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Arise, Arjuna!

Arise, Arjuna!
October 09, 2013, 06:50:10 PM
But life is always Kurukshetra.  There is always a difficult choice that has to be made. There are always two forces in life, not simply the good and the bad but the ascending force of spiritual growth and the descending force of worldly illusion and division. Nor are the two forces entirely separate. What is one day a spiritual force may in time become a force of ignorance and falsehood once its spirit is lost.

These forces cut across humanity and may divide a nation or a family, not to speak of the world itself. To not be willing to face opposition, even from those whom we love if necessary, is to accept the force of decay.  This does not mean to be aggressive or violent but to take a stand for the Truth, even if the world turns against us.