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Power Metal

Re: Power Metal
February 25, 2014, 07:01:22 AM
Thanks a lot fenrir! I've been listening mainly to their first two albums and am rather enjoying it. Never thought I'd be so enthusiastic for choruses that's for sure. Today, Lost Horizon gets my full attention.

Wait till you get to Power of the Dragonflame. What a monster of an album.
My favorite albums are the first one, Legendary Tales, because it really transports me to some kind of dark, medieval setting, and Power of the Dragonflame, because I can really feel that fantastic apocalypse in that dark Tolkienish world.

I think it's also because the album has an overwhelming use of harpsichord sound on the KB.  The fifth one (Power of the Dragonflame) has a lot of big church organ and cello on the KB.

The singer is really something too.  The fact that Turilli also arranges a bigger-sounding Tenor behind the band's singer in some points and the use of that gothic choir all helps to enhance the mood a lot.

Any recommendations on your side?  Is Lost Horizon really good? sounds like a Luca Turilli project... the name...

Re: Power Metal
February 25, 2014, 02:19:08 PM
Today, Lost Horizon gets my full attention.

Unfortunately, as I am sure you have already realized, it is still "late period" power metal. This is no Adramelch, but if you can somewhat tolerate Blind Guardian then I am sure you will enjoy it. Fortunately it is chock full of good riffs and has quite decent lyrics. The singer is brilliant and the guitarist has some real flair outside technicality. Some great melodic solos, particularly the one that closes the final "epic" track Kingdom of My Will. I know exactly what you mean by the way Tree, this is actually the reason I cannot stand a lot of otherwise decent power metal.

Despite what I have written above, Lost Horizon is different from the bands in that old deathmetal.org power metal article. I imagine that is because of the extreme metal roots of the string musicians. I wont say they are at a different level, but they do stand out.

Re: Power Metal
March 10, 2014, 02:09:54 PM
To whoever mentioned Adramelch in the first place: thank you, this is great stuff.
I find it far more engaging than Lost Horizon. 
Lost Horizon have more of a technical flare, their songs seem to be strictly structured as simple pop and driven purely by hooks.  And I only liked their first album, the second one became somewhat unbearable for me. After 3 or 4 listens all my interest for their debut dwindled. I felt as if there was nothing else to listen to, after I figured out what were the solos, riffs and hooks that I liked in each song.
To be fair, Lost Horizon catches the ear more at first in its excitement-based approach. But that's all there is to it.  Adramelch's way of writing songs that approaches story-telling (in music, not words) shows me that their music offers something else, something greater than the isolated achievement of any one particular section. 

To whoever said Adramelch is just boring: why?
I hear the same being said of some very good old Death Metal.  It is BORING because it doesn't display the ridiculous speed or pounding in "carnival" approach (as our friend B. Stevens would put it) of newer (obviously NOT boring) Death Metal bent on showing you how well they practiced guitar sweeps and blast beats they learned by listening to Death's 90s revolutionary and genre-transforming albums?