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--- Quote from: crow on December 04, 2013, 03:16:40 PM ---And the meaning of that is?

--- End quote ---

It means that you've beaten the thing down with abstraction and probably lost sight of the thing, as it is, entirely.

Nope. It still means nothing to me.

dead last:
I get what Vigilance is saying.

Consider that he started with an assumption: Meaning is not real, meaning is the product of human minds. It is the most basic platform from which we develop ideas like nihilism.

Now what he means is clear; The more meaning you find in something, the more withdrawn you are from the actual meaningless reality of the something.

My car means a lot to me, because I rely on it to achieve my goals (which are admittedly quite meaningless). To someone else who does not rely on my car's utility, my car is less meaningful to them. It does not represent anything outside of its own existence as a car.

So meaning is basically a measurement of the significance of utility reflected in an object (or idea, song, what have you).

Now of course I see both sides and can not make a decision on the meaningfulness of meaning. So it is a human invention, a psychological crutch or restraint. So is my car, yet I accomplish tasks with it, and so cause changes in the actual reality surrounding myself.

Real, not real. Sometimes I only confuse myself more by drawing a distinction.

There is meaning in everything, but what that meaning means to you, is entirely up to you.
It can be meaning that increases the perceived value of your life, exponentially, or it can be one that means there is no value at all.
Whenever I speak, or write, I describe the former perspective, because that is the meaning I perceive in life.
Those who see no value, and meaninglessness in their lives, take issue with my view, and with my character.
To them I appear deluded and stupid.
Paradoxically, I see those people in the same way they see me.

Beyond what anybody thinks about life, it remains what it is, regardless.
A opportunity to live, for a short while, and glory in that, or resent every moment.

Meaning is what you make of it. I know which side of the fence I sit.

death metal black metal:

--- Quote from: crow on December 05, 2013, 11:07:00 AM ---Good writing takes what-is and clearly describes it.
Bad writing is anything else.

--- End quote ---

The modern vision of this:

Good writing is that which is adorned to make the reader feel comfortable.

Bad writing is anything they didn't understand.


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