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People often say they have no meaning in their lives.
That's a simple enough statement. It sounds harmless enough. "So what?" you may think.
So what, indeed.
What does it mean, to have no meaning in one's life?
Probably more than one might think.

I've long been puzzled by the attitude of a whole mass of the people I run into on the internet.
They don't understand what I write. They don't understand what I mean. They accuse me of speaking in meaningless riddles. And then condemn it as rubbish, and worse.

They don't understand. It conveys no meaning. This, apparently, is never considered to be a lack on the part of the one who doesn't understand. Only a lack on the part of the writer. It is up to the writer, so say these non-understanders, to explain myself sufficiently well so that they may understand. And yet I find, again and again, that no matter what I say, how well I explain it, or how many examples I give, such people remain none the wiser.

There is no meaning in their lives. Life has no meaning for them. Nothing means anything. They say these things, themselves. And yet seem unable to derive meaning from their own claims of meaninglessness.

If your life has no meaning, and if it does not provide you with meaning, then clearly it is necessary to take it upon yourself to set about discovering some, for yourself, since nobody else is either going to, or has so far been able to, provide it on your behalf.

Discovery of meaning is up to you, and to nobody else. It can not be provided, gratis, to you. If it could, it would have no meaning, and no value, as is the case with everything else that humans once had to expend a great deal of effort in order to achieve, but is now handed out, willy-nilly, for the expenditure of no effort whatsoever.
Money, food, shelter, sex, position, standing, status, worth...

Meaning is more than some esoteric, optional accessory, that you can either be bothered with, or not.
Meaning is what it says it is, so obviously, and clearly, that fewer and fewer people seem able to notice it.
Without meaning, things don't mean anything. Nothing does.


The closer you get to the meaning, the sooner you'll know that you're dreaming.

And the meaning of that is?

death metal black metal:

--- Quote from: crow on December 04, 2013, 02:14:04 PM ---It is up to the writer, so say these non-understanders, to explain myself sufficiently well so that they may understand.

--- End quote ---

A convenient perversion of the esoteric theorem. Esotericism says that knowledge reveals itself to those who are ready for it. The exoteric doctrine these people espouse says that the writer somehow conjures up magic to make them understand.

What they'll never acknowledge is that such an attitude results is being spoon-fed utterly deconstructed and useless "information," such as one finds on a regular blog, so that their infantilized brains can grasp it.

And also:

People love cliche/trope/meme. It helps them participate, which is what they think reading is. "See, I read it, now I'm smart, k."

Here's a load of cliches for you:

It's highly praised writing. LOL

Good writing takes what-is and clearly describes it.
Bad writing is anything else.


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