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ECOCIDE - UPCOMING NEW ALBUM !!! (Old School Death Metal band from Netherlands)

DANS CRYPT RECORDS is proud to announce the new signing for the band ECOCIDE for one album deal. ECOCIDE is a Old School Death Metal band from Netherlands formed in March 2012. The band have strong influences from bands such as Death, Massacre and Pestilence. They release a Demo in 2012 and a full lenght in 2013 called šEYE OF WICKED SIGHTš, both recordings are self release by the own band and for we know they still have limited copies from the first album, so if you like to get a copy, write to the band at : (ecocideband@gmail.com).  We expect the new full lenght album between Summer 2014 or later, so prepare yourself to get this Great Old School Death album soon !!!

Here is the bands first full lenght - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcOoeAd8Ss8

FOR NEWS CHECK AT - www.danscrypt.es