satanas (live 1998) (05:00)

12. Ineffable King Of Darkness (live 1998) (03:28)